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DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
:tink: I am new to the spoilers, matter of fact, I don't know of very many of them. What is the SC? CAn someone post some sites for me to visit?

I LOVE Marlena and agree that she should be in the story lines more! I am a die hard Lumi fan~sorry all you EJami fans, nothing against the actor James, just EJ!~

However, that said, I am seriously thinking of quitting the show. I have watched since day one!! When Julie was the "bad girl"! But I am sick to death of this Sami/EJ Marriage! I say Hell with him! There has to be another way for the Bradys to cope or fight back with the DiMeras!

I hate to admit this: but, I think Steffano belongs in the story line! He certainly makes it interesting!! Just not as Sami's father-in-law. I kind of like the idea of Marlena marriing him and making him PAY for all the things he has done! If anyone can do it~~SHE CAN!!! Just my opinion.