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SB: The Earthquake!
I figured the SB fans here would enjoy this. :)

DAYS: Meteor Shower Episode
B&C were the last writers that really "got" DAYS, IMO.

DAYS: Meteor Shower Episode
They might as well just give Nicole a magic, bottomless flask, while they're at it.

DAYS: Meteor Shower Episode
I want B&C back, damn it!

DAYS: 1998 Promos!
I think the Killing Pool promos might be my all time favorite soap promos EVER!

"Guiding Light" Openings
Hold on to Love = :wub:

'As the World Turns' Openings
I miss the seasons (1993-1999) and video globe (1999-2002) openings SO much.

'Days of our Lives' Openings
They should NEVER have dropped the trumpet theme from Summer 2004, if you ask me. I love DAYS's opening as it is now, but that version made it seem all the more classy.

'Another World' Opens
AW had some of the best openings of any soap. I love all of them.

GL: The Ex-Wives Club
Oooh, I loved this!! I never saw Beverlee McKinsey's Alex, so I FLOVED Joan Collins in the role! GL was so damned good under Taggart and Culliton that year.

Passions: Gwen throws Theresa out of the window.
If only she'd broken her neck when she hit the ground.

Days: Bo & Hope's 1985 England Wedding
Watching clips of DAYS from the 80's kind of makes me sad, thinking about everything they were able to do back then that they can't now (damn budget cuts).

DAYS: Collection of clips of award show noms/wins!
LMAO! Watch the clip of DAYS winning the Favorite Show award in 96, and you really can see what an awkward twit Corday really is! (even back then!)

DAYS: Collection of clips of award show noms/wins!
I'm sorry, but how in the name of fuck did Vanessa Marcil, of all people, beat Eileen Davidson in the 1998 SOD Awards?! I could at least understand Cynthia Watros winning the Emmy that year, but this?! Unbelievable!

Ridgecrest: Stefano's 1st kidnapping of Marlena
LOVE it!

TEXAS: Can you guess the hunk here
Daniel Davis a.k.a. NILES was THE Beverlee McKinsey's ex-husband?! Get out! LoL!