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GH: How were MVJ & EK as HW's?
I think this was around the time they let Laura have Deception. I could be wrong. They were not really given enough time to do anything. It was a bad time for the show IMO, and it got worse with Phelps and McTavish coming next. I think this period is what cost Wendy Riche her position with the soap, Guza could not work with her anymore, and she was only as good as her writers, and his replacements were more or less the same stuff in their limited time.

GH: Shell Kepler (ex-Nurse Amy) Passes Away
That's really sad. I miss Amy. She was such a busybody!

This reminds me though- did GH ever give Nurse Jessie a goodbye funeral/scene/line? I don't remember.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
This sucks. I may not have enjoyed tons of stuff that happened this year on Days, but this has been the first time since Reilly round one that I have watched whole episodes on a weekly basis. I pretty much skipped out on the last 10 years or so, it was almost all horrible. I was a daily viewer until SSM, and then just dropped it altogether with Langan. The end of Reilly's original run was getting more camp and less gothic, and everyone was becoming so stupid. It has taken a DECADE to get away from this!

I have to give Hogan's team credit for turning these people back into humans, instead of cartoons. Marlena hasn't been this real since she left Roman for John in the 90's. That's a long time people. Kayla and Steve have been troubled, but every time I see Kayla in scenes with Bo, I remember why I loved the Bradys in the 1980's. They act like a real brother and sister, and I'm happy that she is back.

Lets mention Jack and Jennifer too. Right before they left, they were the most in character and enjoyable they had been in a decade.

I do think Hogan was not the right fit for this show. His team did not deserve to be replaced, but I would kill for Hogan any day over Higley. Let's hope Ed Scott has something up his sleve for when the strike is over.