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GL: Spoilers & Previews
Well, Mason, I DO like the actress... :D

The character? Meh, take or leave it.

ATWT: New Lily named!
I will give Noelle a chance in the role since I thought she was great on Loving. However, I don't think this will end well.

I remarked on SON that this could result in a furor worse than when Susan Batten replaced Allyson Rice-Taylor as Connor and didn't even last six months because the audience was just so pissed.

Drake talks about deleted J&M love scene
Mar 16 2008, 08:26 PM
Mar 16 2008, 08:22 PM
I love Drake and glad he doesn't mince words. Hogan deserves everything he can give him. And so does Higley for what she did. And I am not hypocritical in saying it is okay to criticize one and not the other. I think both deserve and rock on Drake for giving it to both of them.

I'm no hypocrite. If Hogan were still on, then Drake could run off his mouth, for all I care. I might not necessarily agree with him, but that part's my problem. The fact is that Hogan is no longer writing, Drake is back and on the frontburner. He has nothing to complain about anymore. Higley IS writing right now, so if there's something he doesn't like, then fine, speak out. But when you get to be a broken record about something that's not even an issue anymore, it's just annoying. So call me a hypocrite if you like, or what have you; I don't particularly care. I know for myself that I'm not a hypocrite.

Face it, Drake, you could have Reilly back writing the show. You thought you were bitching about Hogan?

Face up -- I'm convinced Hogan could have done a great job writing this show were it not for a certain producer who just can't keep his hands out of the cookie jar. But it's done, it's over. Let's see what Higley can do.

Oh, sweetheart! Get me rewrite, please!

Patch remembered who he was after the explosion... now if the IV injection gave him amnesia, that'd be a different story. Regardless, it sounds pretty good and they did their homework for the most part.

DAYS:Rumor about why BB & MM were let go
Well, as a huge Shelle fan, let me chime in once again and say that Days dropped the ball big time.

Ken Corday, a question for you. Remember classic love triangles like Rachel, Steve and Alice on Another World? How about Tara, Phil and Chuck on All My Children? Those stories were expertly written and featured excellent acting on all sides. It was hard to take sides in the triangles because the writing wasn't slanted.

I think, given time, that Phillip/Belle/Shawn/Chloe could have had the same dramatic impact. I recognize that it would have kept the characters fresh and re-jiggered the dynamics. Instead, Ken took the easy way out because he felt Shelle was being threatened.

Even though my rooting interest is and will always be with Shelle, I would have loved to see the Phillip dynamic play out because it was a well-written STORY. But nooooo. In short order, Days furiously backpedals and writes Shawn and Belle off the canvas.

The vow renewals on Friday? :applause:

The whole story writing them out? :puke:

ATWT: Martha Byrne treated like crap!
You know what? Here's something even funnier. Jon Hensley had rumored he might want to leave the show this year. If that indeed was the case, why not leave TOGETHER?

ATWT: Martha Byrne treated like crap!
Be prepared for a loss of about a half million viewers when she goes, ATWT. I won't be one of them, but the show will take a hit.