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SOD/SOW: Hope Investigates Alice's Secret
I'm really looking forward to the show and the story lines now!! Finally back to real writing! I had forgotten all about Sandy being Tom jr's daughter~maybe she was Daniel's mom?Would the age be right? I've gotten too old to remember!, Not really, but its a thought.

Daytime Royalty Interview with Deidre Hall
I know I will get blasted, but~Does Will have to have a "coming out " that means he is gay? I really like him and Gabbi together. And I am not blasting the gay community, my son is gay, I just wanted Gabi and Will to get pregnant and get married!!

Spoilers for the week of October 3rd
I meant remarried or reconsile, not if. Sorry.

Spoilers for the week of October 3rd
It took 7 pages for someone to remember the difference in maid of honor and Matron of Honor!!Good Lord its just a wedding, ~~? lol
I love EJole. They should get remarried of reconsile!! They are perfect for each other.
Does anyone know how long Marlena and John will be on the show this time? Or is it just a few episodes and then they run off again?? I hope they are here to stay for awhile!!After all she has never seen Sami's last 3 children! Is Lucas coming back, too? Please let him !!!!!!!!He needs to be with Sami. NOt Rafe. I like Rafe but I prefer Lucas.
I'm wondering if Daniel will be a long lost HOrton therefore, making Molly one~ya think??

Weekly Discussion 9/26-9/30
Ive been skipping the boards~is Marlena and John back permanently or just for this party?
I agree that they were all over acting. And Missy seems to have forgotten she was ready to marry Franky the last time Jack was gone, and he was supposed to be dead that time, not on a walkabout!!
I am a supporter of Nicloe and EJ, they have sooo much chemistry that I have to turn the tv to different channel after DOOL'S. lol!! I love them together. Brady and Chloe will get back together I think.
Is Lucas invited to this shindig?? I hope so. He belongs with Sami. Period. End of discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!