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Suds Report — Is GL Cancelled?
I think we'd be more gleeful if someone at CBS finally woke up and realized Wheeler's vision for the show is not working. In the old days, P&G would have thrown an underperforming writer or producer team out the door, but the fact they've left Wheeler in charge just shows how much they don't give a shit.

As for Kreizman, he started out with a lot of promise and his early stories were pretty good. It's when he started playing Russian Roulette with the show's couples and creating ill-matched pairs that I started going "what the hell is this?"

Guiding Light, along with ATWT and Days, is my lineup (with occasional peeks at OLTL to check out Ron's handiwork). I can sympathize with people saying this isn't GL. Hopefully Grant's return does something.

ATWT: Three Characters to Return
Why Maddie? You didn't have story for Alex Chando and she was marvelous in the role.

I can see Lucy and Johnny returning, but Maddie?

Nov 14 2008, 02:45 PM
Thanks Nelson. Do you really think Melanie might be cut? She seems to be one of Dena's favorites.
More to the point, why would you cut her? I'm thinking salary, not likeability of the character. Molly can't be too expensive.

Bryan would be a huge mistake, I think... Stephen and Mary Beth not so much, because they could have the "happy ending"...

Grant Aleksander Returns to GL!
I also wonder if his contract includes directing. That might save some coin (two jobs for the price of one?)

Grant Aleksander Returns to GL!
Nov 10 2008, 01:12 PM
Is he a bad actor?
Far from it, he'll be a freakin' breath of fresh air. Now if only they could do something about that shooting format...