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Jesus in Cowboy Boots trailer starring Chandler Massey
I know a lot of people want Chandler to re-sign with Days when his contract is up, but I really think it would be best for his career to leave and explore other opportunities. He's extremely talented and has the chance to make it big beyond Days

EJ and Sami Have Sex!
I'm just extremely grateful for the fast forward button on my DVR. No matter what these two characters do, I skip their scenes and move on to something else.

Tuesday, January 15th Daily Discussion
Jan 16 2013, 01:39 AM
I am more than ready for everything Gabi did to finally be revealed. If and when the custody battle over the baby starts would be the perfect time for Chad to finally break. I can see the upset of all of his friends being against him getting to him and realizing this could help Will in a custody fight. It could also help Abigail to understand why he did what he did. I love him and Abigail together. I was never a fan of them breaking up because of him and Melanie. I am also not a fan of new Cameron. I just want to see Chad say whatever happens, happens and tell all.

As far as Nick goes, I miss the old Nick. I am not a fan at all of what they have done with his character. Although, BB does an an amazing job with it. I am sick of so many characters/relationships being ruined for the sake of the Gabi drama.
I loved Nick the lovable geek and I adored him and Chelsea together, but I'm enjoying what is transpiring with his character. And I think from a character standpoint it makes sense. He was an addict who killed a man and spent several years in prison. That in itself would change a person. Plus there's his family background. His grandfather is Alex Marshall and Alex could scheme and manipulate with the best of them. Plus Nick's mother Jessica had mental health problems which resulted in a multiple personality disorder. So Nick having a darkside makes sense to me. I do wish that TPTB have Nick move away from his homophobia. I don't want to see Nick as a true villain, but as more of a gray character.

I don't think Nick will blackmail Will with the knowledge that Will shot EJ. I can see Nick maybe tricking Will into confessing the truth and Nick capturing it on tape. I kind of think that Will and Sonny will use Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping against her in a custody battle. Nick would then counter and use his knowledge on Will shooting EJ. This wouldn't result in Will going to prison, but a judge in the custody battle would have a big problem with it. Will may have been a minor but he was old enough to know that attempted murder was wrong and it was not an accident but a deliberate act. That would balance the scales between Gabi and Will and maybe result in them agreeing to joint custody.

This storyline is one of the reasons I love soap operas. The reveal has resulted in a lot of great soapy fallout for a lot of characters. Characters actions in the past are going to have real consequences and even the past history of Sami, Lucas, and Will's paternity from twenty years ago has a place in the story. Bravo writers.

Info on new roles being cast for July & beyond
Very interesting. I wonder who is in prison with the prisoner guy and who is buying a gun.

Spoilers for the week of January 21st
As much as I loathe EJami I would be thrilled if they got together and left Salem, never to see either of their sorry asses ever again. I remember when the only Dimeras on the show were Stefano and Tony, and the show was a lot better. Better yet, I remember when there were NO Dimeras on the show. Great character based storylines and no one like EJ devouring every story in sight. I miss that Days of our Lives.

I stopped watching for a while because I couldn't stomach EJ and Sami being on every damn day. I am kind of enjoying Days right now though. Dannifer sucks but adding Chloe to the mix should spice things up. I like Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny and Kristen/Brady. And unlike a lot of fans here, I like the Jarlena troubles/splitup. I think there's a lot of story potential there. I just fast forward all things EJami. It makes for a more pleasant viewing experience.

TV Line: NBC Boss Addresses Days of Our Lives Future
Jan 6 2013, 03:23 PM
Every head writer or producer has a bias towards certain characters or actors based on the stories they want to tell. People only have a problem with it if it's not in the favor of the characters they want or have their own bias and favoritism for.
Thank you. I don't know why people think that Tomsell are something unusual. All writers have their favorite characters they like to write for. Also no matter who the HW is, the producers and network are going to want to focus on younger characters. I don't like Dannifer but I do find the show a lot more watchable now than it was under Higley or MarDar.

Spoilers for the week of January 14th
Jan 1 2013, 11:26 AM
Jan 1 2013, 10:25 AM
Jan 1 2013, 10:07 AM
to me if lucas is written in character he wouldn't be pushing will/gabby together for the simple fact that he would hate gabby and nick ecspecially after what sami did to him reguarding wills paternity.
Lucas might be justified in disliking both Nick and Gabi for various reasons, but if he hated Gabi and Nick for the baby situation, he'd look pretty stupid, since neither Gabi nor Nick deceived Will about the baby's paternity or forced him to agree to their terms. What Sami did to Lucas is significantly different; Lucas wasn't given the choice to be a father to his child from the beginning whereas Will has and, so far, has declined it. That's all on Will.
Very true. Will is a grown adult and knows exactly what he is doing. He has chosen to lie about Nick being the baby's father. Nobody put a gun to his head. Nobody even really had to really twist his arm. That is why for me I am more interested in the fall out with the truth finally coming out. Too much right now makes no sense and has become very repetitive. I am just not finding a good reason for Will to lie about the baby. Sure, Sonny said he wasn't ready to start a family but Sonny has proven over and over how much he loves Will and I am sure he would feel different if he know Will was the father. And Will is supposed to be so confident in his gayhood now so I don't find it feasible that he would think Nick is right and the baby is better off not being raised by two loving parents even if one happens to be gay and the other not. I don't even buy the part about Will having such a bad childhood. He always had two parents that loved him even if his parents didn't get along with each other. But lately it seems the writers don't keep any characters in character and instead write to create a story instead of writing things that make sense so no telling how Lucas will react.
There's a lot of interesting things going on in this story but one of the things I really like is that Will isn't being deceived bu Nick and Gabi. He's known from the beginning that he's the father. Yes, Nick suggested that he claim to be the father and Will went along with it, but noone is forcing Will. Then we have Sonny saying he doesn't want a family for a long time. Will doesn't know that Sonny would be supportive of Will's kid. Sonny may love Will, but people can be funny where children are concerned. Not everybody wants kids. So here we have Will torn between the man he loves and love for probably the only child he will ever father. It's great conflict. In fact I would write it as Sonny may love Will but he isn't crazy about being saddled with a kid at this point in his life. If the writers don't mess it up, this can generate stories for a long time.