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SOD: Nicole is Pregnant!
Helpless Romantic
Feb 25 2012, 07:05 PM
Feb 25 2012, 06:58 PM
Not everyone is a fan of Nicole, just like not everyone is a fan of Sami. For example, I'm a fan of Ari Zucker, which IS different from being a fan of her character. She makes Nicole intereting.

Ejami and Ejole have different dynamics. Sami can't accept EJ for being a Dimera and Nicole is his doormat. Sami motivated EJ to be a better man and "be the man she knows he could be", Nicole just wants to be his wife and will tolerate anything. Sami won't tolerate his criminal ways, Nicole will put his bloody clothes in the washer and serve him a drink.

I'm not into watching round two. I'm willing to bet that Sami will turn out pregnant too, or else it wouln't be round two. I'm also willing to bet that her baby will turn out to be Rafe's - except we won't know that for months. Until then we'll watch her squirm over who's baby she's carrying - EJ's, Lucas', or Rafe's. Fun times.
Oh joy I hate Sami WTdaddy sls but I can so see them doing this. I actually think though that Carrie will get pregnant and not know if her baby daddy is Austin or Rafe for a while. Of course it will be Austin.
If there's a second baby I definitely think it will be Carrie's. She won't know of course if the father is Austin or Rafe. I think there's a lot more future story though if the baby is Rafe's. If there is another babyswitch I think it will be Sami switching the Carrie/Rafe and EJ/Nicole babies.

Very happy there is going to be an EJole baby. Nicole will be a great mother.

Thursday, February 23rd Daily Discussion
He should have been bringing up the fact that he was with her when Grace died and there holding her hand when word of Sydney's death reached her and yet they never fell to the floor in a sexual heap to escape any pain.

Gosh yes, that's a point that Rafe absolutely should have brought up. I'm so disappointed in the big confrontation. Rafe learning about the EJami sex should have been the cliffhanger and the Safe confrontation should have been the whole next episode. These writers seen to have some good ideas but the pacing and emotional content of the stories are really lacking.

If I ran the show...
Madison turns out to be Mickey and Kate's daughter.

Do you mean Bill and Kate's daughter? She can't be Mickey's daughter. It's been firmly established that Mickey was sterile. The story of Mike Horton's true paternity was pretty much the storyline that put Days on the map as a popular soap. No way should something that important be messed with. I like some of your other ideas.

New Casting Call for "Santo"
Feb 9 2012, 01:43 PM
Feb 9 2012, 09:41 AM
Feb 9 2012, 09:40 AM
Feb 9 2012, 09:35 AM
Maybe this casting call is for a young Stefano via flashback. Santo is just the name on the casting call as a cover
That is a very real possibility...they never use the name of the actual character when they go out with these casting calls so for them to use Santo it's pretty much guaranteed that it won't be Santo...
The 6'0" height is important, though; that tells me it's going to be a double for James in some way.
Since James is 6'4" I don't think the 6" height means anything related to him.
Actually I think that's precisely why it's related to JS. They need a tall actor.