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New publicity photos
Nov 24 2010, 12:26 AM
Nice shots....not happy about the Ty/Melissa shot...ugh gag me...bullshit!!

What about EJ, Carly, Vivian, Kate, Caroline, Philip, Chad, Daniel, Justin and Adrienne? Are they getting photos too???
Matt Ashford, call your agent stat. ;)

EW Popwatch on Days product placement
I'm actually glad this is front-page news. Is it disappointing that the two-year pickup didn't get more chatter? Hell yeah. But this absolute lambasting of the product placements... maybe now we'll never have to see another one of those awkward scenes on Days.

If I wrote the show and they forced me to put one of these in a scene, I'd quit.

EW Popwatch on Days product placement
Ha! We must have posted this at the same time!

SOW: A Closer Look at Melanie - MB Discusses Mel/Nathan Quarantine
Nov 14 2010, 08:07 PM
Nov 13 2010, 03:54 PM
I hated Melanie long before she was supposed to be some rival to Stephanie. I find everything about her character utterly repulsive. Stephanie may be insecure (and what woman on this show isn't--I absolutely loathe that character trait but every woman on this show is cursed with it, except for the two I hate, Sami and Melanie, and even they used to exhibit it) and somewhat lacking in a moral compass when it comes to relationships, but I don't see Melanie as one bit better. Melanie tried to frame Stephanie for Trent's murder, she used to take pride in her party girl ways until they retconned her past (and in fact she was joking about it as recently as Chloe's baby shower), she tried to play everyone in town with the alternative fuels project because she wanted to be rich, she tried to take Philip from Stephanie, she slept with Philip about three seconds after one of his breakups from Stephanie and agreed to lie about it because he had a chance with Stephanie again (talk about an insecure loser!), she wrote a note to another man on her wedding day hoping he would stop her wedding . . . I mean, shit, she's a fucking bitch. Not to mention which she's super judgmental about everyone and seems to forget that not everyone is lucky enough to have Maggie Horton semi-adopt them and make their lives all better and give them a second chance.

BRAVO, finally someone who remembers the story the way it really happened.
An excellent case of what happens when you yell "OH, SWEETHEART! GET ME REWRITE!!" and it actually takes place.

I for one don't mind Molly... ya, her character can get a little overboard at times. As far as I know her and Mark Hapka are OK off camera, so I don't know if they're afraid happy will become boring?

OLTL: November Discussion
Nov 12 2010, 02:53 AM
I LOVED today's episode, especially all the cliffhangers at the end (James/Starr, all the kisses, Echo/Viki/Charlie, Marty/John/Natalie, etc).

Classic soap opera party. It's been a long time since there's been one like this. First, I loved the Clint/Echo scenes and they had nice look to them too. Very primetime like. KZ and JVD are rocking this.

I just loved all the interactions. I like that Matthew is involved a bit more with Destiny again. I loved Dani singing. Beautiful song and that is two days in a row OLTL got me to tear up, which isn't easy. KM was great there and so was FL. I always love parties like this where someone sings and we get a montage that includes the party and elsewhere. It creates such a moment and all the little things like Destiny being reminded of her issues and trying to run but not being able to and Inez looking on as Bo and Nora kiss as well as Blair looking at a picture of a younger Starr while Starr looks at pictures of Cole make the montage even better.

I thought the Kelly/Rex kiss was fine. At least they've been involved for months. Christian and Gigi's was very awkward. They were both trying too hard. Plus, it's only been like two months of them interacting. It was very rushed.

Just a fantastic episode. OLTL is scary good right now.
You are not kidding. It seems I always post about Days, but truth is Carlivati's my fave writer and I picked up One Life to Live after ATWT went off (although I've followed the story and know what's going on).

I have a bit of trouble believing Cole gets 10 years in prison for killing Eli (like everyone said, he did the world a favor), but I know Brandon Buddy was leaving the show so they got stuck into a corner. Plus I do like Starr with James.

Am I ever so glad to see John Wesley Shipp back on the screen. The guy takes one line and twists and turns it until it sounds so creepy.

Sheri Anderson Dishes on New Book
I'll definitely have to check this out. Thanks for posting it, Casey!

TV Guide Canada: Days of Daytime Anniversary Feature
Nov 10 2010, 08:42 PM
:lol: okay, someone tell me the difference between "Worst Headwriter" and "Least Favorite Headwriter" please, lol. Is he saying that while Dena is the worst DOOL has had, JER's writing was still worse for him?

