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"A Fatal Fall at a Pier" - Interview with JKJ
I maintain this is not Tony. They've done it again somehow. That's Andre that dies on Tuesday, never mind that he supposedly bit the dust before. Hey, I could be wrong, but it'd be the right thing to do assuming they want to bring him back to the show and he doesn't tell them to shove it. :)

SOD and SOW: Nicole goes to Tony's hospital room, and...
This does sound pretty good, even though I am pissed Thaao's falling on the sword again.

But part of me will always wonder if this was Tony... :)

Possible spoiler about the Bo/Hope story?
Mar 17 2009, 12:00 AM
Oh geez. Could she be Princess Gina? The comment from Sami the other day about Stefano would love if Ej had a harem of women producing was confusing to me. Could Princess Gina meet Elvis the impregnator? :hypnotize:
If this is Princess Gina, I AM DONE WITH DAYS.

Darin Brooks' Primetime Pilot Receives Pickup
Well, good for Darin. My advice to him would be to pack it up and move to primetime. If the show's not going to revisit Max/Stephanie (sorry, I know that wasn't a popular pairing, but Shelley and Darin had some charisma) and Rachel's leaving, it might be time to cut his losses and try for nighttime.

Suds Report óMarch 13
Mar 14 2009, 03:55 AM
So, tell me Days fans: yes on Rafe and Hope or no?
Oh HELL no! You just broke the hearts of two of your biggest fanbases yet still managed to keep a third-place standing in the ratings... don't ask me how you pulled off that one... don't piss off the third group.

I'd much rather see Sami back with Lucas instead of with Rafe. So much water's passed under that bridge, however, so I fear my wish may not come to pass.

Life On Mars Canceled *Updated*
Hey, at least let Cupid have a couple episodes so I can see Aubrey Dollar in her guest appearance, OK? :)

I do agree, however. Cupid's booked for seven episodes and I bet it's gone in four. I do NOT trust ABC with quality shows.

GL Stars Set To Wed
I think... (puts head back in toilet, then lifts it back out) my opinion of this... (head back in toilet) couple is... (lifts head out) BLECCCHHHHH!

Blonde Bombshell OUT!
Tim, I agree. It's like SOD says "Y&R: FIRED!" Then you open it up and it says "Ashley got fired from Jabot" and you go "oh for cripes sake"... it sells magazines.

DAYS: Will and Mia
Now THIS looks good, Days! Don't screw it up. Oh wait, it's Dena, never mind... lol

DAYS:James Scott interview
For all the problems I have with EJ as a character, I do not have a problem with James Scott. He's a good actor who has been given subpar material. Here's hoping he tries to chew the scenery for two more years. :)