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OLTL: Week of April 29th Discussion
Victor showing up at the hospital was anticlimactic as hell. The acting was all wrong from everyone involved. You would think they could have gone a little bigger for something people were waiting over a year for. It fell totally flat.

nuMatthew was better and less stiff today, but I'm still not a fan.

Viki and Dorian are still the best.

'Dallas' Renewed for Third Season
My guess is that it will be the last renewal the show receives unless it performs a miraculous turn-around.

OLTL: Week of April 29th Discussion
I don't think Eddie Alderson is irreplaceable by any stretch of the imagination. But, based on what I saw in this episode, this guy is not the one, IMO.

OLTL: Week of April 29th Discussion
I thought it was a mixed bag, but there was more that was good than was bad.

My scattered thoughts:

Viki and Dorian's rekindled rivalry and the re-emphasis on The Banner. This is already my favorite of the new crop of stories. I'm dying for Viki and Dorian's scenes to resume tomorrow.

The production values are impressive and the nighttime location shooting was well done. The more realistic tone of the show is really good, too.

Cutter/Natalie is intriguing, but it seems like they're implying that something might have gone down between them between the end of OLTL on ABC and now, and if that's the case, I hope they provide that context quickly.

The new opening is horrid. I hope it's just temporary while the show's still getting off the ground.

nuMatthew is terrible -- both the actor and the new characterization. nuDestiny also bore no resemblance (on a couple levels) to the old, but since she was a character that I never really cared much about to begin with, it doesn't bother me as much.

Overall, I was very satisfied.

NBC Renews Parenthood for Full Season!
I guess this is good news. I just hope Season 5 is an improvement over Season 4, which (with the exception of Kristina's cancer) I thought was awful. Parenthood really became a chore for me this past year.

Dallas (2012) Discussion
Cidre sucks. This show desperately needs a new show runner.

Dallas (2012) Discussion
I thought the finale itself was acceptable, but it didn't leave me looking forward to a third season at all.

OLTL: New Episodes Preview! (Video)
Well, it's not like anyone would have expected Prospect Park to suddenly get its act together a year later. For all anybody knew in February 2012, OLTL was dead and not coming back. And, if PP still planned to resurrect it at that point in time, then they are the ones who should have had some foresight and not handed over the characters to GH to begin with.

Dallas (2012) Discussion
Well, I thought tonight's pair of episodes (particularly the first hour) was a definite improvement over the last few. Although I still despise the blowing up the rig plot point, I like that Cliff was so prominent in tonight's episodes, and I always enjoy it when the Ewings temporarily suspend their own feuds to collectively take on their enemies as a family.

I'm unsure how I feel about John Ross and Pamela getting married. On the one hand, I like both characters and the dynamic between them, but I'm hoping this plot doesn't end up ruining that dynamic by making them saps for each other.

My only two real complaints about tonight's shows are that I still couldn't care less about Drew and Emma and that it's still bugging me how J.R.'s murder is being treated as an afterthought.