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Knots Landing
I found a new appreciation for Season 11 the last time I re-watched it too. And Dianne Kirkwood is one of my favorite ancillary characters the show ever had.

Knots Landing
The Charles Scott story is really dreadful and all the evidence you need that the Lechowicks had no clue how to write for Abby (at least until Season 10, but I'm inclined to say that was more of a fluke).

Knots Landing
Aug 9 2012, 09:22 PM
Okay, I just finished watching both parts of "Noises Everywhere" and that episode was probably the most emotional and heart-tugging of the entire series thus far. From Val breaking down on Karen to Richard having a heart-to-heart with Karen about Laura dying alone. Seriously brilliant television.

I have to say though that last part with Laura reading "Good Night, Moon" to Meg literally ripped me apart. It was bad enough seeing stoic Greg breaking down at her videotape behind closed doors, but saying goodbye to her daughter like that? I hate that Laura's gone, I really do, but at least they gave her a proper sendoff. It wasn't some half-assed funeral type thing...they actually showed all the characters struggling to accept it and dealing with the loss of their friend in the most humanely way possible.
They really didn't though, IMO. We learned Laura's terminally ill and then by the end of the episode, bam, she's gone. A few episodes later, she dies off-screen. And then her memorial just consisted of everyone behaving like loathsome assholes, and it was all about each other, not Laura. I think Sid's death was handled much better.

It was nice seeing Richard again, and Greg privately breaking down while watching Laura's video was a wonderful moment, though. Bill Devane destroys me every time I watch that scene.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Well, I finished Season 3 today, and it got so much better in the last 7 episodes or so.

I don't know how I'll feel about the rest of the series, though, now that Angel's leaving for his spin-off, when so much of what sucked me into the show in the first place was the Buffy/Angel relationship.

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