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Tuesday, September 29th Daily Discussion
Sep 29 2015, 01:24 PM
Why can't Theresa, Kate and Nicole just get along for the sake of their company? Why do women in these kind of stories always have to fight? Why does a man (Brady in this case) have to be the one who steps in to stop the arguing?

Just why.
Cuz their periods make teh wominz crazy.

Thursday, September 24th Daily Discussion
Does anyone know when new eps are uploaded to Hulu? I know it's the next day, but does anyone know the EST? I only caught the beginning of yesterday and I want to finish it before today's.

(I cannot believe I just typed those sentences. This show deserves every ounce of praise it's getting right now.)

Wednesday, September 23rd Daily Discussion
Inara Serra
Sep 23 2015, 05:28 PM

*Eduardo and Kate - please no. The ick factor is just too high.

Posted Image
I want to say the same thing, but I'm going to shut up and let it play out (because it inevitably will - their intro has been none-too-subtle). The writers may construct something that will have us eating crow.

Tuesday, September 22nd Daily Discussion
Sep 23 2015, 10:40 AM
...I call BS on Victor telling Kate about Eve's prostitution past because Kate would understand. Victor slut-shamed Eve when she first returned to Salem, so I hardly think he was telling Kate because she would be empathetic...
Yep, and this is what he does to all women, which is why he's the fucking worst.

Tuesday, September 22nd Daily Discussion
What the hell show is this? It's almost entirely watchable, so it can't be the DAYS I've tangentially paid attention to for the last forgettable 10 years. Stunning...

Steve/Kayla/Joey: Never watched them; know little about them together or separately, but they sure are a likable bunch.

Kate/Eve: Decent scenes, but is it too much to ask to have one conversation about prostitution that doesn't center around the "tragic fallen woman" trope? Not all prostitutes and former prostitutes view the profession as shameful, powerless, and exploitative.

Rafe/Ed: I'm still searching for any kernel of truth in Dena's comments about GG's acting. I think Gerig is benefiting from low expectations. He still phones it in, but his scene partner was good today as was the script, so he seemed better. He's still beige as hell.

Tuesday, September 1st Daily Discussion
Sep 1 2015, 07:28 PM
Kaman! JT's Roman is always the most tolerable in scenes with Kate. Wouldn't mind a resurgence for those two.
No, please - then I'd have to look at him.