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Michael Fairman Interview with Missy Reeves
Hmm, they scrapped some things and are rewriting some things. Makes me hope that TPTB have listened to the fans and are resolving this triangle.

SOW: Maggie Realizes Daniel is Sick
Dec 16 2011, 11:02 AM
"If he does love Maggie, does that mean he doesn't love the woman he thought was his mother for all these years?"

Dear Daniel:

The woman you thought was your mother for all those years IS YOUR ACTUAL MOTHER. Maggie didn't carry you for nine months. Maggie didn't get up in the middle of the night to take care of you and wipe away all your tears and soothe all your hurts and hold you when you were sick. She didn't make sacrifices for you. She didn't work around the clock to provide for you. She didn't mother you in any sense of the word.

Maggie contributed genetic material that helped create you, but she is not, IS NOT, your mother.

You had a mother that loved you and you loved. A mother that apparently didn't give you a strong moral code and a penchant for too much self-tanner, but she was your REAL MOM. Maggie was a genetic donor.

I hate soap's assertions that genetic ties are somehow stronger than adoptive ones or other forms of parenting. Does Hope love JT any less even though he didn't turn out to be hers? Did Marlena love Brady any less? Were they any less of a mother to them just because they weren't genetically their mothers?

Screw you, Dr. Bonas.

Thank you. Maggie is NOT Daniel's mother. Like you said she provided genetic material. Daniel had a mother who raised him and loved him. He can like Maggie and even grow to care about her but she is not his mother.

If he doesn't have MG then maybe it is a more serious, (fatal) disease. Our luck though he's having these problems because he is so upset about possibly losing Jennifer.

Hollywood Reporter: Lisa Rinna return is official
Dec 13 2011, 12:25 AM
I must be the only person who didn't like Chelsea and thought RM wasn't all that great O_O
I loved Chelsea with Nick, but I hated her with Daniel and Max.

Sad news: Molly Burnett's mother has passed away
My prayers to Molly and her family at this sad time, The card sounds like a great idea.

Daytime Royalty interview with Melissa Reeves
Despite the triangle I'm not really feeling anything from Jennifer towards either men. Jennifer may go on and on about how wonderful and "dreamy" Daniel is but I'm just not feeling any love from her towards him. Of course I'm not feeling it towards Jack either for the most part. The only time I felt Jennifer felt love for either of them was in the cabin after Jack had his PTSD attack. I contrast this with the John/Marlena/Roman triangle years ago. Watching those scenes you could really feel that Marlena loved both men and was deeply torn. Right now it's not just the writing. MR just isn't selling this triangle.

SOD: Bryan Dattilo Back?
I never even knew Lucas was considered popular until I joined this board. I guess I could see bringing him back for Will's storyline but I hope we don't see Lumi again. Never could stand them as a couple. His scenes with Kate were usually pretty good though.