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37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 27 2010, 10:02 AM
As to OLTL....Crystal Hunt? Actually, (and it hurts me to say this), it is a puzzlement that Farah is in there, too. I guess we keep forgetting it takes just one or two reels. Farah seems to get pre-noms just about every year she's eligible, though, including on Days.
I can see why they were both pre-nommed. Despite what many thought of her character, Crystal Hunt is a good actress, and she did good work last summer when Stacy's lies about the bone marrow were exposed. I'll probably never refer to Farah Fath as a great actress, but she did a surprisingly good job in the spring during the height of Shane's leukemia.

And besides, who else were they going to pre-nom in younger actress? Kristen Alderson? Shenell Edmonds? LoL. And I love Brittany Underwood, but what did she do last year?

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 26 2010, 10:38 PM
But I do have a question, why are there no nominations for GL.
There are. Crystal Chappell, Jeff Branson, Beth Chamberlin, Tina Sloan and Zack Conroy all got pre-noms.

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Feb 26 2010, 10:14 PM
We all have our things.

Even I.

You do.

And her name is Vail Bloom.


37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms
Florencia Lozano deserved a pre-nom over anyone at OLTL, and I'm pissed she didn't get one. Pick almost any day from 2009, and she turned in an Emmy-worthy performance (IMO).

I'm also upset by Eileen Davidson's exclusion. I would have put her in Supporting Actress way before Elizabeth Hendrickson (whom I love, but the performances don't even compare).

GH: New Opening now online! (Updated)
Not that I'm bitter or anything.....but why the fuck can't ABC's other two soaps have openings that are as nice as that?!

Six Feet Under
The dinner scenes were always the best...

Six Feet Under
Honestly, I would just invest in the DVDs.....totally worth it!

Six Feet Under
Feb 21 2010, 02:51 PM
I think I'm gonna try watching this show. Does anybody know a place I can watch it other than MegaVideo? My little trick to get around the 72 minute time limit no longer works. Also, if possible, I would prefer to watch it streaming rather than having to download it.
I can't believe you've never watched it before! Trust me, you'll easily fall in love with it.

But as for where to watch it online, I have no idea, so good luck with that, LoL.

OLTL: Amanda Setton QUITS!
Feb 21 2010, 11:57 AM
No offense to anyone here, but I'm so tired of hearing Marcy Rylan should get this part or that part. Just because a role is female doesn't mean Marcy fucking Rylan should be cast. Talk about overrated.
:lol: :lol: :wub: :wub:

OLTL: Amanda Setton QUITS!

Another World Discussion
Who was your favorite couple on the show back in the day?

Mac & Rachel
Sam & Amanda
John & Sharlene
Cass & Nicole
Cass & Frankie
Cass & Kathleen
Michael & Donna
Jake & Vicky

Melrose Place (1992)
Feb 20 2010, 09:56 PM
Does anyone have a favorite couple on the original show?
Jake and Jo and Peter and Amanda were the only couples I really loved. Much as I loved MP, most of their couples tended to suck.

The Suds Report 2/19/10
Not like it makes a different if it is. It's no longer any more about soaps than MTV is about music. Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned.

Six Feet Under
God, these scenes were ridiculously powerful....and I hated Lisa, LoL.

Daphnee Duplaix Out at OLTL!
Feb 18 2010, 11:17 AM
I see your point, but if anyone should go it should Susan Haskell. She hasn't done a damn thing since Tarty, and nobody is interested in that pitiful Natalie/John/Marty triangle coming up. LOL
I wholeheartedly disagree. Susan Haskell is one of OLTL's best actresses (and she certainly blows Duplaix way out of the water). It's not her fault that the show hasn't given her jack shit in a year.

WLSTV: Live from OLTL's New Studio
Feb 17 2010, 09:58 AM
LOL, at the look on Farah Fath's face during the Kristen Storms question. They havent been close since she supposedly slept with Storms boyfriend.
I'll have to watch this later if for no other reason than to see that, LoL.

Daphnee Duplaix Out at OLTL!
This sucks. And if they're going to write out Rachel, they could at least make something good come out of it, and write boring-ass Greg out with her. It burns my ass that Duplaix got the boot but not Tilford.

Guiding Light Discussion
Feb 16 2010, 02:31 PM
Does anyone remember if Rebecca Budig was any good as Michelle? I seriously can't remember her run. LOL
From what I remember, she was pretty good. A lot better than Nancy St. Alban (not that that's any huge feat).

As the World Turns Discussion
Feb 16 2010, 02:30 PM
Mason, how do you like Spencer Grammer's version of Lucy rather than Peyton List. She was really bad! Soap Opera Digest named her Worst Recast of 2006 and the producers later let her go.
I'm not saying she was great, but she annoyed me far less than that overrated Peyton List.

Guiding Light Discussion
My favorite GL couples:

Josh & Reva
Phillip & Harley
Danny & Michelle (but only when Bethany Joy Lenz was Michelle)
Richard & Cassie
Buzz & Jenna
Buzz & Lillian
Ed & Holly
Billy & Vanessa