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ATWT: The Boathouse Explosion!

Most of the clip is of Holden and Luke's funeral after Damian's boat exploded, but at about 6 minutes into the clip it gets to the buildup to the boathouse explosion.

This is, IMO, Hogan's best story on ATWT. I just loved it. Barbara's screams as she's on fire are just chilling!

I miss Jake, Rose, and especially Hal. :(

Lexie Loses It At Isaac's Christening
God, I miss B&C...

DAYS: Vivian does standup at the Penthouse Grill!
Good God, I miss Vivian so much. She was always good for a line. :lol:

GL: Reva drives off the bridge!

"I'm comin', Bud!"

GL: Phillip & Harley's Wedding!
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I always loved the Phillip/Harley couple. I'll forever hold a grudge against Claire Labine for splitting them up. Pharley forever! LoL!

GL: Vanessa slaps Dinah!
Part 1: Dinah viciously tells Vanessa that Matt kissed her, and Vanessa slaps her!

"I want HART, and I can have him! I can have ANY man I want, INCLUDING your husband!"

Part 2: Later, Cassie and Dinah have a nasty confrontation in the Towers bathroom!

Cassie: "Hart doesn't even like you!"

Dinah: "Well, he must like me a little bit. I didn't get pregnant from pixie dust!"

DAYS: Kate, Sami, and a letter opener!
DAYS needs its bitches back...Kristen, Vivian, Sami (even though she's technically still on), and now Kate.

DAYS: Kate, Sami, and a letter opener!

I already miss Lauren Koslow. :(

DAYS: "Zach's Death" Montage...
Jan 23 2008, 06:19 PM
WORST INJUSTICE EVER in Daytime History!

Reckell and ESPECIALLY Alfonso fucking deserved the emmy nods....man that was gut wrenching.

No kidding. A year later, and I'm still so pissed about about it all. What makes it even worse is that, if they were on any other soap (well, okay, not PASSIONS, lol), PR and KA would have for sure gotten nominations. Damn academy politics!

DAYS: Garden of Eden!
Jan 23 2008, 05:02 PM
WTF was that?

Short answer:

The biggest acid trip in daytime history. LoL

DAYS: Killing Pool promos!
Unfortunately, the quality sucks and embedding on the vids is disabled, but nevertheless here they are!



B&B/Y&R: Old school Sheila promos from the 90's!
They don't make them like this anymore...


And here's one from Sheila's 2003 return, which sucked, but this promo ROCKS!

Days: Say Uncle!
Oh, God. As if I didn't feel sick to my stomach enough already. :puke:

DAYS: John and Marlena's 1999 Wedding
I loved this wedding so much! It was perfect.

JER ruined A LOT when he returned. The Alex North story is one of the worst stories in DAYS history, and one of my all time least favorite stories on any soap.

DAYS: Austin backs into Sami - literally!

This is hilarious, especially the way Austin hits Sami again after he realizes he did it the first time. LoL!

DAYS: Kate vs. Laura!
Personally, I was never a fan of JLB's Laura, so I was hoping Kate would really give it to her, especially after what she said about Austin.

DAYS: Susan works on being Kristen...

I wish I could find a clip of Susan smashing the chair over Vivian. I laughed my ass off for probably five minutes straight after that! :lol:

Most shocking soap death ever?
By Season 8, Falcon Crest sucked, and in Season 9, the show just became complete garbage (except for the series finale). Killing off Maggie and especially Melissa were fatal mistakes.

Most shocking soap death ever?
I was also really shocked by Jake's death on ATWT. I couldn't believe they killed off the last remaining link to AW (and I can't imagine how pissed off former AW viewers must have been).

Most shocking soap death ever?
I completely agree about Eve's death. That started the downfall of PC, and the show was not the same afterward.