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Latest Ratings - Wk of Nov. 9-13
Nov 20 2009, 07:41 PM
Yay for a full week over 3 mill for Days. I'm frankly surprised they are still ahead of GH though with all the Franco hype even if he didn't start airing until today (or yesterday).
These ratings were effective through Nov. 13, and James Franco debuted on the 20th. I don't know if GH will overtake Days and B&B to go into second place, but so far James' character has been flat-out strange.

TVGC Suds Report 11/20 - ATWT renewed?
Nov 22 2009, 03:52 PM
lol, sungrey, while michael was not pleased about the writing for jack. In interviews austin peck has done, he has always raved and praised the writers/writing, even when he did an interview with that roger dude, his character had died, at that point, he went on, about, the writing/writers. Maybe that was their beef with each other. Michael comments about how it was nothing he wanted, and it wasn't his (michael) fault,and he wanted austin to know that im only guessing, about brad dying. Since now michael has a meaty storyline, and we all know what brad has. That been said, Somehow this ghost brad, katie, has been fantastic, despite, everything austin, been displaying, some great acting along with colombino. Fan's have been loving it. I agree with you a 100 % hunterF. If it looks like duck, walks like a duck its a duck.
Ha ha... you're right there. The only thing I've heard Michael bitch about over the years (and no, I don't know him personally... lol) is that he and Maura West love working together and they're not as interesting to watch apart as they are when they're united. Suffice to say if he wanted a healthy storyline... he's got it now!

TVGC Suds Report 11/20 - ATWT renewed?
Oh, I wasn't implying you thought Michael was a jerk. :)
You never hear anything bad come out of the guy's mouth, unless maybe it's to badmouth the writing a little bit or complain about how sanctimonious Jack can be. So that's why this was such a surprise.

TVGC Suds Report 11/20 - ATWT renewed?
Nov 22 2009, 08:49 AM
I think its joshua marrow lol or ronn moss, didn't that rick guy have an affair, and that's why he and his wife separated, he later whined in an interview that he was so young when he and arianne met, and how the soap digest looked after him. GUESS because they didn't report on it must. Oh the michael/ austin bits sound tasty. You mean michael couldn't tell austin himself that he had nothing to do with brad been written out? Its funny how he claims peck wasn't fired, and in the same breath, talks about the shooting being done because brad was leaving, no doubt in my mind that he wanted peck gone. Park sounds like he writes for the show. Colomubio and Park being buddy buddy why is Park not P.O at Terri that she was sexing up his rival. I know I would be. Terri 11 years "Jessica Simpson of daytime tv " not know that getting with a co-star with cause him to loose his job? especially on As The World Turns, given their history on firing all the men involved in affairs on that set. Can we say dumb.
From all indications I've heard, Michael Park's one of the nicest guys on ATWT. It would take an awful lot to set him off...

TVGC Suds Report 11/20 - ATWT renewed?
Nov 21 2009, 08:18 PM
Just for you guys, I'll give Melanie another chance. I wish she was consistent, but to her credit she does have pretty inconsistent writing. I like her with Mark Hapka and Suzanne Rogers.
Amen. Molly Burnett can be an appealing actress when handed the right material.

AMC: Charles Pratt OUT!
Nov 20 2009, 11:43 PM
Dude, he's responsible for killing Stuart! Nuff said.
Is there ANY way... any at all... they can reverse that fiasco???

And I've been a Bob Guza fan for a long time, but I understand how polarizing he can be. Hell, that's another thread entirely.

ATWT: Meredith Hagner Out!
She's had nighttime producers and directors knocking at her door. She's gonna end up on a prime time show, guaranteed. Rumor is they are recasting Liberty, though...

TVGC Suds Report 11/20 - ATWT renewed?
Nov 20 2009, 10:56 PM
—Which two east-coast daytime divas couldn’t stand to work with each other? No worries — one of the women is now unemployed, so all is right in Brooklyn.

I wonder if this one is referring to Maura West/Cady McClain. He says Brooklyn, so it has to be someone from ATWT.
This could be Marie Wilson and someone else. Isn't Marie rumored to be leaving the show?

SOD Best & Worst -- 1987
That year was miserable for Cruz and Eden... and Justin Deas was marvelous as Keith. God, Santa Barbara was SUCH a good soap!

Breaking News: Y&R's Malcolm is Back!
Nov 17 2009, 11:34 PM
Why not Jaleel White?!
I can honestly see it now. Jaleel White on Y&R. His character shoots Victor.

He turns to the camera... all together now...

"Diiiid I do thaaaaat?"

TVGC 30 Sexiest and Beautiful Stars 2009
Nov 12 2009, 05:50 AM
I'm also on CC fatigue. I get it....She's beautiful.

Live or on photos, Lisa LoCicero can't register a single emotion on her face. It's always the same damn look.
And your point is? lol

Still fits Nelson's criteria. She could take me to Bensonhurst anytime.

Soapgeist — 11-16
Regarding the blind item: I'll take "Well, DUH" for 100, Alex. :)

Daniel Cosgrove joins ATWT
Daniel's a good actor, but I thought he was going to test the waters in prime time again. Hey, if he's Chris let's see what happens. He better have a good story!

TV Guide: Roark Critchlow Discusses V and Days of Our Lives
Amello, don't mince any words or hold back, tell us how you REALLLY feel about this. lol lol lol

Latest Ratings: 10/26 - 10/30
Hey, it seems to be one of the few shows at NBC that's actually attracting some viewers, why not? ;)

The Soapgeist: Nov. 3, 2009
LOL... No, Bill Bell isn't watching over Days. Chris Whitesell isn't Bill Bell and he's got a loooooong way to go before he gets there. But he's trying. I'll give him that.

As for GH... my God, Maurice can act his ass off when he's given the right material. That whole scene with him and Sarah on Friday was spellbinding.