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Monday, February 2nd Daily Discussion
Feb 2 2015, 05:39 PM
Ugh. I'm dreading these upcoming episodes so fucking much.

I hate that Sonny really did propose to Paul at some point during their relationship. I was hoping that was a lie, but since Sonny didn't deny it, I guess I have to believe it now. I'm just waiting for the revelation that Sonny also made New Year's resolutions about Paul, since the writers seem bound and determined to destroy everything that ever made Will and Sonny's story special in the first place. :eyeroll: :badmood:

I'm rooting for Sonny to sleep with Paul in tomorrow's episode (for reasons I've already explained more than once elsewhere), but I'm sure that won't happen, unfortunately. It would be even better if Sonny slept with Derrick, but that's even less likely to happen. It would make just as much sense as Will suddenly sleeping with Paul, though.

Speaking of Derrick, we're down to five episodes left in Spencer Neville's run. I still wish the producers had cast him as Will instead, but at this point, they've probably used him as Derrick too much for him to even be eligible as a Will recast in the future. Oh well.
I don't think so. The person who played nicole's sister, tamara braun, also played ava a few years earlier.