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B&B: December Discussion
The Bold and the Beautiful
December Discussion

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Y&R: December Discussion
The Young and the Restless
December Discussion

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GH: December Discussion
General Hospital
December Discussion

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OLTL: December Discussion
One Life to Live
December Discussion

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Showtime Renews 'Dexter' For Two More Seasons
I didn't care for Season 5 at all. Had it not been for Julia Stiles, it would have been just as worthless to me as Season 3.

Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters
LoL. One of these days, it's going to be someone else, and I'm not even going to think to change the name.

Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters

:applause: L Y S I E :applause:

Winners list:
January - Lysie
February - Lysie
March - Lysie
April - Lysie
May - Mateo
June - Zoe_Zeppelin
July - Kenny
August - Kenny
September - Lysie
October - Lysie
November - Lysie

2009: Mason & Kenny
2010: Kenny

Top 20 Posters as of November 29, 2011.

1) Show personification based on the 20 longest running shows in daytime tv history.
2) Number in parenthesis is where they placed last month.

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Number 1(1): Kenny (44,884 posts +311)
-- Kenny is the DR's guiding light --

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Number 2(2): Mason (38,261 posts +129)
-- My world keeps on turning--

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Number 3(3): Jinx (25,976 posts +0)
-- Jinx might like to marry a doctor who works at General Hospital --

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Number 4(4): King (22,115 posts +20)
-- King is enjoying the days of his life --

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Number 5(5): Rick (19,262 posts +27)
-- Rick is living his one life to the fullest--

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Number 6(6): Miss Rhi (18,895 posts +95)
-- Miss Rhi has no children yet--

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Number 7(7): lysie (18,058 posts +928)
-- Lysie is young but hardly restless --

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Number 8(8): PhoenixRising05 (15,921 posts +20)
-- Phoenix is living for a better tomorrow --

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Number 9(9): Mateo (11,861 posts +35)
-- Mateo is on another world of awesomeness--

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Number 10(10): Drew (11,772 posts +62)
-- Drew is edging closer to a great night --

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Number 11(11): Angie79 (11,743 posts +190)
-- Angie has a great love for life --

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Number 12(12): darraholic (11,363 posts +502)
-- darraholic likes 'em bold and beautiful --

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Number 13(13): Ellie (10,747 posts +253)
-- Ellie has no secret storms raging inside of her --

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Number 14(14): IMissAremid (10,045 posts +14)
-- IMissAremid may or may not need to see a doctor soon--

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Number 15(15): DrewHamilton (9,823 posts +263)
-- DrewH has hope -- but not necessarily for a Ryan --

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Number 16(16): Zoe_Zeppelin (9,286 posts +219)
-- Zoe is a loving person--

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Number 17(17): Grandpa Hughes (9,203 posts +157)
-- Gramps has many passions -- but we might not want to know what they are--

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Number 18(18): LuvingLumi (8,819 posts +463)
-- LuvingLumi has bright days ahead --

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Number 19(19): Matt (8,406 posts +127)
-- Matt loves him some Santa Barbara --

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Number 20(20): Manny (8,014 posts +0)
-- Manny has never been to Somerset --

Bubbling up:
Number 21(21): Casey (7,663 posts +53) -- Port Charles
Number 22(22): SocRMum1 (7,393 posts +180) -- Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Number 23(23): Scott (6,883 posts +0) -- Capitol
Number 24(24): ladyofthelake (6,854 posts +150)-- Dark Shadows
Number 25(25): NavJLee8785 (6,524 posts +34) -- Young Doctor Malone
Number 26(26): JamesScott_19 (6,354 posts +267) -- Hawkins Falls
Number 27(--): Mitchapalooza (6,189 posts +--)-- Valiant Lady
Number 28(27): Tammy (5,995 posts +158) -- Where The Heart is
Number 29(28): Nubia (5,578 posts +14) -- From These Roots
Number 30(29): Liz<3Days (5,489 posts +174)-- Another Life

New to the poll this month: Mitchapalooza

Dropped out of the poll over the last month: Dragonish1

Biggest risers over the past month: (none)

Biggest fallouts over the past month: Tammy, Nubia, Liz<3Days (-1)

Getting close to making it into the poll: Dragonish1, six

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/21
Nov 26 2011, 11:50 AM
Are we still all talking about Marlene? Can we move onto another subject. All this Marlene bashing, as well as all these assumptions are making my head spin. All it is doing is making me avoid this thread.

It's been over a week on this subject.

Well, her most recent tweet was two days ago and it's been a slow week, so of course there is still going to be discussion on this topic. People can and will move on when they're good and ready to. There's no need for backseat moderating.

SOD: Days Scribes Respond To Fan Complaints
Grandpa Hughes
Nov 25 2011, 01:53 PM
This is sad! And I gave these folks an "Atta Boy" on FB a couple of weeks ago? Somebody slap me! HARD!!!
Well, I certainly wanted to when I saw your post on their walls.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/21
Dena Higley's self-indulgent blogs were less annoying to me. At least she had the good sense to whine about her own petty problems rather than about the viewers.

Prospect Park suspends AMC, OLTL efforts
Hillary B. Smith -- Entertainment Weekly:

The actress who plays Nora on One Life to Life told EW that while she thought Prospect Park was “biting off a lot” by attempting to take the canceled ABC soap online, ”I thought it was doable.”

“It was a noble attempt and I believe they really wanted to do this,” said Hillary B. Smith in response to the shocking news that Prospect Park has shuttered plans to bring OLTL and All My Children to its planned Online Network launching in 2012. The media and production company founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Kwatinetz and former Disney Studios head Rich Frank was unable to reach guild deals to make the soaps’ run on the internet a reality.

