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Weekly Discussion: 9/27- 10/1
The thing is these are horribly executed, PR. Like I said, I didn't mind when it was done on Guiding Light because it was a P&G soap, and if they wanted to have their products all over the place then so be it as long as it didn't trip up the scripts. As a writer for a Days script, I'd be frickin' embarrassed to have this in a script I wrote. ("Oh, you wrote that great scene with Brady taunting Vivian? I didn't see it, I was watching that idiotic Wanchai Ferry ad").

There are times when placement ruins the product. It's gotten to that point for me, the point where I'd rather have no show if we're going to have intrusive ads like this. I know it's horrible to say, but I've had enough. I have enjoyed this latest twist with Vivian getting tricked into the sarcophagus and EJ's shooting, but stuff like an ill-placed ad just takes away from it.

Weekly Discussion: 9/27- 10/1
Sep 29 2010, 11:18 PM
Sep 29 2010, 11:09 PM
LMAO! I totally forgot about the Wanchai Ferry thing...WhyTF is Caroline, the owner of the Brady Pub, serving bagged Chinese dinner to her grandkids? What about the chowdah?
That was probably the worst product placement so far, and so damn unnuatural and just at the worst time of the show. Sami is moping, Rafe is dealing with Sami and OTT Caroline comes in raving about frozen food?

And as if we don't actually get the product placement by Carolines rambling on and on about how the kids couldn't get enough, they zoom in on the package like we're morons. Sheesh.
This has got to stop.

I know there will be people on this board that say "it's necessary for the survival of the show". Bullshit. Scenes like these would bring any quality production to a halt, but when they're awkwardly placed in a soap opera and bring the entire day's episode to a screeching stop, then it's time to put the foot down and speak up.

I could put up with Pringles cans and Bounty towels littering the stage on Guiding Light because it was a P&G production, but I shudder to think what would happen if Edge of Night were still around today:

Criminal: God, I'll never get this bloodstain out of my gunshot victim.
Housewife: How about trying (produces box) new intensified Tide?

Memo to Days: You're going to be in HD before the end of the year. Your sets look like shit. Your writing isn't much better. The acting rises above the dreck Dena and company dish out. (Well, most days.) Hint to NBC: Now that your merger is almost complete, spend some damn money and raise the budget. You're killing this show by letting it operate on a shoestring and it shows.

Shove your Wanchai Ferry up your ass. :soapbox:

God, that felt good. Rant over.

SOD: Matt Ashford Talks About Possible Return - Plus Missy Reeves First Air Date
I do believe at some point Jack has to come back into the story in order for this return to really, really work. That said, I'll see how Missy does in her first weeks before I sound the Matt Ashford alarm.

GH: Sam hires a hooker for Michael
Wow, Bob... hiring a hooker. I still am a huge Guza fan, but it's getting increasingly hard to defend some of these decisions.

'Lone Star' Canceled!
I was just thinking the same thing. I don't know how much they're paying Jon Voight per episode, but I think he and David Keith are the only actors who could command slightly higher paydays. I wonder with four million viewers if this would have worked better on cable.

PGP/Telenext To Pull Classic AW/ATWT/GL YouTube & Hulu Content
I'm going to guess royalties have something to do with it. I seem to recall when Edge of Night was on USA and overseas in syndication, either Larkin Malloy or Ernie Townsend said they were getting residual checks. Granted, they were only for like $2 a pop, but if they add up...

Latest Ratings: August 30 - September 3
Hmmm. Yes, it was the only show to lose viewers, but I wouldn't quite call it a crash. Not like the numbers of several weeks ago.

SOD:Maggie Has To Leave
I wish things wouldn't go so fast, too, but I'm growing to like this story. I think Victor is being mindful of the fact Mickey just died and is trying not to appear too eager. Also, we get to see a side of Victor not often seen since Isabella died. The fact Caroline's been involved in this too is great.