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GH: Interesting/Spoilerish Social Media
If Benard's happy with the new material, that's very likely an indication I'll be tuning out in the near future. I started watching GH partly because it stopped being the Sonny Hour. He is absolutely the last cast member that I want to see catered to (shit, wasn't a decade's worth of that enough?)

SOD: McCouch OUT, Derringer IN
Whatever. Just as long as we're soon done with the character. That's all I care about here.

GH: August Discussion
Aug 4 2015, 06:55 PM
So is Laura gone already? I thought Francis was sticking around.
She'll be back (per a blurb in SOD).

Y&R: SOD: Stacy Haiduk to return as Patty Williams
Aug 4 2015, 12:35 PM
I understand the anger on Pratt her return may cause; Patty was really badly handled during her last few returns (although I really enjoyed the story of Colleen's kidnapping). I'm looking forward to seeing Stacy Haiduk again, though.
I wouldn't expect it to be any less of a shitshow with Pratt in control.