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SOD: Interview with Ken Corday
Aug 31 2011, 11:14 PM
Who says it was a mistake. HIgley was yes but Tomlin actually saved this show from getting axed with his budgetary changes. So Corday can spew all the shit he wants and this show actually did well for about 2 years under Tomlin. SOrry this is all Corday and in 2 years when the ratings sucks and he ends up firing all the vets again then what?
He may indeed have saved the show, but ultimately, he also put it back in the same position it was in when he arrived. I'm grateful that he spared the show cancellation (especially under Higley's pen), but while he was Co-EP, the show was awful, and I don't just blame Higley for that. I'm glad he's gone.

SOD: Interview with Ken Corday
Aug 31 2011, 10:25 PM
Well, Ken sure missed the Ej Sami connection that many have been waiting for.
For some or us, that is all the reset that we wanted.
And for others, that would be more like a setback.

SOD: Christie Clark Previews Her 'Days' Return
Thanks for posting, Casey!

I cannot wait to have them back on screen again.

OLTL: September Preview From Soap Opera Network
Echo could be a great character if they had a clue what to do with her.

OLTL: August Discussion
Aug 31 2011, 05:55 PM
I enjoyed it too, but I'm still annoyed that TSJ is gone. Once he agreed to sign back on, I wish they'd kept him. Seeing everyone find their way again and figure out how to relate to each other after the truth came out could have been good.
I feel that way too. Honestly, though, I'm more upset about the loss of story potential that could have come from Todd/Victor than I am about the loss of TSJ himself, at this point.

OLTL: August Discussion
Well...I enjoyed today's show, LoL.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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Final ABC Broadcast: September 23, 2011

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Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters

:applause: L Y S I E :applause:

Winners list:
January - lysie
February - lysie
March - lysie
April - lysie
May - Mateo
June - Zoe_Zeppelin
July - Kenny
August - Kenny

2009: Mason & Kenny
2010: Kenny

Top 20 Posters as of August 31, 2011.

1) Show personification based on the 20 longest running shows in daytime tv history.
2) Number in parenthesis is where they placed last month.

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Number 1(1): Kenny (43,755 posts +592)
-- Kenny is the DR's guiding light --

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Number 2(2): Mason (37,718 posts +384)
-- My world keeps on turning--

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Number 3(3): Jinx (25,975 posts +1)
-- Jinx might like to marry a doctor who works at General Hospital --

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Number 4(4): King (21,842 posts +364)
-- King is enjoying the days of his life --

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Number 5(5): Rick (19,115 posts +100)
-- Rick is living his one life to the fullest--

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Number 6(6): Miss Rhi (18,589 posts +130)
-- Miss Rhi has no children yet--

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Number 7(7): PhoenixRising05 (15,888 posts +6)
-- Phoenix is young but hardly restless --

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Number 8(8): lysie (15,753 posts +690)
-- lysie is living for a better tomorrow --

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Number 9(9): Mateo (11,702 posts +167)
-- Mateo is on another world of awesomeness--

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Number 10(10): Drew (11,390 posts +349)
-- Drew is edging closer to a great night --

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Number 11(11): Angie79 (11,209 posts +300)
-- Angie has a great love for life --

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Number 12(12): darraholic (10,621 posts +132)
-- darraholic likes 'em bold and beautiful --

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Number 13(13): IMissAremid (10,029 posts +12)
-- IMissAremid has no secret storms raging inside of her --

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Number 14(14): Ellie (9,452 posts +538)
-- Ellie may or may not need to see a doctor soon--

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Number 15(16): DrewHamilton (9,048 posts +190)
-- DrewH has hope -- but not necessarily for a Ryan --

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Number 16(15): Zoe_Zeppelin (8,973 posts +94)
-- Zoe is a loving person--

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Number 17(17): Grandpa Hughes (8,723 posts +140)
-- Gramps has many passions -- but we might not want to know what they are--

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Number 18(18): Matt (8,077 posts +123)
-- Matt has bright days ahead --

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Number 19(19): Manny (7,966 posts +199)
-- Manny should visit Santa Barbara --

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Number 20(21): LuvingLumi (7,572 posts +338)
-- LuvingLumi has never been to Somerset --

