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SOD & SOW: Will Blackmails EJ / Will Demands Hush Money From EJ
What I am seeing is that Will wouldn't go to Lucas because he is running from the fact that he is gay, and if he has to answer too many questions, he might end up having to address what he is trying to avoid. He wants to run away, not ask for help, and from what I am seeing on screen and in these articles he wants to be away from anyone who knows him. The last thing he wants to do is ask Lucas for help.

If he can get the money from EJ, he doesn't have to talk to anyone he can just disappear. So far Will's story has been really well written, almost old school well written.

SOAPnet's 14-hour New Year OLTL Marathon Schedule
Does anyone know if the 25th anniversary show has Karen Witter as Tina? I think it does and I remember really liking her in the role. Not as much as Evans, but she was really entertaining as Tina in her own right.

GH: Finola Hughes Returning
Happy to read my favorite GH character of all time is returning under the new production team. So hopeful Robin does not die. I do not watch the show very often anymore, it is just not a GH I care to view and hasn't been for almost 4 or 5 years now. Hated checking in on what JFP and Guza were doing to the characters. But I have a hard time with Robin Scorpio being killed off. We grew up together, from when my mother and grandmother watched when I was a kid.

GH: JFP Out/Valentini, Carlivati in!
I am sad to say this is too little too late. I hope the hot and talented Valentini helps GH in its last year on the air with what limited resources Frons will allow. It will hopefully be a happier place to visit for one hour a day than it has been in about 6 years.