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GH: Jack Wagner Interview
Thanks for posting. His scene with Britt was the only spark of Frisco I have seen so far.

What is he talking about in regards to Nancy Lee Grahn? I must have missed it.

GH: February Discussion
I'm still mostly enjoying the show and I'm shocked how much I enjoy McBain on GH. And I like this Caleb storyline for some reason. Normally I would hate it and did not enjoy PC except for a few brief moments.

Can anyone tell me when the docks set with the bench went away? The current docks set is great and reminds me more of the Monty era docks but I kind of miss that old set.

GH: February Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
I think the last time Kelly's had a makeover was the early 90's? Hope they don't change it too much, it's supposed to be a diner. Where poor hot people live upstairs and have to share a shower.