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Wednesday, July 31st Daily Discussion
Cameron would make the most beautiful drag queen ever. (This is a serious statement.)

Wednesday, July 31st Daily Discussion
Even if Bernie was trying to kill Rafe, how is Sami blameless in shooting and killing someone with a concealed weapon in a hospital? EJ says she's being blamed "for a crime she didn't commit?" She says she'd "do it all over again" if given the opportunity? Our gun culture at work.

Tuesday, July 30th Daily Discussion

Let me get my thesis out of the way first: I hate where Kate's character is and is presumably heading.
Sub-thesis: I hated yesterday's Kate scenes.

I enjoyed me some Rate in the beginning. They were funny, light, somewhat interesting (which was incredibly surprising given Rafe's penchant for making me nod off). But if you're going to give them next to no non-bedroom scenes, there's little territory to cover, and they need to either move on or start utilizing other settings. I was hoping for the latter, but would have settled for the former.

What I can't oblige now is Kate being simultaneously watered down and crazi-fied to suit the dramatic irony of the physical therapist setup. And for what is she sacrificed? To watch the new romance brought on for a seemingly always comotosed character who everyday manages to be less compelling than Jennifer's library card. Yipeeeeee!

Finally, though my posting name would suggest otherwise, Stefano and Kate's relationship status should remain enemies. The list of shit he's put her through makes EJ's 'courtship' of Sami look totally innocuous. And though my inaugural griping post would suggest otherwise, I still hold out hope that my dear Ms. Roberts will find herself a man who is intelligent, sophisticated, attractive, cutthroat, and completely unwilling to use those attributes against her.

'Tis all for now.