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Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters
I gotta start posting more often, especially since I follow three soaps. Geez, where da hell am I at...

Blind Item: Guess Who's Getting a Doppelganger?
Okay... WHO'S RIGHT? lol

Blind Item: Guess Who's Getting a Doppelganger?
Not Erica. Go to Nelson Branco's Twitter feed to read more. Wish I could link it, but apparently it's Erika Slezak. If true, I am SO pissed at Brian Frons because Ron Carlivati would never write a story like this. Fronsie would make him.

Soaps Stars In Primetime: 2011
YES! YES!! YES!!! YES!!!! :applause: It's about time she came back and did more primetime!

Aubrey Dollar has signed up to make a guest appearance on The Good Wife. TV Line reports that the actress will play a good-natured nurse who crosses paths with Kalinda (Archia Panjabi) in a forthcoming episode. Though the nurse is eager to befriend Kalinda, the private investigator is really using her for information on a new case. Dollar previously starred in short-lived ABC drama Women's Murder Club and has also appeared in episodes of Ugly Betty, Dawson's Creek and Cupid.

TV Squad: The 15 Most Memorable Female Soap Opera Characters Ever
Mar 26 2011, 11:12 AM
I absolutely love that Raven made the list, but where the hell is Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams?
Ah, Amello! A fellow Edge lover! Raven was one of my all-time favorite Edge characters. Also love seeing Alexandra and Rachel on here. Gotta agree, though: Why Alice not farther up, and what makes Lesley Webber so special that she's number one (I love Denise Alexander, but still...)

And another thing: Alexandra was a fantastic character, but if that reviewer saw Beverlee playing Iris...

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Little shits... ha ha, Matt. I love it!

As for ABC.com... I've been catching up on OLTL and GH episodes online, and I know every show starts with "The following program is brought to you with limited interruptions by (fill in the blank)." Plus, ABC puts ads for its shows on their online content. I've seen Dana Delaney's legs so many times from that Body of Proof ad that I've got her shape memorized. lol

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
I think if we were to get a foolproof Nielsen system (I know, I know... oxymoron) we'd find that a LOT more people are watching soaps than you'd think. Phoenix, you mentioned your niece watches soaps with her friends on a college campus? Are those campuses supposed to be counted? It's the same thing I talk about in other rating threads. The ratings for the NCAA tournament are pretty good so far, but they should be a lot better considering every stinkin' restaurant and sports bar in the country has TVs turned to March Madness!

I think Nielsen is slowly getting it in some areas. They're starting to talk about Live plus 7 instead of Live numbers. DVR penetration. Online watching (NBC knows who's watching via web clicks). I work in newspapers and news websites, and unique page views are a big deal. Does it mean more ad dollars? Not always. But it means viewers are watching what you're reading or showing.

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
If anyone at SOD or SOW is listening, do an article on this! Longer vs. shorter scenes, etc. I think the networks would be very surprised to find out what people want versus what they think the viewers want.

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
I'll have to disagree here, albeit politely... lol

I think the right writer can fix most characters. Although I seem to defend Melanie most on this board, I will point out one flaw... it would have been more believable had she been left a bad girl. Instead, through some convoluted storytelling, no doubt harmed by the changes in writing staff and direction, this is what we've got. The endgame to Mate didn't help matters, either, nor does this quick and rushed storyline with Dario and Brady.

I'll also point out we had Stephanie, race car driver turned airline stewardess turned arm candy for one of Salem's richest young men turned into a needy, clingy out of character...

Okay, maybe I'll talk about EJ... race car driver turned lawyer turned John Black's would be assassin turned Sami's (comment withheld here)...

The writing is all over the place for a lot of characters. There really isn't an actor or actress I dislike on Days, but that isn't to say I dislike the writing.

NBC and Ken Corday, if you are listening, take Sheryl Crow's advice. A change will do you good. :)

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Over on the show I write at DRTV, I have on more than one occasion taken the entire half hour to do one scene with just two characters. It has to be something special for that to take place... you can't do that if it's a mundane scene, but if it's something the audience has been waiting for then make the scenes longer.

A good case in point: When Kelly told off Nola on GL after all the lies she'd told, the first scene took 20 minutes and was interrupted just once. Doug Marland literally phoned in the dialogue from his home because it was the first scene taped after the 1981 writers strike. The end result was ELECTRIC! It's no wonder Bette Davis loved Lisa Brown.

A little off topic, I realize, but what Phoenix said. I love longer scenes. I was raised on shows that had longer scenes. Today's youngest viewers do not know what they are missing. (Listen to me, I sound like a fuddy duddy and I just turned 43.)

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Mar 26 2011, 10:39 PM
Mar 26 2011, 10:36 PM
Maybe Liz and Marie might share a cup of coffee and talk about Marie's latest problems with Alex Marshall.
I know what you meant, but this isn't the best of examples. Didn't these two despise each other? LoL
I was just going to get into that... before 1982-83 they were actually OK toward each other. It was only when Neil entered the picture... :)

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Pippi Hootenanny?

Okay, I almost forgot why I wanted to post. Thanks, Matt!

Those 80s Days are gone. We won't see stories like the prism again. At the time Days was copying what worked on GH. In a typical early-80s episode of Days, however, we might have seen Abe and Roman talking about how to catch the Salem Strangler interspersed with fun stuff like Tom and Mickey getting together to talk about Maggie and how things were going in his marriage. Maybe Liz and Marie might share a cup of coffee and talk about Marie's latest problems with Alex Marshall.

