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"Days" cast member set to depart...
If u don't mind me asking jason. Since I am new to the site I was wondering how u know this about a character?

Thursday, March 20th Daily Discussion
Addressing why all of a sudden it seems that Abby Is baby crazy. I think the idea that She could have been pregnant Not to trap Ej but in geNeral made her long for it when it wasn't there. Its the wanting something more.

Now to Theresa. She is a gold digger. When she found out that Dr. Dan was Victor'S godson she tried to start omething With him.

Spoilers for the week of March 31st
I believe EJ believes so much that he is meant for Sami he can't see clearly. I watched all the replays of EJ/Abby/Sami last night. Yes up until Sami said come back to my bed he was with Abby. Afterwords you could see him thinking about something before Sami interrupted. I believe this notion that he and Sami belonged together steemed from the Santos/Colleen s/l. If he was so in love with Sami then why did he say Nicole was the one or even her sister. Sami is the mother of his children and believes the parents should be together. Do you think if Nicole never miscarried the first child that EJ might be with Sami?

Spoilers for the week of March 17th
Here is how I see things. I have read every post on here. As to if a person can go a whole pregnancy with a period. Yes they can. A friend of mines mother had her period the entire 9 months. As to why no birth control. Abby has only slept with 2 people. The first time with EJ was a fluke and they said it shouldn't happen again. She would not have gotten on the pill before then because she said she was going to wait till marriage. After Chad she didn't get the pill because she didn't expect to sleep with someone. If she would have gotten the pill sometime after the cabin it might not have protected her against getting pregnant in the shower. EJ is the more experienced and should have know better. As to Abby being pregnant. I want her to be. I like the Abby/EJ pairing. They have more in common and I am tired of EJ/Sami and EJ/Nicole. It is time for something new. Same with Sami. I am tired of Sami/EJ, Sami/Lucas, and Sammy/Rafe. Its always been back and forth. I like that both Rafe and Lucas have someone new. Sami needs new. I don't think EJ really loves Sami. I think he believes it is suppose to be that way with the history of the 2. He wants it to be for the children. They may have not shown EJ having flashbacks but you see him sitting and thinking and you feel that he is thinking about Abby. The scene where he caress her face was a nightmare Abby was having. I see her fears but I don't think that will be the case. I agree I want to see EJ be there from finding out Abby is pregnant to the baby being born. That hasn't been done.

Brady needs to take a break from women. He was engaged to Ari and she died. How long before Madison came along. Not even a year after her death he is with Kristen. Kristen screws up they break up. Get back together and she did what she did to Eric. Now he is somewhat seeing Theresa. I say keep him away from women. He has been engaged 4 times in the last 4 years it seems like. Let him run his course with the booze and drugs so he will come out the other end ready for a good relationship.

After Lexie's death it seemed like there was a connection with Kayla and Abe. She was taking him dinner or cooking for him and Theo. What ever happened to that.