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Suds Report AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
Dee and Drake can't stand each other? Oooooooooooooooookay. Nelson, you're one of the best writers in the soap genre, but the source you talked to at Days might be full of shit. lol

Thaao Penghlis was fired
Evan, it's all about the Benjamins. Can't say I'm surprised by this move, but if they're going to kill "Tony" he better damn well be Andre.

This move won't cripple the Days fan base, but it's another nail in the coffin for us 25-year plus fans. Cripes.

Days actor fired from the show
Jan 29 2009, 01:38 PM
Thee smartest thing that TPTB could do would be to let Peter and MBE go - have Bo and Kayla supposedly killed off together - by Andre who still is trying to carry out the vendetta (he didn't get the memo that the vendetta is over) Steve and Hope could try and solve the murder together - they bond while trying to help each other get over the loss of BO and Kayla - they bring up Ciara and Joe together and a love story is born between the two - (there are many viewers who wanted to see this)

The best thing is the salary savings
Fans would stay tuned in even Stayla and Bope fans - because a Steve and Hope romance is really intriguing
This would not be that disruptive to the mix of things because Stephanie would still have a parent and Chelsea would still have a step parent ...
And we'd be reading another obit in six months -- Days' obit. Half the viewers would bail. :)

Days actor fired from the show
The reason I threw out James' name is because he was in negotiations, I believe... you'd have to have him murdered (with suspects?)

All I'll say is if it's Peter or Kristian, this show is dead. D-E-A-D.

Days actor fired from the show
James Scott, anyone?

Nelson Ratings MAJOR DAYS RANT
Okay, my two cents. This is all Ken Corday's fault. He seems to be the one behind all of the mess that's going on, so maybe it's high time someone put him out to pasture.

King was exactly right on some of the shit that's taken place over the years. I've been pretty much loyal to Days since around 1982-83 and I've sat through some really good stuff over the years... and some really crappy stuff. (Oh hello, Garden of Eden! May Tom Langan rot in hell for that one.)

Doug and Julie got no exit in 1984. Pete and Melissa were sort of ruined in early 1987 when Michael Leon chose to leave. Maggie's "daughter" Janice was murdered by the Riverfront Knifer that year, robbing Maggie of another family tie.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea... questionable stuff has occurred over the years under all the regimes -- yes, even when the great Al Rabin was executive producer. And yet, I've stuck with it. I only gave up the show once in 25 years, and that was near the end of the Stalker story when it looked like all of the beloved vets I grew up watching were gone. I came back when the word broke that the dead weren't really dead because I wanted to see how the show would unwind what it had written.

Since then, there has been some great stuff and some not so great. Did Hogan get robbed? You betcha. Does Dena deserve her job now? No way in hell.

So many questions, so many answers, not much time. This show is in deep trouble, and I have a feeling the J&M exit just ripped open the wounds even further.

Entertainment Weekley: Goodbye to All of That
When the mainstream press like EW, MSNBC, USA TODAY, etc., starts writing about something like this, you just know NBC screwed up.

Entertainment Weekley: Goodbye to All of That
Jan 25 2009, 10:22 AM
Jan 25 2009, 09:02 AM
Jan 25 2009, 12:01 AM
Thanks gwennie! It's true that this is typical of Days when it comes to sending off characters. I guess people are just shocked that they treated their biggest supercouple this way as well.
I'm not surprised. But then again, I don't think J&M are all that and a bag of chips anymore. After all, JER wrote Alice's supposed demise with a poison doughnut. Now THAT was harsh!
And hit Maggie over the head with a wine bottle. Now those were originally supposed to be their supposed deaths for ever. Don't recall anyone bitching and moaning as much about those write-offs as they are now. And Alice is the true heart and soul of DAYS.

It's time to say good-bye and get on with the living.
Back then, Sprite, the disgusting thing is people were actually CHEERING these deaths... all the while not realizing that Days as they knew it was ceasing to exist and would be much worse without all these vets.

And with that I'll stop. The Stalker story still gets me so worked up I get pissed about it. And it's been four years. lol

PSNS's Beth Goes HardCore
Matt, since when was Passions mainstream acting to start with? lol

Kidding, Passions fans, kidding! This doesn't surprise me at all.

ABC Entertainment President criticizes Nielsen
Just catching on, Stephen? After canceling October Road, Women's Murder Club, Six Degrees, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, The Nine and Day Break -- NOW you say Nielsen needs an overhaul??

GL: SOD/SID/SOW Spoilers & More *Updated 1/11*
Pair Nat with Frank. Frank needs a story and pronto. Don't go for the shock value, go for what works. Olivia and Nat have friend chemistry and they work well as roomies.

DAYS: JER Fans Please Help
I won't discuss the second go-round because I thought it was a piece of crap from start to finish, so let me discuss his first and much better stint.

Ya, he survived the controversy of three actors getting fired (Michael Sabatino, Crystal Chappell and Matthew Ashford), and his first months were a little bumpy, but once he found his voice he did a very good job. The Carrie/Austin/Sami drama was first-rate. John/Marlena/Kristen was a fantastic triangle, at least until we got to the 10,000 other characters Eileen Davidson played.

There was a sense of family in Salem. Most of the scenes flowed very well.

DAYS: Big J&M Exit Spoiler
Jan 8 2009, 02:16 AM
Why are you all angry? You knew they would leave. Is it because John is paralyzed? One of the things I hate about supercouples is how they are always indestructable. I have no problem with this spoiler at all.
What Mason said. When Bo and Hope left the first time, they got to sail around the world. At least Jack and Jennifer left for London.

Still, I'm not angry over this. I'm just apathetic. This is careless, lazy, stupefyingly bad writing. :)

Yay! The Phoenix has risen! (You forgot to say "Is good to be back!", by the way)

The more I see Dena and her attempt to shake the board around, the more I realize the show works better when familiar people are paired together, etc.

This isn't working, Days. You know what to do.

ATWT: Ins, Outs & A Probable Out
If my memory serves correctly, Alex is involved with something now that conflicted with a possible return. (A Web series, perhaps?)

The Suds Report
Well, Lisa redeemed herself nicely by producing NS, because I sure wouldn't have given her the exec job at AMC with just Passions on her resume. Speaking of NS... no more Night Shift? ABC, boo, hiss...

SOW: Rafe: Sami's new love?
I too am a Lumi fan and would be happy if they revisited them, but it won't break my heart if they don't. Far too much damage has been done. And writing Sami involved with three different guys in three different stories only causes confusion.

ATWT: Ins, Outs & A Probable Out
I didn't think the actress they got to play Maddie was bad, but having Alex back would have made this transition work sooooooo much better. Way to mess up another story, Jean.