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SOD/SOW: Days bits and blurbs
This storyline is so stupid. Unless EJ willingly gave up his US citizenship then he is a US citizen period. He was born in the US to a US citizen. He could have been taken to another country the next day and lived there all his life but he is still a US citizen. You don't lose your citizenship just by living somewhere else. It sounds like the writers slept their way through civics class.

SOW: Days' Marlena and John Make Love
I certainly get that John and Marlena have a lot of fans though God knows I never have been a fan of them as a couple and never will be. But do they have to be on every fucking day? Can't we have one Jarlena free day? I hated it when Sami and EJ were being shoved down out throats last year and I hate this just as much. The only slight saving grace is that I kind of like Asshole John. But not every day. Sad to think that twenty years ago Marlena used to be my favorite character and now I can't stand the sight of her.

Days: Casting call
Feb 5 2008, 12:54 PM
How silly is this?  EJ is not about to be deported.  It's just a script for a character.  However, he is a British national, I believe, and so i don't think we are unfriendly to British nationals. 

At any rate, I'd love it if EJ were sent to the moon or somewhere out of Salem.

EJ can't be deported. It doesn't matter where he was raised. His mother is an American citizen and he was born in the US. This plot is just another example of Hackley and her crew not knowing what they are talking about.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
Oh, I totally hate them bringing John back, but I am enjoying Asshole John. I love his disdain for everyone especially Marlena. The scifi nature of his return is so stupid but it amuses me no end that John's entire personality and memory can be stored on a single CD. Do you suppose he has a disc drive in his head that they can use to download the memories back into him? You just know something is going to happen to the CD and John and Marlena will go running around trying to find it. Maybe they could download an Usher or Beyonce CD into him instead.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
Feb 3 2008, 12:30 PM
Feb 3 2008, 11:44 AM
These are two things that I do honestly believe many Days fans don't have.  I am not saying this is all fanbases, but every fanbase has members that are like this.  When their couple is not getting what the fanbase is fair, then they will complain, boycott, etc.  The real problem is that the higher ups are listening to these people and not the general viewer.  I know there are people out there who watch Days that wished John Black was still dead.  But it is not the popular opinion and one, until just now, that I even felt comfortable to post.  I have even admitted that they actually found a way to make me like the character of Marlena and all of that was due to John's death.  Well I am tired of John Black as the hero that always have to save the day (which is what spoilers are point to).  This show is not called The Days of John Black's life however that is where I see this show heading.  On a quick side note, I know there are those of you very happy about this, I am just not one of them and I feel the way the show has been dealing with this story just alienates a viewer like me who didn't watch the show 20 years ago.

Very well said.

For better or worse, John Black's death helped Days turn a corner with the storytelling. If John could die, no one was safe, and since Days wrote a REAL death (where viewers saw him actually die on screen), it was felt that they were walking away from their sci-fi, ludicrous ways of faking deaths on characters for ratings stunts. Not only did bringing John come back make them a bigger mockery than before, it made all the doctors on the staff look like idiots as well as invalidate the wonderfully written and proper sendoff they did for him.

Marlena was being shown with layers again. Instead of being all about John (as she is always written when he is around) she was allowed to finally get into the lives of her children which is something she always should have been. Course, now that John is back, that's all changed. Marlena couldn't care less that Claire was missing, she even pushed John into her daughter's hospital room and announced to Belle that everything was going to be alright now. Poor Belle (and believe me, I have no love for Belle but for once I felt incredibly sorry for her) presumed she meant Claire. That was not only cruel but dangerous since John not only amnesia but has proven himself to be highly dangerous. Regardless, Belle wasn't ready emotionally to handle any kind of reunion with her father. Not that Marlena cared, it's all about John. And has been for 25 days straight.

