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SOW: Rafe: Sami's new love?
Dec 23 2008, 04:46 AM
Dec 22 2008, 09:16 PM
At this point, the rape (or WHATEVER you wish to call it) is a non-issue. It's the fact that E.J. and Sami bring out the absolute worst in each other that makes me loathe the idea of them being paired. That, and that I just don't see the chemistry between Sweeney and Scott that I used to.
Bingo, Mason. Nuff said. I don't want to get this closed.
What chemistry EJ and Sami did have was ruined by that December moment. They still have spark in scenes together, though. And I do feel bad for James Scott because he's only playing a character, but James called it what it was.

If I had my way, I'd prefer Lumi, but in all honesty the story has just been botched beyond belief. Adding Rafe to it doesn't help, although Galen's acting is better than it was on Passions. Rafe has not had a chance to interact with the rest of the community, too, which doesn't help.

SOW: Stephanie and Philip Smooch
Dec 26 2008, 06:14 PM
Dec 26 2008, 06:11 PM
Well, thus far, she appears to be able to go to the post office and pick up a package without needing Philip's support. I liked Morgan and Philip and Morgan right up until they made Morgan a simpering wimp who totally believed Philip was a wonderful guy despite the fact that her father (who she believed could do no wrong) warned her multiple times to stay away from him.

Thus far (and Lord knows it could change tomorrow), I like that Stephanie has been more confident lately and most of her interaction with Philip has been fun and banter-y. I really wish they would develop Stephanie's character further, but I hold no real hopes for that since the show doesn't seem to have any interest in developing anybody's character.
I could have gone more for this pairing if it weren't so "in your face this is who we're gonna go with" about it.

I prefer subtley being lead along, not hit over the head with it.
It seems like when the show is "in your face" about a coupling (oh hi Daniel and Chelsea!) that's when all the backlash occurs. It's like Corday is saying "you'll love this couple!" and we're all shouting "NO, WE WON'T!" right back at him.

Shelley and Jay have had some alright scenes together, but this couple just doesn't spark with me. Not yet, anyway.

CBS Series in Development: "Hex Wives"
Swingtown was meant for midseason, I don't know what happened (well, besides the strike) to change their minds. And that was too bad, because Lana Parrilla is one of those actresses I just love to see on my screen (dating back to Boomtown).

GL: SOW/SID 2009 Previews
Rick, you're not alone. I miss Michelle too. She never really had the material to make her own, but the day the baby died she hit it out of the ballpark. I remember everyone was like "Damn! Where did that come from?"

CBS Series in Development: "Hex Wives"
I could see Hex Wives working at 9 on Fridays. It's very compatible with Ghost Whisperer.

Of course, CBS COULD have left Moonlight there... lol

GL: SOD 2009 Previews
Now THESE don't sound bad at all. Of course, it all depends on how Wheeler executes it on camera. I love that they're not forgetting Phillip's "involvement" in Ross's plane crash.

SOD: 2009 Preview! (Corday interview)
Well said. I can't find a single couple on this list I can root for... and on top of losing John and Marlena, 2009 is shaping up to be a very dark year.

I'm afraid we're not going to get it, but this show needs change and fast.

SOD: 2009 Preview! (Corday interview)
My beef isn't so much with Max and Stephanie being busted up, but Max being put in a lame story. We'll see how the Stephanie/Phillip/Melanie story plays out. It's interesting so far.

SOD: 2009 Preview! (Corday interview)
Max/Chelsea: "I love this duo" says Corday, and "I want to make the Max/Stephanie fans nauseous, sick to their stomachs and ready to throw up on their TV screens. Not to mention they have no chemistry, therefore Dena loves writing for them."

There. That's better.

ATWT: December Discussion!
I still wish it were Alex Chando, but the actress they got to play Maddie isn't a hair model by any stretch. She's pretty good.

"Cupid" guest star news
What ABC didn't tell you was that WMC often BEAT Moonlight on most nights. A lot of people I suspect were taping, Tivo-ing or using DVR on the program. What killed WMC's momentum was removing the two showrunners originally in charge and, of course, the strike.

