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What's Behind 'Young and the Restless' Ratings Drop
It wouldn't be so bad if the YR writers knew how to hold the attention of the audience.
When Phyllis was coming back, we were excited! The writers had us just where they wanted us; in the palm of their hands.

But after she returned, they didn't know how to keep our anticipation level high.
Too long getting to these so called Secrets...we're tired of waiting...
Although it appears that we will get to Stiche's secret before Sharon's.

Most of us starting thinking, "here we go again"...and stop watching each day.
I'm guilty! :headbang:
Cheers :cheers:

Y&R: Promo video: "Adam is back Nov 5". *updated.
Really, how much air time can a "dead" man get?
If he's not dead, then he goes to jail for covering up the car accident that resulted in a child's death.
This is bound to be strange.
Even soap operas are suppose to be believable. :poof:

I guess these writers believe only a bunch of "air heads" are watching. :shrug:
Are they right?

Cheers :cheers:

B&B: Spoilers for the Week of November 3rd
I would guess writing for a 30 minute show like the Bold and not so Beautiful doesn't require much thought, imagination and time to produce the storylines.

IT SHOWS! :yawnz:

Cheers :cheers:

Y&R: Spoilers for the Week of October 20th
It's about time for Red to meet Kelley. :toetap:
:applause: Close your mouth Jack! :drunk:
Cheers :cheers:

B&B Spoilers week of October 13

The position of power at Forrester Creations hangs in the balance.

Caroline is confused about recent feelings that have cropped up.

Aly confronts Hope about her marriage.

Ridge’s motives are questioned.

Quinn refuses to be ousted from her family’s lives.

:cheers: Cheers

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of Oct 13. 2014
Kelly needs to get a grip! Although she knows that it is probably over between her and Jack when he calls and asks her to come to his office to talk. So Why then, when seeing Phyllis' engagement ring on his desk, did she start to talk and think that Jack was about to propose to her? :shrug: Is she crazy?
Kelly needs to get a referral from Sharon to see a "Shrink". :rolleyes:
The best thing Kelly can do for herself is to run like hell away from smiling Jack because Red is very territorial and she does not play about her man! Just ask Sharon. LOL
Cheers :drunk:

B&B Spoilers week of October 13
Quinn is No Saint, but I could hardly believe the way Hopeless was speaking to her. Wow! Mrs. Hopeless for the ever loving future could have been more diplomatic. She and Wyatt together should have had that conversation with Quinn.

Hopeless is really going to snap when she finds out that Deacon is living with Quinn and whatever else their about to be doing... :drunk:

This storyline seems to be following the old Steffy/Liam/marriage/baby accident; suppose Hopeless will eventually lose the baby. By then it will be too late to get back with Liam because he will be joined to the hip with Ivy.


Y&R: spoilers for week of Oct. 6, 2014 *updated*
Now that everyone has read about tomorrow's episode, I would just like to say; "poor ole smiling Jack is caught between a rock and a hard place. Red wants to "go home". What will he say or do?
Inquiring minds... :unsure: :eyeroll:
C-ya Kelley! :wave:

:cheers: Cheers

B&B Spoilers week of October 13
Click for:The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers

I'm ready to see some REAL change and Action. Let's hope this is the beginning...

:drunk: Here's to New Beginnings! CHEERS!

Dallas cancelled by TNT
I liked Dallas! It might have had a better viewership if the network had not changed the time slot. Even I had trouble knowing when it would be on...RIP Dallas :glare:

B&B Spoilers week of October 13
I wish this show was an hour long. All subject matter seems 4 times as long on this "short" show! Either stop dragging out this Fuller,Hope,Liam theme or increase the show to an hour so there is enough time for other subjects...
I'm just saying. :shrug:

Y&R: spoilers for week of Oct. 6, 2014 *updated*
:hail: Welcome Back "RED"
What will Jack do now that there are 2 ladies of the house?