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General Hospital recasts Michael Corinthos III
Well spill! Someone with SID connections want to fill us in on what the hell happened?

General Hospital recasts Michael Corinthos III
What the hell? Drew Garrett was really good... I don't know what prompted this.

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
I think I'm going to create the next Lost for ABC, but instead of the island, the smoke monster and mythology I'm going to make the mystery all about muscle cars, cheese recipes, message boards and Farah. I'll be rich, I tell you! Rich!!

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Mar 17 2010, 01:49 AM
Mar 16 2010, 04:12 PM
Brian did come back around the same time Wyman took over from Langan as EP.
Just catching up on things...

while I take most of what Kola says with a grain of salt this detail about Bryan and Wyman being close rang true for me as I had heard this before.
I used to think Wyman was Reilly's biggest ass-kisser until Toups told me Wyman and Reilly didn't get along, so I take a lot of stuff with a grain of salt these days.

On an unrelated note, congratulations on 100 pages! Farah, you see the shit-storm you started?

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Now we're getting into cheeses for recipes... I gotta go create a soap on DRTV about this, but no one would believe me. Well, maybe YOU ALL would...

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Will gay? Kate bisexual? Hooooookay... wow, this is good shit.

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
I can only think of Pacino here... "I try to get out... but they keep PULLING me back in!"

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Compared to this file, following Lost is a piece of cake. :)

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
And we swing back to Farah! X gets the square... (just kidding, Alston)

Your turn, cubsgirl/lene/darraholic... :)

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
I thought it was Shelley that Terry was fixed on... I remember vividly when Terry had this going on and I don't think Molly had joined Days yet. I echo everyone else, though... if I was one of those girls' dads I'd lock em all up to keep them safe.

This is fun. I posted at SON for a few years and came over to DR when I moved Somerset to DRTV. This group is a lively bunch without being too over the top... lol

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Mar 13 2010, 06:53 PM
Mar 13 2010, 11:04 AM
Mar 13 2010, 08:11 AM
So Kola actually wrote for Days? I thought that was Milstein's stuff.
Milstein's stuff aired from August 8 (I think) until Hogan's first episode on October 12. JER apparently had been gone since May and there was a "ghost writer" that wrote from May until August when Milstein came on. That ghost writer was supposedly Kola Boof.
Oh okey, we are on late April 06 right now so I should be seeing her stuff in the next few months then.
When you get to his last episode, break out the Dom Perignon. :)

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Anyone for a game called Six Degrees of Farah Fath... (ducks rotten vegetables)

Didn't think so. lol

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
I leave for a while and the thread jumps from 23 to 30 pages. God bless America. :)

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
I keep thinking now I should do a show at DRTV about the drama behind a soap message board. :)

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Not to rip another band-aid off a wound, but what was Channa once again? I remember Kenny exposing the other one.

OLTL's Scott Clifton fired!
Mar 9 2010, 06:21 PM
♥ Tammy ♥
Mar 9 2010, 06:05 PM
Doesn't really bother me because I don't like the character... but I feel bad for the fans. Poor Amello is probably crying right now ;)
More like :badmood: :redface: :frustration:

Remind me never to say OLTL is the best soap on TV in front of you. Oh crap, I just did.

In all seriousness, I saw the writing on the wall when Gigi went back with Rex. That doesn't mean you have to jettison a character completely, though!

Soap Gossip Extravaganza
Oh God... Sindacco, you're right. During the SSK story Reilly could do no wrong in the SON people's eyes and woe if you even tried to criticize him (just ask me, I'll tell you... lol)

As for Farah, I can take her or leave her. She was decent on Days when you gave her the right material to play. Yeah, she was probably at her best during the Shimi story, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Shelle was the endgame so she was screwed.

I recall Erika was praising Farah's acting when Farah first came aboard OLTL. Wonder what she thinks now?

Eden IN & Vail OUT as Y&R's Heather!
Oh, ABC, you dumb piece of shit. Does this mean when Eden's done on Y&R, you'll fire the recast and a week before her last episode start advertising "The REAL Bianca returns?"

Eden IN & Vail OUT as Y&R's Heather!
Mar 4 2010, 04:30 PM
You know...this just makes this regime look even more stupid.

If they really wanted to stunt cast and bring on ER, they should've done so back in September by bringing her on as a recasted Colleen instead of killing off a legacy character for no reason at all. ER would've been great as Colleen. Instead, they bring her on in a role that has meant nothing this far and that she is totally wrong for.

Y&R really is the CBS version of GH 2002-present. Killing off legacy characters via stunts, stunt casting, stunt/event after stunt/event with no repercussions after a few weeks....stunt, stunt, stunt, stunt,stunt...getting the picture?

Just when I began seeing some signs of hope...ugh.
Right on. As much as I love GH and will defend Guza, what I will NOT defend is his killing off Emily, AJ, Alan and Georgie for the sake of a story. He regrets not writing the Quartermaines better and all I can say is "NOW you say this?"

TV Guide interview with Eden Riegel
So would I. This sets a really bad precedent (throwing out an actress because a more visible name is available) and probably busts the show budget. I imagine Eden didn't come cheaply.