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The "we were on a break" thing did get old pretty quickly, I'll give you that. LoL

^ No way! Total Ross & Rachel fan here! LoL. HAAAATED Joey & Rachel.

I'm sure there'll be a reunion at some point. But I don't think it'll be for another few years - at least.

IMO, the show was never as good during the later seasons as it was during Seasons 2-6. After Season 6, it seemed like the show lost something.

Loved Friends! One of my all-time faves! Phoebe was amazing. I wish she'd been given a spin-off instead of Joey, which SUCKED.

Some of my favorite moments:

Suds Report — AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
I certainly don't doubt that Dee and Drake could have had differences offscreen (they are only human, after all). It just comes as kind of a surprise to me.

Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters
Hoorah for me!

Suds Report — AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
Jan 30 2009, 02:19 PM
I hope Nelson's ready for the direction this thread is about to head in... LOL!

This is about to happen...


Suds Report — AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
Jan 30 2009, 02:16 PM
Dee and Drake can't stand each other? Oooooooooooooooookay. Nelson, you're one of the best writers in the soap genre, but the source you talked to at Days might be full of shit. lol
That part surprised me too. The only thing I can think of to back that up would be how Drake was totally behind the Jate pairing in 2004 or whenever.

Suds Report — AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
"We’d fight to keep Dee and Drake, though, as long as Ken was gone first. He doesn’t care about DAYS, at all.”

Well that's not news, at all, LoL.

Y&R: Casting News
How many times are they going to recast Mac before they just stick with Bashioum? LoL

Latest Ratings: DAYS Up! Y&R down!
Jan 30 2009, 01:21 PM
I don't know if I could fit DAYS in...
Don't bother trying. I'm barely hanging on, as it is.

ABC's 'General Hospital' getting a makeover
If it's anything like GL's revamp of their hospital set...yikes.

Martha Byrne joins B&B
And it's just a trial run, so it may not lead to anything at all.

Latest Ratings: DAYS Up! Y&R down!
There is not even a comparison between Y&R and DAYS. And I'll be a little less diplomatic about it than brimike was. DAYS isn't even in the same universe as Y&R, right now.

Soap Opera Hall of Fame
Dr. Chip
Jan 29 2009, 09:41 PM
The Hall of Fame will take some pondering, but I wholeheartedly nominate Ken Corday for the Hall of Shame. In fact, I think it'd be worth creating one just for him. You can announce it on April Fools' Day.
The Ken Corday Soap Opera Hall of Shame. It has a nice ring to it. :)

Beverly Hills, 90210
Jan 29 2009, 07:23 PM
I really wish we had gotten to see a Val/Brandon pairing...it would have been amaaaahzing
Hell, the look on Kelly's face alone would have made it worth it!

Soap Opera Hall of Fame

The Guiding Light
Search for Tomorrow
As the World Turns
The Edge of Night
General Hospital
Another World
Days of Our Lives
Dark Shadows
One Life to Live
All My Children
The Young and the Restless

Behind the Scenes People:

Irna Phillips
Agnes Nixon
William J. Bell
Lee Phillip Bell
Douglas Marland
Gloria Monty
Claire Labine
James E. Reilly
Jerome & Bridget Dobson
Dan Curtis
Robert Calhoun
Harding Lemay
Henry Slesar
Betty Corday
Pamela Long
Paul Avila Mayer
Pat Falken Smith
Michael Malone


Mary Stuart
Charita Bauer
Helen Wagner
Frances Reid
MacDonald Carey
Susan Lucci
Eileen Fulton
Elizabeth Hubbard
Kim Zimmer
Michael Zaslow
Constance Ford
Robin Strasser
Victoria Wyndham
Erika Slezak
Anthony Geary
Genie Francis
Eric Braeden
Jeanne Cooper
Melody Thomas Scott
Marcy Walker
Deidre Hall
Don McLaughlin
Stuart Damon
Don Hastings
Judith Light
Susan Flannery
Jane Elliot
Douglass Watson
Peter Bergman
David Canary
Leslie Charleston


Marlena's Possession (DAYS)
Marty's Rape (OLTL)
Alice/Steve/Rachel (AW)
Mac/Rachel/Iris (AW)
B.J.'s Death (GH)
Stone's Death (GH)
Holly's Rape (GL)
Karen's Trial (OLTL)
Erica's Abortion (AMC)
Viki's Multiple Personalities (OLTL)
Cruise of Deception (DAYS)
Marlena in the Sanatarium (DAYS)
Carly Buried Alive (DAYS)
Katherine/Jill Rivalry (Y&R)
Cassie's Death (Y&R)
Sheila's Reign of Terror, 1990-1998 (Y&R/B&B)
Viki/Dorian Rivalry (OLTL)
Ed & Lillian's Affair/Maureen's Death (GL)

I'll update it if/when I think of more.

Latest Ratings: DAYS Up! Y&R down!
I'm not worried about Carlivati. Frons's precious GH isn't that much higher than OLTL.

As for DAYS, I'm far more interested in its ratings for THIS week.

Melrose Place (1992)
Jan 29 2009, 11:55 AM
I was reading US Weekly and they had a small article about Daphne Zuniga (Jo) talking about the New Melrose Place. She mentioned she'd love to return to have another make out session with Grant Show. But she's moved on with her life and she's starting a new chapter and wouldn't return.
Damn, I almost got really excited, LoL!