Yes, Hogan made some large mistakes, and some probably were of his own writing and not Corday directed (like EJ raping Sami and Nick and Chelsea's allowing the Lonely Splicer reveal and Billie!sex reveal to come way way too soon). But he had made some really good decisions and the writing, especially the day to day writing has improved. He had sped up the storylines so we weren't having any more month days and people were responsible for their actions like Nick losing his job and Jett being fired from the ISA. Now we've got Lexie back not only as a doctor but she's chief of staff which is just wrong wrong wrong. And this week we will find out she's going to be again, doing what she does best and sharing patient's histories with each other like confidentiality doesn't exist. That's lazy story telling and if it continues, Days will suffer more and more.

Your post says perfectly the way I have felt about Days. All the coming back from the dead stories were overdone and ridiculous. Some characters you have to specify which time they were dead and came back. When John was killed off Days felt real again for the first time in many, many years. Marlena was no longer Gasplena but an interesting woman with layers to her character. All of that was tossed on the garbage heap when John was resurrected. And why? I'm supposed to believe that Stefano needed his "greatest soldier" to kill an elderly woman who sits around by the fire knitting. Plus Marlena fawning over Claire was ridiculous. Marlena didn't give a shit that Claire was missing, thinking about that might interfere with her obsessing over her twu wuv forever John.

I've tried to block out most of Days writing of the last ten years. Princess Gina, Salem High, Stan, Garden of Eden; it all sucked as far as I am concerned. The only story I did enjoy was the Salem Serial Killer. I had pretty much turned Days off by then (and I have been a loyal viewer since the mid-late sixties) but the SSK story was gothic and creepy and I loved it. I still believe that the characters killed off were never intended to be brought back. That it was another case of Corday sticking his fingers in the pie and screwing up another good story. Thus we got Melaswen, a convoluted mess that to this day I couldn't understand and explain. Though to be fair we did get the coffin rides through the center of the earth to a tropical island. JER had to be on some serious drugs when he wrote that.

I dread the thought of what Hackley will do to Days during this tenure. Cancellation might be a mercy.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
I think John and Marlena have been cartoon characters for twenty years. And I used to like Marlena. That is I liked her with Don Craig and Real Roman (Wayne). I've never liked John except for a little while with Isabella. Well, actually I do kind of like Asshole John. I could really enjoy this character if he would continue to treat Marlena and everyone else in Salem with such complete disdain.

For too many years Corday has tried to live off the early eighties and pandering to the most extreme parts of the supercouple fanbases. I read their posts at various places and they never want their couples to be anything but perfect pod people with the perfect forever love. Never any kind of character flaws or making mistakes or anything resembling any kind of character growth at all. Anytime new characters or new couples start to get air time there's all kind of bitching and moaning and the new characters are dropped and it's more of the same John and Marlena, and Bo and Hope. Throw in Jack and Jennifer for a good while there too. I like some of these characters but I like to see other people too. Corday has never had any interest in making Days a great soap. Character development and longterm complex writing are foreign to him. His vision of Days really is something out of a comic book.

Days is dead. Stick a fork in it. Re-hiring Hackley is just further proof that Corday is an idiot. It saddens me to see Days come to this kind of end. I've been watching for forty years, ever since I was in grade school. I watched during Days true golden era. The Bill Bell era. I'm sorry, I like Sheri Anderson but her writing doesn't come close to Bill Bell.

I've read several people say how great Days is now. What exactly? I've sort of liked the DeadFord story but that's it. Everything else has become fast-forward material. I watched Shirley Jones and I was very embarrassed for her. An Academy award winning actress shouldn't be saddled with such terrible dialogue. And who in the hell decided that she shouldn't have any scenes with Stefano? Shirley and Joe Mascolo would have at least been great fun to watch together.

DAYS: Hogan Sheffer & Team OUT?
Days is so awful right now I can barely watch it. Of course having Jarlena on every damn day of the week is enough to make me want to shoot my tv set. Sheffer had his faults as a writer but Days had improved so much in the months right before the strike. It seemed like the tired, boring supercouple reliance was finally over. Now we're getting the same old crap that we've gotten the last fifteen years. Days is doomed now. Executives at another network would have to be braindead to want to add Days to their lineup. Higley is the worst writer in the history of soaps and Corday is the stupidest producer.