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DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
God, I'm loving Nicole today!

DAYS: Best Strategy for Bringing Back DHs- TUNE OUT
Dec 30 2008, 02:02 AM
Jamey on Daytime Confidential suggested that viewers not watch DOOL if they want to get rid of Dena Higley because the only way they will let her go is if the ratings drop.
Believe me, if I were a Nielsen viewer, I would stop watching. I want Higley out on her ass so badly I can taste it.

LATEST RATINGS: Week of Dec. 15th - 19th
^ Don't worry. As dull as it's been, I'm sure the numbers will be going up any week now, LoL.

Meanwhile, I really, really want Y&R to finally hit 4.0 again.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I can't even believe she has an office. What does she need an office for? She doesn't do anything!

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Dec 29 2008, 10:26 PM
And I thought it was incredibly bitchtastic that Chloe goes to Stephanie to warn her about Phillip, and goes to Brady to warn him about Nicole. Who does she think she is? Shouldn't she be worrying about her sexual fantasies involving another man while being engaged to one?
I know, right? Chloe was certainly the pot calling all the kettles black today.

Suds Report TVGC
Dec 29 2008, 09:22 PM
Couldnt it just be that Reichen's acting sucks?
LoL, so true. Although I'm sure Nadia Bjorlin could manage to get him a job on DAYS (puke). I think they're like BFFs. Kind of fitting actually, LoL. All beauty and no talent.

Grey's Anatomy's Chyler Leigh Expecting Baby No. 3
I didn't know she had ANY kids!

Suds Report TVGC
Dec 29 2008, 08:46 PM
I can't believe AMC is going to get canceled before OLTL. What is this world coming to!
Maybe OLTL is cheaper to produce than AMC (although you'd never know it to look at AMC).

Suds Report TVGC
Oh, God, don't tell me Ray is here to stay.

Brothers & Sisters Discussion
It's not like anyone will miss him, LoL.

Brothers & Sisters Discussion
Too morbid? WTF? Since when did death in a DRAMA SERIES become too "morbid"? Just kill him off, and be done with it!

Y&R: Weekly Discussion!
Dec 29 2008, 06:15 PM
Lilly and Colleen shoving V8 down everyone's throats at Crimson Lights was the most annoying part of this episode.
Lily and Colleen are just annoying period.

And I agree about Murphy. I hope he sticks around after this story is over. Could you imagine Jill's reaction if Katherine started dating him? LoL!

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I hate Stephanie, but I was glad when she told Chloe where she could shove her 'advice' today.

Which soaps have the best hunks?
I voted for OLTL and Y&R.

OLTL: Weekly Discussion
Dec 29 2008, 02:38 PM
David Vickers has hellacious biceps for a Buddist monk!
David is one monk I'd LOVE to disrobe! LoL

Y&R: Weekly Discussion!
The ending with Jill seeing Katherine in the mirror was SO good! I can't wait until tomorrow.

OLTL: Weekly Discussion
Buddhist David is hilarious! :lol:

"Yes, like a pie...or a round cake..."

Y&R: SOW 2009 Previews
Dec 29 2008, 01:29 PM
More Daniel and Amber? BOO! KILL THAT BITCH! LOL. I hate her!
Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll drown in all those damn tears she's crying for "Mrs. C".

OLTL: December Discussion
^ Sounds good to me!

Y&R: Weekly Discussion!
The Young and the Restless
Week of 12/29 - 1/2

Classic Clip:
Tricia loses it on New Year's Eve! (2000)

Discuss! :)