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OLTL: March Preview
♥ Tammy ♥
Feb 28 2010, 08:17 PM
Feb 28 2010, 08:13 PM
I'm disappointed Kevin isn't staying in Llanview. I was under the impression that Dan Gauthier was back permanently. :(
I though we heard not to long ago that he was back for good? :ermmmm:
SoapTownUSA must have been wrong. I looked for confirmation of that all over the place and couldn't find it - including at SoapNet, which is where OBK said that ST got it from in the first place. I'm disappointed, as well.

AMC: March Discussion
All My Children
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Greenlee taunts Erica about Bianca. (2000)

ATWT: March Discussion
As the World Turns
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Carly punches Molly. (2003)

B&B: March Discussion
The Bold and the Beautiful
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Sheila tries to drown Lauren in the hot tub. (1995)

GH: March Discussion
General Hospital
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Liz is raped in the park and Lucky finds her. (1998)

OLTL: March Discussion
One Life to Live
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Jessica meets Cristian for the first time. (1995)

Y&R: March Discussion
The Young and the Restless
March Discussion

Classic Clip:
Lisa keeps Brad prisoner in a cage. (1988)

OLTL: March Preview
Minus John/Natalie and Starr/Cole, I don't think it sounds that bad.

Weekly Discussion: 2/22-2/26
Feb 27 2010, 08:34 PM
Vivian decides that Mel hating her mother is more punishment than killing Mel
LoL! How lame.

Weekly Discussion: 2/22-2/26
LoL @ "facial gyrations". :lol:

Feb 27 2010, 03:30 PM
Read that there is no soap scandal after all.
I could have told you that, LoL.

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 27 2010, 10:02 AM
As to OLTL....Crystal Hunt? Actually, (and it hurts me to say this), it is a puzzlement that Farah is in there, too. I guess we keep forgetting it takes just one or two reels. Farah seems to get pre-noms just about every year she's eligible, though, including on Days.
I can see why they were both pre-nommed. Despite what many thought of her character, Crystal Hunt is a good actress, and she did good work last summer when Stacy's lies about the bone marrow were exposed. I'll probably never refer to Farah Fath as a great actress, but she did a surprisingly good job in the spring during the height of Shane's leukemia.

And besides, who else were they going to pre-nom in younger actress? Kristen Alderson? Shenell Edmonds? LoL. And I love Brittany Underwood, but what did she do last year?

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 26 2010, 10:38 PM
But I do have a question, why are there no nominations for GL.
There are. Crystal Chappell, Jeff Branson, Beth Chamberlin, Tina Sloan and Zack Conroy all got pre-noms.

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 26 2010, 10:14 PM
We all have our things.

Even I.

You do.

And her name is Vail Bloom.


Q Steph
Feb 26 2010, 08:39 PM
Nelson is breaking some juicy scandal on Monday.
LoL! We'll see...I've heard that one before. :lol:

Promo for the week of March 1st
"Plot to be a hero"....gag me with a dirty sock.

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Florencia Lozano deserved a pre-nom over anyone at OLTL, and I'm pissed she didn't get one. Pick almost any day from 2009, and she turned in an Emmy-worthy performance (IMO).

I'm also upset by Eileen Davidson's exclusion. I would have put her in Supporting Actress way before Elizabeth Hendrickson (whom I love, but the performances don't even compare).

Neil Patrick Harris to Guest on Glee!
Can't wait!

OLTL: Gigi and Rex Start Over
Please link to DR.

This week, Gigi decides to pursue custody of Sierra Rose, and Rex makes it known that he will stand by her, if that’s what she wants. Farah Fath (Gigi) says that the two are “rebuilding their friendship.”

Gigi and Rex lean on each other while Sierra fights for her life. Fath says that Gigi doesn’t trust Schuyler anymore, and she doesn’t trust him to take care of the baby, which is how she gets the idea to raise Sierra, herself. Fath says Gigi is not about to let her last living relative be put in the care of an addict like Schuyler, so she feels that this is something she has to do. Fath says that Gigi is surprised how much she has fallen in love with Sierra, after months of thinking that she would want nothing to do with the baby. Fath says that Gigi feels like Stacy would want her to be Sierra’s mom and keep Stacy’s memory – the good side – alive with her.

When Gigi announces her decision to go for custody, Rex immediately shows Gigi his support for what she wants to do. Fath says that they “have some really nice moments coming up where they talk like mature adults, and they have very open and honest conversations about what they’re feeling, what stage they’re at and if there is hope for them.”

Kim also makes it known that she wants to raise the baby, but Gigi basically laughs at the idea, and considering that she is the baby’s aunt, doesn’t find Kim to be much of a threat.

Coming up, a custody battle will start up – with some surprise fighters in the ring.

OLTL: John and Natalie Grow Closer
Please link to DR.

John and Natalie seem to be unable to get the other one off of their minds, following their kiss in the cabin on the mountain. Melissa Archer (Natalie) describes her character as being very confused right now, and she doesn’t know what her feelings mean. However, Natalie tries to keep a lid on the situation, knowing that Marty is in the picture. While struggling with her feelings, Natalie will discover a secret that “could change everything.”