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Friday, September 26th Daily Discussion
Sep 27 2014, 12:20 AM
I feel like Abby and Jordan are in a competititon to see who can be more boring. Their friendship would be more enjoyable if one of them had some spunk.
THIS for days!!!

And not just spunk, but quirkiness, right? Something that makes them more than just a talking head with nice hair. Even the most mainstream, vanilla people are weird in some way.

Give Jordan a habit of singing pop songs to her cat where she replaces all the words with "meow." Let Abby be a collector of really ugly cotchkies. Make Jordan look perfect in public but harbor the secret of being a total slob at home. Give Abby a Margaret Atwood obsession (ok that one is less likely).

The point is, these women can be "good" - the show needs that - but they also need to be human. They're not and that's what makes them so fucking unbearable, together and separately.

Friday, September 26th Daily Discussion
Sep 26 2014, 08:38 PM

Man I hope Chad is out for himself and is playing both Stefano and Kate. I was bummed when he seemed to side with Kate today. I already saw that show with Kami, so why do I want to watch it again with Chad slipping in Sami's place? Kate had her fun getting back at Stefano already. Let's have more of a shake up this time around.

Great that Clyde is doing his best to woo Kate into business, but What The Hell is the business? I think that detail might be important to fill her and us in on already otherwise it feels like senseless conversation.

So I condensed these two points, because 1) I agree with both and 2) I think they exemplify the same story-telling problem. That problem being that the revolving door of revenge storylines with the name DiMera attached are all too generic to find compelling.

"Let's join forces to take him down."
"We could rule the world."
"I'm going to make her pay."
"I'm going to make sure he remains sidelined."

All of these statements have been uttered ad infinitum for months and months. Sami, Kate, Stefano, EJ, Clyde, and now Chad. And what do any of them mean?! What tangible effects - other than the switching of a portrait - have we seen? Nothing beyond people yelling at each other, smirking, scowling, or talking on the phone while smirking or scowling. And I guess they could show us a pretty pitiful DiMera stock portfolio, but WHO CARES?

I miss the revenge storylines where things actually happened. Kate winds up working in a diner. Victor gets a fire-poker to the head and a burnt down house. Stefano has John in a guillotine and Marlena in a cage. Sami finds pictures and evidence of Kate's past as a hooker and lords it over her. Sami winds up mascara-stained and alone in St. Luke's garden after being exposed and dumped by Austin.

There's a hollowness to today's storylines. Maybe it's budget, maybe it's scripting, maybe it's both and a few other things I don't know about or haven't considered. But, just saying you're going to "get" someone or you're going to "form an alliance" with no specifics to that plan, how is that interesting to viewers?

I'm actually rooting for Clyde to be a meth dealer just so we can have *one* grounded storyline.

Friday, September 19th Daily Discussion
The Scorpion
Sep 19 2014, 02:46 PM

Jordan needs more spunk she is lame.
Kate is supposed to be a smart woman, but she doesn't see through Clyde? OK :)
The slant rhyme of Jordan and boredom continues its appropriateness. But her attire sure doesn't. CS can wear anything, but it's like they're dressing the actress rather than the character. How does that dress - however good it may look - fit Jordan's personality or history? Where are the chunky cable knit sweaters and baggy khakis she wore in the beginning? Why did she ditch them with no explanation given? Not even a throwaway line or cheesy makeover montage with Abby? Does this bother anyone else but me?

I definitely think Kate sees through Clyde. She spent the last two episodes with a skeptical, quizzical look on her face. I'm not altogether sure why she finally agreed to dinner, but I'm looking forward to it about as much as Clyde is. I think LK and JR are great together thus far.

I echo everyone's sentiments about nuChad. BF looks like he's having a ball and his energy is making me look twice at this once dull character.

Thursday, September 18th Daily Discussion
"I've looked through binders full of lady executives, and 'no' always means 'yes.'" - Clyde Weston, future GOP Senator

Spoilers for the Week of Sept 15th 2014
Kristen and Daniel. The writers really don't want me to care about ED's return, do they?

I'm happy to switch out EJ for another DiMera - at least for a while. I hope BF can live up to the hype. Chad could be an interesting and integral character. I think Jordan is such a bore, and has no interesting or defining qualities. Chad could have more scintillating relationship with a loaf of bread, so I'm not down with this potential pairing.

I'm so stoked for Kate and Clyde. James Read is a great actor and he and LK have really impressed me with their work together thus far. The writers could destroy it in an instant by confirming many people's perverse suspicions about Clyde and Jordan's relationship, but until that's black and white, I'll be loving KaLyde.