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TV Guide: Eileen Davidson Returning!
I don't think Kristen will come back pregnant. But I can see her coming back with a several months old baby and claiming it's hers and Brady's. The mystery will be was she really pregnant and gave birth and who is the real father, Brady or Eric?

Wednesday, January 15th Daily Discussion
Jan 15 2014, 10:57 AM
All this talk about Philip, MelaME and Stephanie just again reminds me that the show is doing a terrible job with their 20-somethings right now. I seriously can't believe we're almost down to just THREE contract actors in this age group. It's not like I miss Melanie or really even Stephanie, but damn, not having a 20-something crew, especially not having one straight male contract character in this group is nuts. They really need to be adding 20-somethings regularly, especially since all the actors leave after four years. If they'd add somebody to this age range once or twice each year, they could have a nice rotation and give each character a four-year arch.
Like X 1000. Seriously it's ridiculous how the show has screwed up it;s twentysomethings. There's nothing wrong in recasting a role if an actor wants to leave. They also wrote out characters in their twenties and thirties that should be the main focus of the show now. They completely wasted a great quad in Shawn/Belle/Chloe/Phillip. Those characters along with Chelsea, Stephanie, Jeremy, Justin and Adrienne's sons should be on along with the current twenties and thirties as the shows main characters now.

As for Melanie, she ruined every character she interacted with. The writers jumped through hoops to involve her in every story. It was awful. Thank God MB left because if she hadn't instead of EJabby we would have ended up instead with EJelanie.

Tuesday, January 7th Daily Discussion
I went back and watched the scenes from Monday's show. EJ gets a text from Gabi tellng him that Hope is in Salem and not on the island so obviously Hope had not made it out there yet. Abby does comment that the cabin is still warm that the heat must have been on. I think it's really good guess that the cabin is where Nick has been staying since he got out of the river. Too bad Kate has his phone, he could have recorded the whole EJabby sex.

I think that Nick is going to be out for revenge against Sami, Kate, and Gabi and will be out to ruin their lives. He already knows about Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping. If it is him at the cabin he probably saw EJabby through the window and will figure out a way to get proof of their sleeping together to give to Sami. I don't know what he will have on Kate but I'm sure there would be something.

I love the idea of Abby confessing her relationship with EJ to a newly reinstated Eric. Knowing that his sister was cheated on but forbidden to say anything about it? Very soapy. Please Days don't mess this story up.

Friday, January 3rd Daily Discussion
So Sami says she doesn't want to stand at the altar with EJ and have a secret come out to stop things and EJ says he would never let that happen. I think something does happen with Abby. Sami does decide to marry EJ and of course whatever happened between EJabby is revealed at the wedding.