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SOD: Nicole Blackmails EJ
So,Chad is Stefano's son? I figured it might be his grandson, Tony being the father.

Spoilers for wk of August 2nd
Idon't understand why TPTB couldn't keep Bryan. He offered Sami a place to live, and he has 2 kids with her as well, why not let Sami move out of the mansion and into Lucas' house and bring back Lucas=LUMI!!!! He is a Horton and will havealot of money to support her and the kids as well as EJ!

Spoilers for wk of August 2nd
Guess I dd it wrong. You would think after a few posts I could get one right!
I am true Lumi fan.
BRing Bryan Dattilo back, let him and Sami reunite !!
And for the record, I think the kids should all be proven fact that they belong to Lucas! Someone switched DNA on Johnny nd Syndey!
Thats just my opinoin

Spoilers for wk of August 2nd
Yesterday 6:10 PM