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Days: SON Reporting "Higley-Gate in Burbank!"
The same people that moaned over at OLTL about Dena are singing the praises of Ron Carlivati, and rightfully so. That show is spectacular now -- and when you get Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak both saying Ron's the greatest thing since sliced bread, you're onto something.

He just gets it.

As for Dena... if she's found to have scabbed for Days then she has no place writing a daytime drama. There's a reason why the writers went on strike. And if the show has to find a replacement, it better not go back into the archives and lure Reilly out for a third go-round. You'd have viewer and actor revolt on your hands.

Trouble is, who WOULD you get?

GL: Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) OUT!
I like the story, if only because I'm waiting for Harley to get dressed down by Buzz, Rick and Frank. You just know some sorta custody story is coming with Rick and Harley... and I can't wait for Marina to reveal that she knows everything.

Long term, I think Marina/Cyrus should be the pairing, unless they brought back a recast Shayne.

Legacy Characters: Kill Them or Not Use Them?
Killing off "legacy" characters like GH did, or long-term characters like Dusty on ATWT, is incredibly stupid in the long term. Short term it provides a quick story boost and a fix for the viewers, but unless you've got something planned on the front burner for the affected characters then it's a waste.

We just went through Shawn's death on Days... I have a feeling the show is grooming Caroline for a storyline with Victor, so maybe there's a purpose for that. Otherwise, Shawn's death would have been pointless in the long haul.

If you're bringing the legacy or long-term characters back to just kill them (oh, hello Hope!) then you're doing a disservice to the audience.

SOD/SOW: Days bits and blurbs
All I'll say about EJ is "Oh sweetheart, get me rewrite!"

I do hope Hogie ends up back at ATWT if he's truly done at Days. I swear Corday has a maniacal plan to either foist Reilly back on us or cancel the show (or both... shudder)... lol

ATWT: Very Interesting Hughes Spoilers
I find this very hard to believe... and if it happens you can write ATWT's obit shortly afterwards.

There are some things....
Oh lawsy. They done let the psychos outta the barn again. Security!

DAYS Dena Higley: Pros & Cons
Nick Nicholson once said he wanted to save money on Edge's sets in order to have more money to hire actors. That was a good idea, both in theory and in execution. There were some spectacular theater actors going through the Edge cast at that point.

DAYS Dena Higley: Pros & Cons
CON: She was so bad in 2003 that NBC had to bring back James Reilly. On that point alone I'll never forgive her because the show had to endure a miserable two-year stretch.

That said, I'll give her a chance but ONLY with Ed Scott there. I still think Hogan should be writing Days, but NBC's determined to drive this show into the grave.

GL: Article on the makeover
The CBS scene from YouTube airs next week, either Monday or Tuesday. It's a pickup of the Friday cliffhanger.

I think what GL has been doing is slowly putting these scenes into existing episodes so it's not so jarring when the new format finally airs on 2/29.

Beats the alternative, I guess. And I have said before that DK and EW are a walk in the park compared to the incomparable destruction team of Conboy and Weston, but it's starting to feel like a change just might work out for the best.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
Corday wouldn't be stupid enough to foist a third go-round of JER on us, would he?

OK, most likely not. If Reilly returns down the line, I am done with Days. If Higley stays, I'll gut it out.

This is unbelievable. Someone at the network has a death wish.