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HUGE NEWS: Former Head Writer returns to Days!
Remember... this is the person whose writing was so off they had to bring Reilly back.

While this isn't the worst news, I have to wonder what they're thinking over there. :puke:

Letter from Marcus Patrick
It was strange as my IMDB rating was the highest of anyone on their show, including Allison Sweeney!!

Uhh... Chevy Chase had a high Q score when his talk show was launched, about six times that of Jay Leno. We all know how THAT turned out... lol

ATWT TV Guide News (week of Nov 5th)
Boy, this is risky. Passable's risking long-term damage to Carly and Jack with this damn story.

Linda Hirsch Week of Oct 29
I'd like to think they're addressing the communication issues right now with this story. Shawn's gonna feel like a schmuck when he realizes this.

Belle and Phillip
Oct 27 2007, 06:00 PM
Well, I hope Shelle ends up together in the end, but in the mean time, I want Phloe to cause some hell for them. If you told me five years ago with Storms and Cook in the roles, if I would have loved Shelle so much...LOL.

I want to see Shelle together in the end, too... and I'd hope Hogie doesn't forget Phillip had a major hard-on for Chloe at one point. That alone will make this story very interesting.

Belle and Phillip
Amen, Cubsgirl. I'm a huge, huge Shelle fan but even I have to admit the stakes have been raised with this story. Boy, did Hogan and Ed open up a huge can of worms with this.

It will be very interesting where this goes. Like I've said before and Cubsgirl just said on the board, NO who's the daddy storyline. We've just been through this with EJ/Sami/Lucas and not only that, we have an ongoing drama with Phillip and Shawn over Claire.

I loved Thursday's episode with Hope reading Belle the riot act, and I REALLY loved the fight scenes (and never cross Caroline when she's carrying a stick like that).

My only advice to Days -- shake the fanbases up a bit, but don't piss them off to the point where they bolt. You just killed off a 20-plus year veteran in order to shake up storyline, and the Nielsens aren't the strongest.

OLTL: Reminder Farah Fath debuts today
I watch ATWT, but I flipped over on commercial break to see if I could catch Farah and I did. I liked the brief scene I saw... hopefully Ron knows how to utilize her better than JER did.

Grant Aleksander to return?
Don't forget, there's a chance they could lure him back to direct some episodes. They've had writer-actors on staff before, so maybe director-actors?

ATWT: Casting Tidbits (from Soapdom)
I agree. And there will be some people that turn against the Noah and Luke story and the way it's being written because they feel that sacrificed Maddie.

I'm not one of them, but I think it's a waste of talent and writing. Here's hoping Alexandra finds her way to another soap real soon.

DAYS:SOD Spoilers *updated 10/29*
A meteor! That's it! That's the BIG DECEMBER STORYLINE!!! :o

OK, OK. My two cents here... some of these do sound pretty good, some don't. The sorority sisters would be decent if it wasn't so blatantly f'ing obvious who the rapist was. (I won't spoil it here, and I could be wrong.)

I for one am rooting for a Shelle wedding... at least give the Shelle fans a dang wedding, for pete's sake... then let's see what happens from there. If they're bound and determined to bust up this couple, then Nielsens be damned. I have said Shelle is the future foundation of this show and that was why it was vital to keep them together, but considering this show may not have a next generation then devil may care what they do next.

The EJ business is interesting, but I hope Marlena goes all ape shit and wants revenge for what happened. Deidre's had some spectacular material in the past week, but she can't go on the back burner right now. If she does, then John's death was in vain.

DAYS: Wednesday, Oct. 24
I was thinking the same thing about Marlena. Deidre Hall hasn't had material this good in many years. It sucks that it took killing off John to do it, but if it gives Marlena meatier stuff to play...

I'll be very interested to see where Shelle/Phelle plays out. I'm a rock-solid Shelle supporter, but it's interesting to see the stakes get ratcheted up. Having Sami as a confidant would be very refreshing.

But please, PLEASE. Whatever you do...

DO NOT GIVE US ANOTHER WHO'S THE DADDY STORY. If that happens, I'm off the Hogie bandwagon. :)

DAYS:Phillip/Belle/Shawn spoilers
I still looooooove me some Shelle.

But boy, did Hogie open up a huge can of worms with this story. :)

DAYS:Phillip/Belle/Shawn spoilers
Jinxed Soul
Oct 18 2007, 07:34 AM
Oct 18 2007, 07:01 AM
Still think Chloe is coming back to be paired for Philip and Philip is going to drop Belle like a hot potato because I think Chloe was the great love of Philip's liife.

That's exactly what I'm thinking. Many fans are saying that Shawn and Chloe may hook up this time around, but I don't see it that way. I think Belle is going to begin thinking of Phillip more and more, and then Chloe will pop back into town, and it will be like "Belle, who?" for Phillip.

That damn well better be the result here. Else you're going to have one honked-off Days viewer.:lol:

DAYS:Shocking Rumors Rock Daytime
It's so blatantly obvious who the sorority rapist is, but I'll leave that outta here since it's just speculation. :D

As for Marlena, give her good storyline but don't even try to foist a new love interest on her for at least... oh, six months to a year... that'd be like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. :lol:

DAYS: Wed Oct 17 (US) - Tues Oct 16 (Can) - GOLD!
Thanks for the advance warning, Mitch. Man, I'm conflicted... on one hand, Days may be making its biggest mistake in years. On the other, look at the potential story to come out of it.

What do you want to bet the show tries to lure him back at the sight of that first 1.2 rating? :)

Days:Spoilers & Previews
If I could join in the scene my line of dialogue would be...

(Punches Philip repeatedly)


Days:Spoilers & Previews
Oct 10 2007, 03:52 PM
Oct 10 2007, 03:17 PM
OMG! A brawl! I can't wait!

Me either! I LOVE the fights!

Indeed. This one's been long f'ing overdue. Give em hell, Shawn.

Lee Patterson has died
Doggone it. One of the greats died. It's understandable Erika would be devastated too. RIP, Lee.

SOD article: John's Death
I'd hate to see her leave over this, but it could happen. My hope is she stays and gets a solid storyline. Maybe John is going to be RoJohn... lol