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Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Seriously, people. Stop talking about the fans. It's not that difficult.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
I realize that this is a somewhat controversial topic regarding a very controversial actor, but please remember to keep the tone of your posts civil. I am speaking to everyone.

In all honesty, this thread probably will not stay open much longer unless we get any updates soon (which I'm not really expecting).

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Queen B
Dec 28 2013, 10:14 AM
Dec 28 2013, 01:33 AM
Steve Burton is irrelevant to this discussion.

Muhney fucked up and Y&R fired him. He himself admits that he had fault in whatever the situation was. Time to move on.

Steve Burton obviously now has a place on the show but he's not replacing anyone. i personally don't like Dylan but i can FF. I'm personally fine with him and Avery being together because he's not paired with any of my favourite characters.. he and Avery can be boring together
I edited this post so that it would be okay. Please keep the discussion to the show and not to the fans.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Dec 27 2013, 04:16 PM
CW isn't lightening the screen up, IMO. Her character is just dull.
I think she's been doing what she can with what she's been given -- which, unfortunately, hasn't been much, in either quantity or quality.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Dec 24 2013, 01:22 PM
Dec 24 2013, 01:11 PM
Dec 24 2013, 12:36 PM
The reactions that we're giving I think and this is my own personal opinion is because he came in with the wrong attitude he has been such a I'm better than my co stars and yet they ignore me, don't like me just because I can act and they can't, he gave the appearance of him thinking he's being better than the show or the cast, I remember him tweeting when they were going to New Orleans that he got to know Joshua Morrow on the plane ride and he wasn't such a bad guy after all, well why didn't he get to know Joshua before then they had plenty of scenes, was he acting like his character or was Joshua acting like his? I don't get why he has so many fans, do they all know him personally and if so tell us about him so we can see him in a good light because so far the light he is in isn't good and its dark.
I rememer MM making the statement when Genie Francis and Stephen Nichols were let go saying they were just trimming the fat and he laughed about it. Wonder how he feels about the fat being trimmed now. Bet it is not near as funny to him now then it was then.

I am wondering how MM's wife felt about the little video that SC made for him? I bet she is a very unhappy camper right now. :D
She's probably having the last laugh! She gets her husband and SC gets left with clipping Shadamned memories.
Somehow, I doubt it's the foremost thing on her mind right now.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Dec 21 2013, 04:42 AM
Just thought I would throw that one in there, not in the mood to join the "Lynch Michael Muhney bandwagon" operating on this board and a few others.
Can you please stop putting stuff like this into your posts? It's baiting and just irrelevant. People can have perfectly legitimate reasons for disliking Muhney (or any other actor), and it does not mean they are 'haters' or want to see his head on a platter.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
I don't know why people act like the show is now going to take a sudden plunge down the toilet because of Muhney leaving when its worst years have been *with* Muhney on it (and no, I'm not saying it was all because of him, either).

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
I can already see this thread heading south, so I'm stepping in now to tell y'all to watch it. Being happy/angry about the news is fine. Trying to get a rise out of others is not.

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Best Y&R news in a long time, as far as I'm concerned.

Revenge (Season 3)
Totally pegged Daniel as the shooter from the beginning.

I'm not liking this apparent Emily amnesia twist coming when the show returns, but I'd bet she's faking it, anyway -- at least I hope she is.

B&B: Ronn Moss' Wife SLAMS Ridge Recast!
Woman. Put down the liquor.

Prospect Park CEO suing Prospect Park, AMC/OLTL investors
Hilarious. Just when you think these people have reached their pitiful threshold.