I imagine the avg DOOL viewer's list would be somewhat different from his.
I didn't quite know what to make of that. For me, Dena's headwriting is still better than JER 2003-2006 (although I know a few will disagree), but Dena's writing is worse than JER 1993-1997.

Day of Days pictures, videos, interviews, fan accounts
Nov 8 2010, 09:11 PM
Nov 8 2010, 07:27 PM
Nov 8 2010, 05:30 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deepPosted Image
Hey, you forgot the Dee Fanbase, with Doug and Lee Dumonde.
How about we Doulies who are still mad that Addie stole Doug from Julie in the first place? Who do you think ran Addie down? ;)
Damn that Kim, the woman Doug briefly thought he was married and divorced to in 1976!

EW interview with Ken Corday
Of course it would be front page news. If the LA Times didn't have it, you've got Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, TV Squad, TMZ... all sorts of online sites.

EW interview with Ken Corday
Ya, I gotta agree there. Didn't budge the numbers when D&D left, but it sure pissed a lot of people off and still does to this day. To me that speaks volumes.

I thought the interview was all right. Had to laugh about Passions. Ya either really loved it or ya really hated it. Wow, Ken. Rocket science in your future?

Oh, Alligato, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you may have to get used to Melanie with an ornament... whoa, Alligato, don't hurt me! Please, I'm brittle!! lol

Day of Days pictures, videos, interviews, fan accounts
Nov 7 2010, 11:13 PM
Nov 7 2010, 11:10 PM
Steve Bergman isn't interested in sharing. ;)

Posted Image
I liked Chrystal's hair dark. I think the blonde washes her out. Can Molly really not help smiling like that? I would hate to criticize if she really can't, but at least she should try....
I keep telling all of you that if Crest needed someone to prove their product worked...

DAYS Renewed for 2 More Years!
I partially agree with PR about Sheri... she's needed back on here stat, but she can bring her 80s style with her. Doesn't mean she has to bring back all the characters (unless it's Shane helping out on a case and Kim's with him and it's temporary, etc.), but her writing style was great.

A change is needed. Not wholescale housecleaning, just something that will help the lackluster stories move along better and the good stories get a spark.

Updated DAYS opening for HD!
For as much bitching as I've done about the JER era of Days, one of the things they got right in that era was the briefly-used opening theme that sounded like it had a lot of horns and an orchestra. Now THAT was a classy-done theme and they should bring that back.

SOD & SOW: Interview with Melissa Reeves
It doesn't have to be Jason. Ty Treadway's character could be Peter Blake with plastic surgery, for example. I agree that there are so many things that could be done with J&J, but with a writing team that lacks imagination this is what you get, I suppose.

Like I previously said, I'm glad to have Missy back on the program because Days sorely lacks Hortons. The return won't be complete without Matt, but if we have to wait for that I'll live with it.

DAYS Renewed for 2 More Years!
Thanks for the news, Sheri!! (And Casey) Now if you'd just come back to the show all would be well... :)

SOD & SOW: Interview with Melissa Reeves
Nov 5 2010, 09:01 PM
I still think the odds are Matt's back in 2011. I mean, seriously, a pairing with random Ben Walters? He's a recurring character who, despite being on the show like two months has only been seen like ten times and usually in extremely minor capacity. They can't possibly expect that pairing to take the show by storm. I think they're just moving her on with this guy so that when Jack comes back there's some drama.

Frankly this whole "Jack goes on a walkabout to find himself" thing sounds like there's plenty of potential to bring Jack back on canvas. It's like despite being offscreen they're still giving Jack some measure of story.
I can swallow it because I think I know how this story is going to play out (and I'll keep my mouth shut because I don't want to be right and accidentally spoil something, although some of you may be on the same track with me. lol)

SOD & SOW: Interview with Melissa Reeves
Nov 5 2010, 05:30 PM
Boooo....no where NEAR excited about this return simply for the fact that Jack and Jennifer has been SPLIT UP AGAIN and Jennifer will be moving on with the new resident hunk in town....BORING! Its like the 2000 to 2006 years and all the progress and growth that J&J made from their first stint on DAYS didn't even happen now....no growth at all.

Jennifer and Jack simply belong together, they are soulmates (much like the other supercouples) and I REALLY hope DAYS plans to bring MA back as Jack, cause I will NEVER be sold on any other serious relationship between Jennifer and any other character...EVER!
What you said. Sorry if anyone else disagrees, but call me when Matthew Ashford signs and then we'll talk.