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DAYS: IWBASS Winner Chosen!
Why can't Ashlee be a love interest for EJ??? I think that would be great and get him off Sami!! Ilike EJ, just not for Sami. I am a LUMI fan all the way.

I like Ashlee and Jimena, both, and had a hard time picking the winner.
Maybe they will add Jimena later? haha just a thought.

Days:Spoilers & Previews
:soapbox: Oh, I am a PHelle fan, too. I was hoping Cloe would take Shawn away from Belle and Belle would find solace with Phillip and realize she belonged with him, and loved him all along. What Shawn and Belle had was puppy love, not real, in my opinion.\

I really want Sami and Lucas to stay together, after all, if one of the twins IS EJ's then won't that satisfy Stephano???

Wouldn't it be really funny, tho if John was the baby of Colleen and Santo? Then he would be playing a different character, again, by being a Di Mirma........

LUMI STILL RULES!!! Please leave them married!