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GH: September Discussion
I think in the current soap climate and with Valentini as EP they could keep the momentum up and continue the slow build. It is really nice to see more characters integrated into story and the quick OLTL and legacy character visits are a hit with me.

I just can't wait to see the Duke storyline begin and if Laura will be making a return.

I wish Days had a Valentini clone. He would be just about perfect on that show as EP.

Y&R: Debbi Morgan OUT
I am okay with all the characters JFP is choosing to remove. But I have to say this is classic Phelps to pink slip the ladies. Not a man cut yet.

Y&R: Genie Francis OUT
I hope she comes home to GH with all the heart she always had as Laura and I don't want her to be a victim anymore either. She used to be both strong and capable and was the heart of GH. I miss that Laura. Come on Valentini!

GH: September Discussion
I even enjoyed Sonny and Jax. Haven't cared for either for a decade.

GH: September Discussion
Sad for John Ingle. His Edward was a kinder version of the character. But I cannot imagine the original in scenes during the Ward storyline. Loved Ingle during that time.
The show is as close to Monty as I have seen it in 20 years. It's not perfect and it may never be as good as it was but I'm glad it's not limping to its death like the last couple of years have felt. It's fighting to survive!