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Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn FIRED!
I really think Days has never recovered from the godawful Melaswen storyline. And I put all the blame on Corday. I remember when the SSK story first started, I had gotten away from watching Days but I had read some spoilers about a new serial killer storyline and I started re-watching. I soon became hooked. The story became increasingly dark, and menacing and creepy and I loved it. The revelation that Marlena was the SSK was fantastic because I wondered how they were going to deal with the fallout regarding that character. Of course it never happened though. As more and more characters were killed off, fans especially online fans began bitching louder and louder. They wanted their favorites back NOW. And soon it was revealed that all the victims were still alive. I knew immediately what had happened. Once again Corday had paniced because of fan reaction to a story and meddled and forced his writers to change plans. So instead of the exciting story we had been getting we ended up with people being buried alive in coffins which traveled through the bowels of the earth to a tropical island which had been remade to look like Salem. And some nonsense explanation that Marlena had been brainwashed into believing she was a killer and nobody had ever died. Of course they never explained how Jack was still alive despite having his organs donated and the audience actually seeing his ghost. All that griping by the fans and where exactly are all those precious favorites at now? They're either off the show again or way on the back burner and rarely used. Only Abe has anything resembling a storyline at the moment. The show would have been much better letting Reilly tell the story he wanted to tell to being with.

I'm not much of a John Black fan but I'm sorry to hear about Drake. For one it sucks to lose your job at any time, but it's much worse for it to happen right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They should have just left John dead last year. Bringing him back on succeeding in trashing the wonderfully done story of John's death. The acting and writing of that story was so beautifully done. It was great character based drama and it spun off such great things as Marlena's vendetta against Stefano and the Belle/Phillip affair. The show felt serious again for the first time in a long time and I'm sad that all that was lost.

I don't hold much long term hope for Days. Someone else said that fans nowadays don't want to watch a storyline and see where it goes, they want to know the end practically before the story even starts. They have to know that Shawn/Belle, John/Marlena, etc. are going to be together at the end and are not content to watch and let the story unfold. I am old enough to remember when Bill Bell wrote Days and how great the writing was back then. But I'm guessing most current Days fans would hate that type of writing. His stories really didn't have a beginning, middle, and end. They evolved and had twists and turns, much like life. The Bill/Laura/Mickey triangle became Bill/Laura/Mickey/Linda and then eventually added Maggie to the mix. The secret of Mike Horton's paternity lasted years and Mike was well into his teens before he learned the truth. Nowadays a paternity secret has to be revealed before the baby is a year old. It's all about instant gratification.

I'll continue to watch Days to see where it's heading. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised but I doubt it.

Nick/Melanie SOD article
Nov 5 2008, 11:36 AM
Why the hell does Nick "need" Melanie? He's known her for all of what, ten minutes?
Maybe he "needs" Melanie to help him try and forget his feelings for Chelsea. I really hope they pull the plug on Mick. I've never liked the pairing and this whole story just makes both characters looks pathetic.