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DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Oh puh-leeze? Chelsea and Daniel? Thank God they're supposed to be bringing on someone new for him.

If they'd give Chelsea and Nick a chance, people might find they like this pairing. Me personally? they could be better, but I chalk that up to the writing (or lack of it) for them.

SOD: Stephanie and Max make love
Jonathan and Tammy -- Luke and Laura -- God, would NOW have a field day today with stories. Luke and Laura was a different era, but the sight of Tony Geary fans yelling "rape me, Luke" at appearances was disgusting and still is today. I don't want to get on a soapbox with this, so I'm going to step right off.

And Cubsgirl, I think you're right -- that SSK story was changed because I think Corday saw the writing on the wall with future ratings.

SOD: Stephanie and Max make love
You know what? I can take this pairing.

Especially after Wednesday's show, when Marlena essentially asked Sami to forgive her rapist.

A letter has been sent to SOW and SOD on that one. Wowee.

ATWT: Noelle Beck Hopes ATWT's Audience Is Patient
I also think Noelle is fabulous from her days on Loving and her recent guest turn on Cashmere Mafia.

Knowing ATWT's audience, however, this is really not going to end well. It could be Connor times 10. I hope not.

DAYS: Spring Preview
Wow, Days. Good previews. :puke:

If the next step in this equation is Reilly getting hired again, therefore continuing the spinning wheel, I'm D-O-N-E and finished with Days.

Luckily, that won't happen. (Looks over his shoulder)

Daytime TV Schedules Through the Years
Matt, this ought to be archived somewhere on the site so we can keep referring to it on occasion. Great job!

I might add, although I don't think it needs to be documented on the website, that in the final months of 1976 NBC offered a second feed of "Somerset" to the affiliates at 1pm, mostly for the stations in the heartland that didn't want to do a newscast at noon. From what I understand, it did all right in the ratings, although not well enough to forestall its inevitable fate.

ATWT Premiered 52 Years ago Today!
A toast to Edge, my all-time favorite daytime drama. Today's writers would do themselves good to look at Slesar's mysteries, like the end of the Serena/Josie story, and take a few lessons.

GL: April Discussion
Just goes to show you what this show can do when the stakes are raised.

Put this on next year's Emmy reel, GL.

NBC squashes 'Passions' chances
Well, it didn't quite give all soaps a bad name. Many people said Dark Shadows was ahead of its time, and Passions resembled DS in a lot of ways.

I think what screwed Passions in the long run was NBC. It's been discussed to death on a lot of boards so I won't go into huge detail here, but the cancellation of Another World really cost Passions a chance to find viewers. There were a lot of people who turned off NBC because they were so pissed at NBC for axing AW. For the record, I switched to ATWT, but NOT because I was upset.

Had NBC not treated Sunset Beach and AW so badly, Passions may have had a chance to find an audience. I maintain as a 3pm entry it could have hooked younger adults and older kids coming home from school.

Then there was the acting. Ben Masters, Kim Ulrich, Juliet Mills, John Reilly, and other vets could chew the scenery, but some of the younger actors looked painfully amateurish at the start. Yes, they grew in their roles, but if you look at a show's acting when it starts you can form an impression that never goes away.

Love it or hate it -- and there were many who really loved it or absolutely despised it -- the show made an impact.