I'm not saying bring back the coffee klatches. (Although what would be wrong with that?) I think it's high time to start challenging the notion that people will FF if they're bored with the scenes. Give the viewers a good compelling conversation or just a series of slice-of-life scenes and I think the viewers would watch. If they don't and the ratings go down with excellent writing, then it's the viewers' own damn fault for not watching it in the first place.

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Too bad you can't clone Carlivati and put him on Days. lol

Watching OLTL, it's very clear the actors believe in his writing because they're gung-ho in the acting and the performances. That scene where Todd was holding the toy gun and terrorizing James and Nate was over the top, but it was believable. Even though Joey is with Aubrey (and Ron, if you named that character after one of my favorite soap actresses in the last decade, Aubrey Dollar... BONUS POINTS TO YOU!), you can still tell by the longing glances part of him will always love Kelly. They sell it.

I see Matt just posted above me so I will ask the same question: Why not 80s Sheri? A combination of 80s and 90s Sheri would work. She's a writer who knows the show's history quite well and you might be able to use that to mine some good set pieces out of that.

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Mar 25 2011, 06:29 PM
Mar 25 2011, 01:42 PM
I think they will stay the course until Fall. They need to do that anyway. Stick with one writer and one vision. This show needed to just commit to one vision and see where it goes. They seem to be doing that now. If things are looking horribly going into Fall, Corday will probably call for another writing shift and Tomlin or someone else from the team will probably take on more influence from Higley. I do think this is it for Higley though. If the show doesn't recover whatever it loses in in the next few months (and they will see bad numbers no matter what) in the Fall, then I think he will ax her and we will see someone else as HW for sure. Whitesell being fired was clearly a move of support for Higley from Corday. He was giving her a vote of confidence but that means her ass is the only one on the line now. Even Corday has his limits and I think he would get rid of her in time to play out 2012 stories so that after the holiday hiatus the cast returns and begins shooting the material from the new writer. Also, it would be Winter and the perfect time to hook people. We'll see but I think that is the process we will see. I think Higley's job is hanging by a thread but I just doubt she will be fired before the Fall.
I doubt they are so calm. Even with the drastic budget cuts NBC has certain minimal level the show has to meet to stay in black numbers. And I honestly thing these demos are so awfull they are below that level. Now, it could be just a one week fluctuation, but if itīs a sign of a longterm trend I could see NBC forcing Corday to do some changes very soon. They are not gonna just sit and lose money till the contract is over. He will probably defend himself by saying he already fired Whittesell and replaced Taylor so they give him a little more time but I honestly cannot see NBC just accept these kind of numbers during May sweeps. They will be pissed as hell.
I think what could also weigh in here is who they could get to replace Dena. Does Gary take over the writing? He's already written several soaps and done well on some of them. Or is it Sheri? This road trip she is on to celebrate the 45-year book has been wildly successful, and a lot of people are coming out to see the actors and actresses... and Sheri.

I'm not going to deny I'm a big booster of Sheri. There will be people that say "you can't go back to the past". Maybe not, but Sheri's writing style forces the emotions to the surface. A Sheri-written show wouldn't rely so much on dialogue as it would on facial expressions... on emotions... on feelings.

I think she'd do an excellent job. I also think Brash and Cwikly would be good. Richard Culliton would be a decent replacement. When you make that switch... if you make it... then switch to a one-producer, one-writer vision and plot your long-term story from there.

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
I'll drink to that. Spring baseball trip coming up, few beers here and there...

Latest Ratings March 14-18: Bad Week for DAYS
Agreed. In many ways Nielsen viewing is outdated. I'm behind in my OLTL and GH watching so I'm picking up past episodes at ABC.com.

When they can effectively figure out how to measure viewership with this and with DVR, then we can talk. They're starting with nighttime (Chuck is a show that gets a bad Nielsen but as I recall it's heavily recorded and played back... part of The Office's core audience goes out to bars on Thursdays, and they watch the show later...)

Someone remind me: What the hell happened Friday to only merit 2.1 million viewers?

Daytime Emmys to air on CBS
And oh yes, we'll give out a few awards as well. Translation: RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!

Seriously, I'm glad to see CBS taking a chance on the show.

Blind Item: Which Former West Soap Ingenue Just Booked Pilot?
Here is the news on the pilot, courtesy of The Futon Critic:

SECRET CIRCLE (The CW) - Shelley Hennig and Jessica Parker Kennedy have each snagged a role on the drama pilot, about Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson), a California teen who moves to her mom's hometown of New Salem, Maine and discovers that she comes from a family of witches. They'll play two more of the seven-member circle, a coven of young witches: Diana Meade ("smart, sexy, not overly done up"), who quickly befriends Cassie; and Melissa ("steely, disinterested"), who keeps her at arm's length. Phoebe Tonkin and Thomas Dekker also star while Liz Friedlander is directing from a script by Andrew Miller.

Read more: Breaking News - Development Update: Thursday, March 17 | TheFutonCritic.com http://thefutoncritic.com/news/2011/03/17/development-update-thursday-march-17-807402/9183/#ixzz1GwQsyIb2

Blind Item: Which Former West Soap Ingenue Just Booked Pilot?
I was thinking to myself "Was Patch's nickname for Stephanie... Princess?" I knew Sweetness was his pet name for Kayla for a long time, but I swore he called Stephanie Princess in some episodes. I could be wrong... have been before. lol

Whatever the case, this is good news for Shelley. Unless the show absolutely tanks in the ratings if it's picked up for series, the CW usually gives its programs a full year to prove themselves. She's got a foot in the door, at least.

Blind Item: Which Former West Soap Ingenue Just Booked Pilot?
On the original thread, Jamey Giddens said that one of us got the name right. So it is Melissa or Shelley or someone else mentioned there.

I may be reading too much into the original post, but is "Princess" a clue?