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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 12/24
Dec 31 2012, 01:07 AM
There is no way they can realistically Soras Johnny or Allie without sorasing Will. It just wouldn't work.
Oh, I don't know. Will was born before EJ and now EJ is old enough to be Will's father. It's hard to take any of the SORASing seriously. So aging Johnny or Allie wouldn't bother me.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 12/24
Dec 30 2012, 09:08 PM
Is it the writer's fault of is it TPTB at NBC and Sony at fault here? Maybe these two entities are putting their two cents in and what you see is too many chefs in the kitchen......know what I mean? B-)
I'm sure that the network is a big part of it but I doubt that the writers and Sony object. Look at most TV show, the featured characters are in their twenties and thirties mostly. The oldest characters are mostly in their forties. Even in the 80's and 90's, Days main storylines featured younger characters. The network probably see Drake and Deidre as aged out of what they want to write for. Isn't Matt in his fifties? TPTB probably considered him too old as well. They've never shown much interest in writing for Lucas outside of Sami's orbit. They won't get rid of all the older actors, but the ones that remain will probably be strictly supporting characters.

Spoilers for the week of January 14th
Dec 30 2012, 02:49 PM
If Sami can survive that Stan wedding stuff Gabi can survive a whole Daysaster reveal. I don't thinks she's any worse than some of Salems favourites.
The fallout could be all kinds of soapy which I am looking forward to. None of the key players should come across as innocent in this baby drama.
This is true. What Gabi did is very bad, but you can't swing a dead cat in Salem without hitting someone who has committed a major crime in their past. As far as a future custody fight which I totally see coming, let's not forget there is still the secret that Will shot EJ. A judge may not look that favorably on Nick and Gabi, but that little bombshell about EJ's shooting won't help Will's case either.

I'm really liking this story so far. There are still all kinds of nasty twists and turns that can happen that will affect a lot of characters.

Daniel and Jennifer Move On
Dec 29 2012, 09:30 AM
Dec 29 2012, 03:24 AM
apparently corday thinks people like this disgusting pairing ? :drunk: have no idea where he's getting that from
What I don't understand is why he agreed to go with them again, after they broke them up last year and moved Daniel into Nicole's ummm "orbit". I guess TomSell layed the Hard Sell on thick, stating that they could make them what MarDar failed to, the next generation of Tom and Alice.

If you recall, Danloe had their issues and lots of backlash but the writers went with them anyway, and for a good amount of time. That is, until they decided to put Daniel and Jennifer together. Maybe it just looks like Dannifer will prevail but they will end soon. I know, I know - wishful thinking! :shrug:
That's what doesn't make any sense. They do know how unpopular this couple is, we have proof. They were obviously gong with Dannifer before but then that storyline was abruptly dropped, Jennifer was put back with Jack, and Daniel was sent away for several weeks. So I guess the question is, why are they going full steam ahead with Dannifer again? I don't visit every Days board, but the ones I do read the fans loathe Dannifer. Can other audience feedback be that much difference than online? Is there a focus group that is head over heels in love with Dannifer?

I wouldn't mind Daniel if his sleazy behavior was acknowledged onscreen. Even for a soap opera there's something icky about a doctor who has sex with all his female patients. Plus so many characters have been ruined in order to prop Daniel. Maggie used to be one of my favorite characters and now for me she is virtually unwatchable. Her gushing over this "son" she never knew is nauseating. It;s not like he was a child she had loved and had tragically been lost to her. I'd love to see her real children, Sarah and Melissa, return and give her hell for ignoring their existence in favor of Daniel.

I was at first really excited about Chloe's return. Now I'm dreading it. She and Parker are going to be nothing but stupid Dannifer angst.

Friday, December 21st Daily Discussion
Okay, I'm not Catholic but aren't John and Marlena an odd choice for the pre-Cana sessions. Marlena is divorced from Roman and in the eyes of the Church she and John would not be married. Her marriage to Roman was never annulled. Of course Marlena was also divorced from Don Craig and Alex North. John is divorced from Hope and Susan. I know both of those "marriages" were under unusual circumstances, but they did occur.. And were John and Marlena ever divorced from each other? They've married each other several times but I can't remember how each of their marriages to each other ended. I know they really love each other but with so many divorces in their pasts it doesn't seem like they would even be eligible to counsel another couple.

Lucas Catches Jennifer Kissing Daniel
It is very strange. They've gotten rid of some very good actors yet for some reason SC silll remains. Taylor, Madison, and Arianna didn't quite work in the storylines they were in, but the characters could have been salvaged it they had been given chances in other stories/pairings. Plus they are females in their early thirties which the show desperately needs more of. For example. Madison and EJ might have been an interesting couple. Also Jack was already very popular and has a long history on the show. Yet these actors/characters were all dumped while Daniel keeps getting frontburner stories. I don't mind the character of Daniel. I just hate how everyone in Salem keeps pushing him as the greatest thing since sliced bread. That is not at all what we have seen of the character onscreen. I've never liked Jennifer though I can see how others did. But Jennifer has been damn near ruined ever since she was paired with Daniel. I'd love to know what the producers and writers see in this couple that I don't see. Right now I really want to see Daniel cheat with Chloe after she returns. Maybe that will end this absurd pairing once and for all.

Spoilers for the week of December 17th
There was a movie on last night that had Shawn Christian in it. I only saw a few minutes and he played some kind of cop or maybe it was an FBI agent in it. Anyway, what struck me was how cleaned up and handsome he looked in the movie. He was clean shaven and wore a suit in the scene I saw. If the show would simply have him look like he took the occasional shower and stepped closer to the razor that might help the character some.