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The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired

Corday didn't have anything against J&M or Drake/Deidre. And Drake and Deidre must have loved the hell out of each other because that's how they acted (regardless of the fact that that's how they were paid to act). I'm sure it was all sunshine and rainbows and happiness between the three of them because God knows they're all such infallable human beings without the capability of not getting along (especially Drake and Dee).

If it makes you happier to believe that, then fine. I, however, am done with this.

The "we were on a break" thing did get old pretty quickly, I'll give you that. LoL

The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Jan 31 2009, 10:06 PM
He's is hardly escaping any backlash, and he could have used any number of reasons. Since when does he care about backlash?
This is Corday we're talking about. The man with jello for a spine.

^ No way! Total Ross & Rachel fan here! LoL. HAAAATED Joey & Rachel.

Pilot News: ABC Spies Bruckheimer Detective Drama
Oh, dear God. I pray that ABC doesn't start modeling itself after CBS. CBS has enough of those procedural crime shows for all THREE of the big networks.

The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Does it really make a difference whether or not Dee and Drake didn't get along? It obviously didn't take away from your enjoyment of J&M, if it's true. And it's not like they're even on the show now, anyway. What difference does it make whether they liked each other outside of work or not?

I'm sure there'll be a reunion at some point. But I don't think it'll be for another few years - at least.

The REAL Reason Hall & Hogestyn Were Fired
Jan 31 2009, 05:09 PM
He could have fired them any time, he didn't need an excuse.
Yes, technically he could have, but I'm sure he was too fearful of the backlash he would receive. Now, he could just blame it on the massive budget cut, and it would be believable.

IMO, the show was never as good during the later seasons as it was during Seasons 2-6. After Season 6, it seemed like the show lost something.

Loved Friends! One of my all-time faves! Phoebe was amazing. I wish she'd been given a spin-off instead of Joey, which SUCKED.

Some of my favorite moments:

ABC Orders Two Primetime Soap Opera Pilots
Empire State sounds like it could be good. I'm not so sure about Limelight, though.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of February 9th
Jan 30 2009, 11:15 PM
Stefano hints that he'd like to date Kate
LoL, well, yeah, we kind of got the idea he was interested when he proposed. I'm so confused by this whole Stefano/Kate thing. Is it going somewhere or not? Either commit and do something substantial or forget it, because this little pattern of hints of a Stefano/Kate pairing before being dropped for a couple months before getting another hint before being dropped again is so awkward.

Thaao Penghlis was fired
Alright, I'm just going to say this, and then I'm not going to mention Nelson in this thread again.

If Nelson already knew about Thaao's firing well before The Diva posted about it, why would he need to give that blog credit for it? (and this is a rhetorical question, since I don't want to take this thread into an off-topic debate)

Thaao Penghlis was fired
^ Nelson Branco, of TV Guide Canada, has also posted about Thaao being let go. He's very reliable (despite what some people here may choose to believe).

Suds Report AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
I certainly don't doubt that Dee and Drake could have had differences offscreen (they are only human, after all). It just comes as kind of a surprise to me.

Thurs Ratings: "CSI" pulls 20 million
I can just see it. PP FINALLY starts getting better, and ABC cans it.

OLTL: Weekly Discussion!
Today's show was so good!

Natalie is such a grating bitch, right now. I wish Jessica would have slapped the shit out of her, instead of being so nice.

Marcie and Michael stuck out like a sore thumb today. I'd bet good money they are indeed the two characters being "phased out".

I was a little disappointed with the ending today, though. The way they jumped straight from Tea hearing about Lee escaping to Tea finding Todd with Lee's body came off a bit too anticlimatic for me.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Jan 30 2009, 03:38 PM
I'd hope the writers are working overtime to come up with a good explanation for the whole suddenly psychic thing.
You mean the bump on the head explanation wasn't good enough? LoL!

Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters
Hoorah for me!

Suds Report AMC's Eden out; Thaoo fired on Days!
Jan 30 2009, 02:19 PM
I hope Nelson's ready for the direction this thread is about to head in... LOL!

This is about to happen...