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Suds Report — Axis of Idiocy
Apr 19 2009, 07:32 PM
because who knew he realized GL was still on the air?!
those who have watched him point the finger over the years at others instead of taking responsibility for his own mistakes

Suds Report — Axis of Idiocy
Apr 19 2009, 05:19 PM
it's good news because who knew he still cared?
just because he said it, that means he cares? ok....thanks for the laugh

Ken Corday on GL's Cancellation: "The show ran its course."
Apr 15 2009, 01:46 AM
Apr 14 2009, 06:46 PM
Apr 14 2009, 06:16 PM
I donīt want defend Corday but the changes GL and DAYS went through are uncomporable. Letīs forget the production model for a while which alone was a major turn down, but DAYS still has its identity. The show might let go five vet characters, no one from them leading, but most of the characters staying are still atleast 10 or more years with the show so they are familiar.
Sami and Nicole are the only 10+ characters consistently driving story. The fact that Tomlin has kept the others around doesn't reveal much at this point because the cast would have too small without them. I fully expect the likes of Stefano, Victor, Lucas, Kate etc. to be phased out once Tomlin has enough Rafes/Owens/Ariannas in place.
Sami and Nicole are not the only 10+ characters driving story. Not true at all.

Chloe has been with the show on and off since 1999. Philip has been with the show on and off since 1999. Lucas has been with the since 1993, same as Ali. Kate, who is very much driving story, has been with the show since 1996.

Then you have Victor and Stefano getting solid amounts of airtime, along with Bo and Hope (the story sucks for them but still). Maggie is seen alot now and Caroline and Roman are still around. You also have EJ, a character who is hugely popular and who has been nothing but frontburner for 3 years now.

The show had to let go of the past, just like it did in both the 80's and the 90's. Does that mean they didn't do wrong in how they do it? Of course not. They were wrong. This should've been gradual but it wasn't because Corday kept pandering to fanbases and circling the drain. The well was dry for stories for these vets that would be accepted by their fanbases. I mean, seriously, how long do you stick with the same characters and couples? Imagine if Days stuck with what it had in the 80's in terms of vets. It's doubtful Days would ever be what it was. Hell, it may not even be around. Same goes in the 90's. What happens if the show keeps some of the characters it axed in the early 90's around? Then there is no room for characters like Peter, Kristen, Sami, Lucas, etc.

Change sucks and not everyone has to go along with it. However, these shows have to evolve and change or else you have the same characters in the same stories over and over, which leads to even more disgruntled fans because there is nothing fresh and new about the show. Where is the suspense when you see Bo and Hope in danger for the 2,455th time or Marlena kidnapped for the 800th time? You know it's all going to end well. Sure, there are better ways to do it but Days had to cut costs. I'm sure the plan would've been to keep some of the vets cut as supporting players but the show can't afford that so circumstances forced their hand.

Y&R is lucky because it basically just has to do two things. First, it has to be true to itself and it's history. Second, it has to provide good drama. Actually, the two go hand in hand. That's it. That is why that show will always be #1. It's never pandered to fanbases or caved to them. It's had behind the scenes drama but the amount of dropped stories and clear instances of clashing of vision have not been nearly as much as other soaps. Maybe they hide it well but I doubt it. They are what they are and that is why they are successful. It's just about putting on a good show and I think that is why it's canvas is still fresh and new. There are no eliminations on what you can do with the characters and that makes it easier to keep giving them all new things to do. That is why the vets on Y&R are still getting new things to play. Contrast that with Days and that could never happen.

Having said that, Corday needs to just shut his mouth because this just wasn't the right time and he certainly is not one to talk but he was asked for his opinion and he gave it. If anything, he should've chosen a different way of explaining his views.
how you think you can defend Y&R after saying this is beyond me...

The show had to let go of the past,

defending something that even you say shouldn't have happened...interesting.

re Corday, I'm not surprised. he is so obviously in denial when it comes to his own decisions and behavior