Laura Harris (I forget her show name, but she was the one with the short blonde hair) already has a role on a Canadian sci-fi program lined up. We'll see what happens with the others.

"Cupid" guest star news
I do know it's the second episode (I think the airdate is March 31), so unless the show does reaaaaaaallllly bad in the ratings we should get to see it.

And I agree, Mason, she's way too good not to have a regular role in something. Being fictionally employed in my Somerset blog isn't good enough. lol

"Cupid" guest star news
Stumbled across this bit of good news, in case you watched Women's Murder Club and was pissed at its cancellation... Aubrey Dollar will be in an upcoming episode of the ABC revival of Cupid as a guest star.

No details on what she'll play or when the show airs -- I think it's supposed to premiere in March.

Yay! Some good news for a change.

GL: Daytime Confidential Spoilers & 2009 Previews
Aw, Mason, come on. Marina and Mallet may go their separate ways and it might involve Cyrus. This alone is worth watching so I don't have to get sick at 3pm weekdays. :)

***UPDATED**** Suds Report Paolo Seganti returns
Paolo! WOO-HOO!!!

SOW: Higley Previews 2009
Chelsea/Daniel... Max/Chelsea... Phillip/Stephanie... G-A-GUH.

About ready for Dena's ass to be thrown out the door. And I'll gladly do it. :)

*A head writer who achieved mad acclaim in recent years is said to be booted sooner rather than later. The Emmy-winning writer will be offered the chance to take a demotion to either script writer or a breakdown position. If he or she doesn't accept, they will simply be shown the door.

This is likely Ron Carlivati, and will I EVER be PISSED if he's fired. :soapbox:

Suds Report Y&R/GL Bloodbath
Rick, I think you hit on something I did. When Ava and A-M were thrown together, it went nowhere. Ava and Remy sort of went someplace.

Likewise when Ashlee was thrown in Coop's direction. They spent all this time having Ava antagonize Ashlee, and when Ashlee and Coop got together we saw them, what, maybe once or twice on screen? Same for A-M and Marina. Granted, I didn't care for the pairing, but it lasted all of what, a few weeks and disintegrated?

I blame most of what I've seen the last few years on stories with no thought put into them. It's way too soon to tell, but from what I've seen so far Jill Hurst seems to get it. The problem is she's got Wheeler as a boss, and we know what that means.

Suds Report Y&R/GL Bloodbath
See, Rick, I never thought Coop and Ava were that bad. They never really got a chance. As soon as Ava got together with him Alan-Michael was thrust in her direction, etc.

It was the beginning of Kreizman's obsession with continuously juggling the couples. You never knew who to root for... that, in my mind, is part of what's wrong with GL today.

GL Invites Bloggers to Visit the Set of GL...
Dec 12 2008, 10:04 PM
Dec 12 2008, 10:01 PM
As Mason sorta said, what set is there to even VISIT? GL has no set, just its fields, cars, and barns. :P
Guiding Light now has more sets than any other soap.
But we don't SEE these sets!

What we see is every scene having to take place outdoors. In the woods. In a random field. In snow... wait one second, no it's raining... hold on here, in the next scene it's sunny...

What happened last week wasn't being different. Pardon my French... it was being pure fucking sloppy. That tells me no one gives a shit on this show about continuity. Not story continuity, just the simple continuity from scene to scene. Viewers notice this... I seem to recall a few years ago on ATWT a scene was written where Jack said Emma was out of town but lo and behold she was in that day's episode. It's stuff like that. No one pays attention.

This production model is NOT working. For better or worse, we're stuck with it, because to change back would probably require axing about 3/4 of the cast and hiring more people to work on the show. I'm not foolish enough to think we're ever going to get the wonderful GL back from the 1980s and into the mid 1990s, but we need something better than this.

I can excuse ATWT using a rooftop to talk down a dayplayer; Edge of Night did this a few times in its final years and they used to stage shootouts on the studio roof years ago, all the while with the program being live and on the air. ATWT's model works a lot better; some outside shooting and inside sets. If GL had gone to a hybrid model like this it might have been better well received.

As it is, last week just proves that people are fed up.