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Daytime Royalty: Top 20 Posters

:applause: L Y S I E :applause:

Winners list:
January - lysie
February - lysie
March - lysie
April - lysie
May - Mateo
June - Zoe_Zeppelin
July - Kenny
August - Kenny

2009: Mason & Kenny
2010: Kenny

Top 20 Posters as of August 31, 2011.

1) Show personification based on the 20 longest running shows in daytime tv history.
2) Number in parenthesis is where they placed last month.

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Number 1(1): Kenny (43,755 posts +592)
-- Kenny is the DR's guiding light --

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Number 2(2): Mason (37,718 posts +384)
-- My world keeps on turning--

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Number 3(3): Jinx (25,975 posts +1)
-- Jinx might like to marry a doctor who works at General Hospital --

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Number 4(4): King (21,842 posts +364)
-- King is enjoying the days of his life --

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Number 5(5): Rick (19,115 posts +100)
-- Rick is living his one life to the fullest--

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Number 6(6): Miss Rhi (18,589 posts +130)
-- Miss Rhi has no children yet--

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Number 7(7): PhoenixRising05 (15,888 posts +6)
-- Phoenix is young but hardly restless --

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Number 8(8): lysie (15,753 posts +690)
-- lysie is living for a better tomorrow --

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Number 9(9): Mateo (11,702 posts +167)
-- Mateo is on another world of awesomeness--

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Number 10(10): Drew (11,390 posts +349)
-- Drew is edging closer to a great night --

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Number 11(11): Angie79 (11,209 posts +300)
-- Angie has a great love for life --

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Number 12(12): darraholic (10,621 posts +132)
-- darraholic likes 'em bold and beautiful --

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Number 13(13): IMissAremid (10,029 posts +12)
-- IMissAremid has no secret storms raging inside of her --

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Number 14(14): Ellie (9,452 posts +538)
-- Ellie may or may not need to see a doctor soon--

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Number 15(16): DrewHamilton (9,048 posts +190)
-- DrewH has hope -- but not necessarily for a Ryan --

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Number 16(15): Zoe_Zeppelin (8,973 posts +94)
-- Zoe is a loving person--

Posted Image
Number 17(17): Grandpa Hughes (8,723 posts +140)
-- Gramps has many passions -- but we might not want to know what they are--

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Number 18(18): Matt (8,077 posts +123)
-- Matt has bright days ahead --

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Number 19(19): Manny (7,966 posts +199)
-- Manny should visit Santa Barbara --

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Number 20(21): LuvingLumi (7,572 posts +338)
-- LuvingLumi has never been to Somerset --

Bubbling up:
Number 21(20): Casey (7,465 posts +221) -- Port Charles
Number 22(23): SocRMum1 (6,889 posts +136) -- Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Number 23(22): Scott (6,883 posts +0) -- Capitol
Number 24(24): ladyofthelake (6,640 posts +29)-- Dark Shadows
Number 25(25): NavJLee8785 (6,390 posts +67) -- Young Doctor Malone
Number 26(28): JamesScott_19 (5,667 posts +334) -- Hawkins Falls
Number 27(26): Tammy (5,581 posts +102)-- Valiant Lady
Number 28(27): Nubia (5,482 posts +56) -- Where The Heart is
Number 29(29): Dragonish1 (5,167 posts +12) -- From These Roots
Number 30(--): Liz<3Days (5,036 posts +--)-- Another Life

New to the poll this month: Liz<3Days

Dropped out of the poll over the last month: downwhtone

Biggest risers over the past month: JamesScott_19 (+2)

Biggest fallouts over the past month: Zoe_Zeppelin, Casey, Scott, Tammy, Nubia (-1)

Getting close to making it into the poll: downwhtone, Kevc1980

SOAPnet's Post AMC Schedule
Aug 15 2011, 02:44 PM
Aug 15 2011, 02:36 PM
Is this really that much of a surprise? We already knew what they considered to be "classic" based on the reruns they would air on ABC.
Not really, but I was still hoping they meant something a little older than five years ago. :(
I agree, it is disappointing....although I no longer receive SoapNet anyway, so I'm not that crushed.

SOAPnet's Post AMC Schedule
Is this really that much of a surprise? We already knew what they considered to be "classic" based on the reruns they would air on ABC.

Melrose Place (1992)
Aww, I just saw that Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner are now engaged. :)

'Survivor' Premieres and 'Big Brother' Concludes with Special 90 Minute Editions, Wednesday, Sept. 14
I would love for the extra half hour to simply be Dick ripping this year's cast apart one by one for 30 minutes.

Desperate Housewives to END This Season
Should have happened years ago.

John Corbett returns to Parenthood
Love this! And I love that Sarah's going to be in the middle of a love triangle. Bring on Season 3!

John Corbett returns to Parenthood
Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) about to get some juicy new material for her next play: John Corbett is returning to Parenthood as her recovering alcoholic ex Seth for a multi-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

His comeback coincides with the return of Jason Ritter as Sarah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Mark, setting off what exec producer Jason Katims describes as a very complex triangle.

“Just when everything seems to be going well between Sarah and Mark, Seth shows up and he’s kind of in a darker place than he’s been,” Katims explains. “And so you see Sarah really having to struggle with wanting to help him and be there for him, but also at the same time [be fully present] in this relationship with Mark that’s really good and healthy.”

Katims says he was inspired to bring Corbett back after he “did such a great job with the role” last season. “Even though there’s so much pain in the Sarah/Seth relationship, there’s also a lot of love still there,” he adds. “So this year we wanted to do a story that sort of takes that relationship to another level.”

Corbett is coming off the final season of Showtime’s United States of Tara.