Bubbling up:
Number 21(20): Casey (7,465 posts +221) -- Port Charles
Number 22(23): SocRMum1 (6,889 posts +136) -- Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Number 23(22): Scott (6,883 posts +0) -- Capitol
Number 24(24): ladyofthelake (6,640 posts +29)-- Dark Shadows
Number 25(25): NavJLee8785 (6,390 posts +67) -- Young Doctor Malone
Number 26(28): JamesScott_19 (5,667 posts +334) -- Hawkins Falls
Number 27(26): Tammy (5,581 posts +102)-- Valiant Lady
Number 28(27): Nubia (5,482 posts +56) -- Where The Heart is
Number 29(29): Dragonish1 (5,167 posts +12) -- From These Roots
Number 30(--): Liz<3Days (5,036 posts +--)-- Another Life

New to the poll this month: Liz<3Days

Dropped out of the poll over the last month: downwhtone

Biggest risers over the past month: JamesScott_19 (+2)

Biggest fallouts over the past month: Zoe_Zeppelin, Casey, Scott, Tammy, Nubia (-1)

Getting close to making it into the poll: downwhtone, Kevc1980

Video: We Love Soaps interview with Kristian Alfonso
LoL @ "It was a difficult two years"

I'm happy about Hope and Stefano's increased interaction. JM and KA play well off each other.

OLTL: August Discussion
Bright Eyes
Aug 29 2011, 04:25 PM
Aug 29 2011, 04:19 PM
Ditto that for Cassie, wherever she's supposed to be living. I was totally fine with them not being there.
Thanks. I thought it was somewhere in Georgia, but I couldn't remember if it had changed.

I meant to comment on today's show. I love how different storylines have, in some way, been impacted by or interwoven with the Todd/Victor storyline. The thing that I think Carlivati excels most at is taking two or more unrelated stories and tying them together. It makes the canvas feel tighter, and I like that.

OLTL: August Discussion
It wouldn't have made sense for Adriana to fly all the way from Paris just to send Dorian off to Washington, D.C., particularly at the last minute. Ditto that for Cassie, wherever she's supposed to be living. I was totally fine with them not being there.

Soaptown Loose Lips Spoilers For GH AMC OLTL
That would be great if Victor doesn't really die. It would be such a waste when they could get years' worth of story out of Todd vs. Victor. I'm relieved to see that Florencia Lozano has been working a lot (even if it is with John *gag*). I was worried she would fade out after Victor's death (or "death", whichever it is). And I'm glad Irene is remaining a major part of this story.

What JvD said about the PP transition has me feeling pretty good. I know a lot of people are skeptical about it, but until we know which actors are staying and leaving, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.

SOD: Fall Preview!
Aug 27 2011, 02:00 PM
Aug 27 2011, 01:57 PM
I can't imagine them bringing Billie back anytime soon right after the Carly fiasco.

Which is not to say that I wouldn't love her back....but with Pinson, not Rinna.
That is why put Billie in Jack's orbit right away so as not to have the same problems they had last time she returned and had with Carly's return -- make it a certainty that she is no threat to Bo and Hope. Hope can still hate her, but have her tell Bo that she is over him and then move her over to Jack. If they want to fix Dan then they can eventually try Dan and Bille.
I agree with all of this, but for whatever reason, this show refuses to allow Billie to exist outside of Bo and Hope's orbit.

SOD: Fall Preview!
I can't imagine them bringing Billie back anytime soon right after the Carly fiasco.

Which is not to say that I wouldn't love her back....but with Pinson, not Rinna.

Big Brother 13: Live Feeds Discussion
Aug 27 2011, 01:45 PM
People can have their own opinion. js
I'm perfectly aware of that. No where was I suggesting they couldn't. My point was about hypocrisy, not opinions.

Big Brother 13: Discussion Thread
Aug 27 2011, 01:31 PM
Je/Jo fans are the worst! And I used to be one. LOL. Still like Jordan though.

I mean, c'mon people! This is just ridiculous. Not that I'm blaming JeJo fans for this, but more so people who just hate Shelly.
Many of those people are one and the same. It's the die-hard JeJo worshippers that are behind the threats against her family, attempts at getting her fired, etc. They're fucking insane.