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NBC Blind Item
Oh, for the old days. If Blake and Rachel had a falling out and I was head writer I'd have kept them together and said the hell with it.

It's common knowledge Peter and Kristian detested each other in the first couple years they were on screen. Yet you wouldn't have known it from seeing the material they had.

DAYS:Spoilers from the stars at the Emmys
Jun 22 2008, 09:35 AM
Jun 22 2008, 08:54 AM
She's becoming too much like Belle, not being able to make up her mind about a man. (Is this typical of Marlena daughter-types? We see it in Marlena at times-in the past-with Belle, with Carrie, and with Sami).
I don't think Sami is turning into Belle. She will always pick Lucas when push comes to shove. Her weakness is avoiding the decision altogether because she likes having two men to string along (and sure as hell doesn't want to concede one to Nicole!). Whereas Belle was indecisive, Sami is greedy and self-centred. She's like the kid who refuses to give away her toys even when she when she has no use for them herself.
I think Lucas and Sami should be together in the end, but the end doesn't have to be tomorrow.

SOW: Carolyn's Corner w/Beth Ehlers
The way her story was written in the last several months would be enough to make her jump ship. DK completely botched what was a great pairing on camera. Harley and Gus had tons of chemistry, but as we all know about GL it's the couples that don't have the chemistry that somehow make it on screen.

This wouldn't be the first time something like this happened. As I recall, when Christine Tucci was playing Amanda on AW she was dating Paul Michael Valley at the time. Jill Phelps fired Tucci (over much protest, because people liked her in the role) and Valley announced he was leaving soon after.

(DAYS) Did John have Paul killed?
Jun 18 2008, 12:08 PM
Jun 18 2008, 10:19 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if Ava has something to do with it. If they're getting rid of Ava when Tamara leaves then they could use her as murdering Paul.
That makes real sense. Is Dena that smart??? :D This is the only way that both John and Phillip would be off the hook.
I'm thinking that's what it is. I bet Angelo did this... I was even saying that before the episode finished yesterday. No way is Dena that stupid to have Phillip or John do this.

If it was John, can you imagine the cries from viewers to bring the old John back??

ATWT:Lilden and Carjack spoiler
Jun 17 2008, 02:19 PM
Heh, that is wishful thinking indeed. Next thing you know, Martha Byrne will come back to rectify the story. But, w/ Hensley saying that they had nowhere to go, doesn't that sound like he doesn't want the Lilden pairing now?
Meh. Navell, methinks he's being told to toe the company line and sell this story. I like Noelle Beck and hope she does well as Lily, but part of me thinks this isn't going to end well at all.

SOW: Max "Trent is my father!"
Jun 12 2008, 02:43 PM
Looking past the history re-writes, which I really don't care about personally, this just sounds boring as shit.
I agree about some re-writes, Kenny... I just use that line as a joke sometimes, but this isn't as bad of a retcon as having Patch be in Stefano's clutches when we all know Lawrence Alamain ordered his IV poisoned.

Days: Whats working and Whats not..
Nice topic. I'll bite...

The good:

Jawn, as long as it's temporary. I don't think I could take Drake doing this permanently, but if they could find a way to integrate John and Jawn that would be fine.

EJ/Nicole... I'm a Sami/Lucas fan (but not necessarily a Lumi faithful) and I have issues with what EJ did to Sami (but that's a whoooooole other topic... lol). James and Arianne have good chemistry.

Phillip/Morgan... I like JKJ with Nadia, but there's a sense that story played out long ago. I think they planned to have Chloe stick around to deal with Shawn/Phillip/Belle, but then Corday stupidly fired BB and MM (yes, Ken, I'm talking about you! lol)

More balance... it's nice to have more characters on every day instead of just dealing with the same five or six actors every hour.

The bad:
Chelsea/Daniel... Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris had good rapport with each other, but Higley pushed that aside for the tired old young woman falls for older guy plot. Been there, done that a thousand times over. Daniel has more charazzma with Kate (and would've even been a good guy for Billie had they not axed Julie Pinson).

More use of older vets: I want to see more Mickey/Maggie/Doug/Julie, even if it's just once a week or so... with Frances Reid's health an issue, they're going to have a lay a more firm foundation for the Horton family in Salem.

Flashbacks... all of you hit this on the head. I hated it when JERk did it, so why is Higley repeating past mistakes? We get what happened. A flashback from six months ago is fine shown once if you want to update a viewer on something, but we don't need a flashback from the previous day's episode, or even worse something that aired EARLIER IN THE SAME DAY'S SHOW. YUCK.

SOW: Max "Trent is my father!"
Jun 12 2008, 09:17 AM
What the hell? That's not how it happened at all. From what I've read, Max's mother was never in the picture and he was only being raised by his absuive father. Frankie saved Max from the abusive home and took him in, until they were thn taken in by Steve and Kayla and then Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. Trent never left Max and this "mother that was never seen in the first place." Unless they're discussing a time prior to when Max went with the Bradys. Maybe Trent left Max and his mother early in his life, and then Trent got Max back. But I highly doubt that's the case. That would take a lot of thinking to do, and Higley doesn't do that. She just writes whatever she wants to.

This goes against history. Who's the head writer again? Oh, that's right, Dena Higley.
A good story written by the group of Sheri Anderson, Maralyn Thoma and Leah Laiman. Charles Van Eman played Trent, as I recall (he went on to play Charlie Brent on AMC).

Oh sweetheart! Get me a serious case of rewrite!!!

DAYS: Spoilers for June 23-27
Jun 10 2008, 05:56 PM
Maybe the return of Princess Gina???? this is dena higley we are talking to and we just had the random John and Hope scenes discussing subsex..
NO! NO!! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!! Don't even go there!! :soapbox: :puke:

Sorry, Kev. :D

SOD: OLTL & Days: Comings and goings
Written correctly, there is a way to develop the next generation and still keep the vets on the burner. Of course, that has been Days' biggest challenge as of late.

DAYS:Spoilers from soaps.com
Jun 2 2008, 01:35 PM
I don't like all the strange bedhopping and pairings. It makes the show feel like a clusterfuck and Higley doesn't know who she wants with who.
I agree, Kenny. If I wanted to see something like this I'd watch Guiding Light. Oh wait, I already do...

Messing around with couples? This is NOT the show to try stuff like that, Dena.