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TVGC Soapgeist 7/27: Maureen Garrett interview
The more people speak up about this production model, the less likely it will be used ever again. Hell, shows like Search for Tomorrow, Edge and Ryan's Hope had shoddier looking sets, but they made up for it with excellent acting. Here I look at Kim Zimmer emoting her ass off and thinking "you're in a gravel driveway".

Maureen Garrett, others return to GL! *UPDATED*
NICE NEWS! It'll be great to have Morgan back playing Dylan... and especially Melissa. Aw, it'll be sweet to see her again.

Y&R casting scoop from SID
The dog. Only SID could have fun with this one.

By the way, Amello, I loooooooove the picture! Brings back fond memories of Edge. :)

Y&R casting scoop from SID
I don't think it's Christel. She seems to have gotten the message that life outside soaps isn't all that and a bag of chips. Then again, who could it be?

TVGuide: Michael Logan article on Tony Geary
I never trust focus groups. They killed off Maureen Bauer.

Suds Report 7/17
And that's the rub about him. He wrote out the core family, so to speak. It was as bad as the Bauers nearly disappearing from GL in the mid 1980s.

Suds Report 7/17
I actually never cared for Swajeski's stuff for the most part, either. I didn't like the way Lisa got screwed over in the Jamie/Vicky mess, although I suspect Joanna Going was indeed leaving (no pun intended) and it was a good way to put some history into the show. After Doug Watson died, Swajeski tried to make you think Mac would destroy a whole rain forest in Brazil, etc.

Lemay's AW was powerful. It was slow-paced (God, was it ever slow... lol) but the individual scenes just crackled with depth, wit, and lots of drama.

Ex-daytime headwriter Judi Ann Mason dies
Hey everyone... sad to hear about Judi Ann Mason, a former writer for Guiding Light and Generations and a trailblazer in the industry. She died earlier this month at 54. The Hollywood Reporter website (thr.com) has the news on its front page.

TVGuide Canada: The Soapgeist (formerly Nelson Ratings), 7/13
Jul 13 2009, 02:19 PM
James E. Reilly's deal was the best for him! Not us or NBC! LOL! His estate is still being paid out. Now that's what i call a career move.

I can swim.
You know, I was wondering if that was what you meant. Having said that, good one. :)

TVGuide Canada: The Soapgeist (formerly Nelson Ratings), 7/13
Nelson, Nelson, Nelson. Reilly's deal the best? Maybe for Passions, but it almost ruined Days. Otherwise, LOVE the stuff as always. Oh, by the way, if you should end up in a river courtesy of the Carjackers (of which I am NOT one) don't come crying back to us... lol

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
I echo other posters. Jill's not perfect, but you get the feeling she's at least trying. Those scenes that aired earlier with Peter Simon, Michael O'Leary and Grant Aleksander (when Phillip found out his fate and he and Rick played basketball)... I found myself saying "Now THIS is Guiding Light!"

It's not quite Nancy Curlee, Stephen Demorest and JER, but it's an improvement. :)

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
Jul 10 2009, 12:00 PM
Aubrey's Marina and Mandy's Marina are like two totally different characters. AD kicked ass. MB sucks ass.
Tell me how you really feel about Mandy, Mason... lol

I do agree, though, on the basics. After watching Aubrey play Marina, you get spoiled.

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
I agree there. Marina is not ready to be leading-lady material. I think if she were away from Mallet (and not necessarily back with Cyrus) the character would be more appealing. But who would you pair her with -- Shayne?

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
Jul 10 2009, 08:30 AM
anyone paired with that Marina girl would suck. Horrible actress.
That would have been Kit Paquin. lol

Mandy's not bad, but Aubrey was definitely by far and away the best Marina. It's a crime no one has picked her up for a prime-time gig yet (although she may be doing theater instead).

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
To each his own, I guess. I just thought it stunk that EW interfered with DK's writing when it's supposed to be the writing that determines chemistry. She's left Jill Hurst alone and it's worked pretty well... of course, not for the show, which is the worst thing of all.

GL Headwriter to ATWT!
When DK came on at first his stuff was promising. Coming on the heels of Weston, nothing would have been worse. Then it went south. I blame him, but I also blame EW. She's the one who supposedly mixed up the pairings based on what she thought worked (oh hi! Let's pair Marina with Mallet because Mandy and Rob are dating in real life... eeeewwww). Because of this, we don't get Dinah with Mallet, Marina with Cyrus, etc. (although Dinah has great chemistry with Shayne).

Whatever the case, it's over now. As for DK going to ATWT, maybe he can bring at least some element of surprise to a show that sadly needs it. Memo to Jean: Your stories would have some punch to them if we didn't fucking know the minute a character steps on screen what his or her purpose is. A kindergarten student could have predicted Hunter and Ali were brother and sister and that Riley was Adam.

Y&R: Michael Logan Interviews Melody Thomas Scott
Had MTS left full-time, it's possible Braeden might have left right behind her. Days seemed to survive well losing Deidre and Drake... I still don't agree with the decision, but they did... but Y&R might have taken a major enough hit that it could have lost its hold on No. 1 in the Nielsens.