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Carrie, Mike and Kim taping next week...
i can't think of Mike and Carrie without of images of the Flying Bed swirling in my brain. Days has done some really stupid things over the years and that ranks right up there with the most idiotic they've ever done.

It will be nice to see Carrie but the last Mike Horton I liked was Wesley Eure back in the seventies.

SOW:A Closer Look: Hope
I kind of like the idea of Hope with a split personality going around Salem smashing people over the head. I hope this is way the story is going to go, but please NO Princess Gina. That is one of my all time most hated storylines. KA did a fine job, it's just that I hated the very idea of Salemites running around with brainchips in their heads and the whole thing got so convoluted it was hard to remember who was trying to be who.

SOW:A Closer Look: Hope
You have to build a story and that takes time. That has been the problem with soaps over the past ten years.

Absolutely. I remember when storylines lasted years and quite frankly they were better that way. All the emotional beats were played and it was fun to watch the stories evolve over time. Now people want everything resolved yesterday. Let Hope's story play out. The same people who want Bo and Hope back together now will then complain when they aren't on because they nothing to do. If it takes months or even a couple of years for Bo and Hope to get back together that's fine with me. It's a continuing drama, I enjoy watching the journeys that these characters are taking.