Smith told EW that she had a tentative deal in place to continue starring on OLTL once it ended its run on ABC in January and moved online. She would have joined Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord), along with Ted King (Tomas Delgado), Michael Easton (John McBain) and Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer), among others. ”I’m just sad for the fans,” she told EW. “I think this was a very ambitious project for a company with no history of the technology. I do wish there had been more communication between the company and those who’d signed on. We were finding out a lot in the press.”

As for the OLTL fans, “We’re still here through January,” she said. “I want them to enjoy this journey. It’s really going to be fun through the end. It’d be nice if a knight in shining armor came riding up to save us but even if that doesn’t happen, it will be a fun ride to the end.”

Now that the sudser won’t have an afterlife online, fans are worried it didn’t have an opportunity to film a satisfying series finale for fans. (Attempts by EW to get an answer have been unsuccessful). Says Smith, ”I can’t say [if it'll be satisfying enough if there's no continuation]. I don’t know exactly the whole ending. I want to be able to watch it myself. I know that they shot a couple of different endings for Bo and I. I have an idea which they’ll use. But I don’t know the ending for the show.”

Smith is part of the cast of the Emmy-winning Venice the Series, which began its third season online today.

Prospect Park suspends AMC, OLTL efforts
From Kassie DePaiva's website:

Words just don't express how sad I am at hearing that Prospect Park has dropped the deal to move forward with "One Life". I think what upsets me the most is how this whole deal has been handled from the get go. I wanted more than anything not to have been cancelled by ABC. I find it mind boggling that a company can spend 45 years building the strongest brand in daytime... launch a cable network to support it and then decide to cancel both broadcast and cable airings leaving the beloved fans with no where to turn for that brand. Then PP shows up out of nowhere as the great white hope promising to continue these shows.... I was happy to sign on. I love what I do and I'm proud to go to work everyday. I was asked to take a cut in pay and was happy to do it if it meant our show would go on. That was the first week of September. But other than a very quick speech on the studio floor by PP in late September the company did not give out any information regarding when and where we would be working. Last Wednesday the cast received an email telling us our dressing rooms must be cleared out by the 9th of Dec. or ABC would be tossing things out... and then to hear the official news today via a media report.

The last 2 weeks have been emotional for me. The stories are rocking and show is so good. It is must see TV. Don't miss a day... don't miss a scene. My hat goes off to Ron Calivarti.... he has written really powerful stuff and I think the fans are going love it. I especially want to shout out to Frank Valentini... who has fought the hardest to make the transition happen. He has been amazing and I want you fans to know how hard he worked to continue giving you fans the show you deserve. He found out this wasn't going to happen just like I did...via a media report.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be grateful for but I must say I wish things had worked out differently. It's been the best 18 years of my life. I hope you will continue to watch "One Life" until the bitter sweet end.

SOD: Days Scribes Respond To Fan Complaints
Nov 23 2011, 07:52 PM
I think the fact that there's an interview at all and this early in their run says that they are hearing the criticisms and, having heard them as well as looking at the ratings numbers, it has to give them pause - especially when they came on board promising a return to the values this show has traditionally embraced.
But how are they responding to those criticisms? By cavalierly shrugging them off and talking about the fans as if we're a bunch of overreacting ninnies. Nothing about this interview suggests to me that they're actually taking what the fans are saying seriously.

SOD: Days Scribes Respond To Fan Complaints
Nov 23 2011, 07:34 PM
I think MarDar don't really have much choice in the answers they gave to complaints as those stories complained about have already been written.
I disagree. Their discourse is dripping in egotism as well as disdain for anyone who dare criticize their writing (even though many of those criticisms are very much valid). Is it so much to ask that they look at their work from a perspective other than their own? Or can they not remove their heads from their own asses for five minutes? I don't expect them to publicly say, "Yeah, that was shit", but they're completely dismissing any possibility that maybe not everything they've done so far has been good. Humility will go a long way in my book.

SOD: Days Scribes Respond To Fan Complaints
Nov 23 2011, 06:29 PM
Maggie Is Daniel's Mom: The reveal that Daniel is Maggie's biological son also has fans worked up. In online forums, fans have accused the writers of forcing Daniel and Melanie into the Horton family (though technically, Maggie is only a Horton via her marriage to Mickey). Some viewers are fretting that Maggie will include Daniel and Melanie in the annual Horton tree trimming and provide them with their own ornaments. Thomas says, "Thank God that there are people who love the characters on the show so much that they care whether or not they're putting an on ornament on the Christmas tree. It gives us hope that the show is really touching people."
This "response" in particular pisses me off. It was never just about the ornaments for all of us (although if you knew this show as well as you claim to, you would understand the significance).

Way to deflect from the real issue (and in such a condescending way), Darrell.

SOD: Days Scribes Respond To Fan Complaints
They're full of it. How about some REAL responses?

Prospect Park suspends AMC, OLTL efforts
I believe PP intended to follow through with both shows. I think they just bit off more than they could end up chewing. I don't think it was all just a PR move.

ABC should also be blamed for selling to PP when I'm pretty sure they got other offers.

Prospect Park suspends AMC, OLTL efforts
Nov 23 2011, 03:01 PM
Good grief. I hope they have time to give OLTL a proper, non-cliff hanger ending.
OLTL just wrapped filming last week....so they won't. And that's the worst part of this. Fans of both shows are getting screwed out of the endings they deserve.

20 Classic ATWT Episodes Now on DVD
You know my thrifty bargain-hunting self was all over that while 2-day(!) shipping is free. Great deal.

I'm hoping for a GL (or AW) release soon, as well.

Another World: 1979
Ooh, thank you for this! I would kill to see 70s-era AW in its entirety (destroyed tapes be damned!).