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SOD: Molly Burnett leaving!
I can't stand the character so I'm glad she is leaving. However I wish the actress the best. Maybe she'll make it outside of soaps, maybe not. But she'll never know if she doesn't try. This is smart for her to see what else is out there.

Huge Exits! / Return Rumors?
May 29 2012, 01:51 AM
I think at this point, even if they did kill Stefano off for good, it wouldn't work, because he's been "dead" too many times. As long as Joe Mascolo is still able to be on the show, then the likelihood of Stefano returning will stay, no matter how many times we're supposed to believe Stefano is gone.

As for Ian, I just don't buy Ian Buchanan as a villain. I didn't on PC, or AMC, and I don't here. At worst he looks like someone spiked his prune juice.
I hope Joe Mascolo has many more years left in him, but just because he's alive doesn't mean Stefano has to be too. I remember when death used to mean something on Days. It's just a mockery now. The only reason Alice is still dead is because the actress died. I'm loving Lexie's story, but lets face it, there's no guarantee she'll stay dead. If the show stays on the air we may very well see her again, terminal illness be damned. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me to see a return from the dead by Mickey to interfere with Victor and Maggie's story.

This show has gotten so bad it can't even do a decent murder mystery anymore. It really doesn't matter how well the writers write this "murder" the fact that Stefano isn't really dead automatically makes it a shitty story.

Huge Exits! / Return Rumors?
I watched the Hatfields and McCoys tonight and yes these were real people and the events really happened. But I realized it's also a big soap opera. Good friends who become mortal enemies, murder, revenge, star-crossed lovers. It's really not that difficult to write. In two hours I knew who these characters were and why they acted the way they did. Days hasn't been able to do that in two years. Or truthfully, longer than that. I think the writers write afraid. They're afraid to take strong stands. Look at how all over the place EJ is. He should be a young Stefano, an evil bastard who does terrible things and that the people of Salem are genuinely afraid of. But because of James Scotts popularity they won't go all the way with the character. We have him as a quasi romantic leading man and then that absurd scene where he was giving Sami advice on accepting her gay son. But he's just one example, I really don't know who any of these characters are anymore. They're all bland. Why should I care what happens to any of these characters?

Actually killing Stefano for good was a terrific idea. But the new writers have immediately chickened out. The story is already meaningless because once again he's being dragged back from the dead. I'm sure in no time he'll be ordering chowder from the Brady pub again.

SOD: Stefano is shot!
May 27 2012, 12:14 PM
May 25 2012, 09:57 AM
This is interesting. I originally, under the old writers, felt as though Lexie would be the one to plug the trigger on her father especially after learning that he was responsible for her brain tumor and that she would reveal on her death bed that she was one who killed him and now she can die in peace knowing her friends and family are safe. It was also a way to explain the reason Stefano would not be around to support her during her illness and Lexie would not be too concerned about that, given she killed him. In the intern, I was thinking that the investigation would continue, without an arrest because there is no way Lexie would let anyone take the wrap for the murder - it isn't in her character. Besides, all the people who had motives are friends with Abe and Lexie and Will being Marlena's grandson.

The fact that a spoiler has been revealed that Will is arrested, leads me to believe that he was not the one to shoot Stefano but may have been the last one to touch the gun that Abe left ie/ his prints were on the gun (there is a spoiler picture of Will, a gun, and a chess board). The only people that would have motive to frame Will would be EJ or Stefano. It makes no sense that it would be EJ considering that even though Will double crossed him, he has been holding information over Will's head for years, if he wanted Will arrrested that would be the way to do it. Stefano may have motivate ie/ bringing the DiMiera torture into the next generation and given his history with Marlena. Another possibility is that EJ may have turned Will in as having shot him all those years ago and it may have nothing to do with the Stefano plot.

However, I think under the new writers there may be a rewrite if they don't want Stefano to die. Stefano has the upper hand and knows that all these people will be gunning for his demise; perfect opportunity to stage his own murder. We know Stefano and he is well capable of this. His intent may not to be to frame anyone but "let the chips fall where they may" so to speak. He definitely knows Salem police department are not that smart (I mean they already tried to arrest him a few weeks ago!) they will blame and arrest someone and all the while Stefano will be laughing at how stupid they are all. What I don't understand is why the writers would not allow Stefano to be there for Lexie's death.

I think the writers put this plot in the wrong place ... having Lexie sick, means she needs her father during her illness, after all, she still loves him which is why I originally thought that Lexie would be the one to kill him, that would be the only situation that made sense to me. I mean having Lexie dying and going through the turmoil of losing her father as well, with all her friends and family as suspects, while still trying to support her does not seem to fit. It would have made more sense to cast this plot after Lexie's death. I mean imagine Marlena's lines "Sorry Lexie, I have to go to the police department now to support my grandson Will who is charged with shooting your father ..."
Lexie now has a motive to kill Stefano. She's heard both her brother EJ and her husband Abe threaten to kill him, and she knows Abe is distraught and filled with a thirst for vengeance. She could decide to kill Stefano herself so that her husband won't go to jail and leave Theo without a father. She may determine that, as much as she loves Stefano, she loves her family more and she must do something to protect them while she still can. She's also recently been reminded about all of Stefano's crimes of the past against her family and friends, so keeping him from harming anyone else could be her one last act of courage and compassion, even as her brain tumor clouds her thinking on these matters.

In any case, perhaps she collapses or dies before she has the chance to confess.

That would be a great story. An innocent person could be put on trial and convicted. Maybe about to be executed (like the Sami death row story) and then evidence is discovered at the last minute that it was Lexie who killed Stefano to save her friends and loved ones from further torture. Even if they do go that path now it's all for nothing. Her act of love is wasted. Stefano being really and truly dead opens up so many story possibilities. This is such a fucking waste. I'm so sick of people coming back from the dead on this show. It's cowardly writing.

Jason47's From the Vault...The First Major "Days" Death
Thanks, I love reading these. This is how you write a soap opera. When people make decisions/choices there are consequences. The ripple effects last for years. David and Susan's sexual encounter resulted in such tragedy. Plus the lives of Julie, Bill, Laura, and Mickey were also changed forever.

SOD: Stefano is shot!
Well I'm irritated that they're bringing him back from the dead yet again. "Who killed Stefano" should be an epic storyline but instead we're getting a story that basically means nothing. I already don't give a shit who shot him since I know there's no consequences to anybody's actions. At least if they bring him back it should be 6 months to a year before his return. Let the people of Salem really believe he's dead and go on with their lives feeling that they are finally free of him. But knowing these idiots we'll probably get him popping back into town two weeks after the funeral.

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
A short stint? How disappointing. Sounds like it's a shitty Melanie story then. Why bother bringing him back if he's just going to be wasted.

Huge Exits! / Return Rumors?
As a rule I'm not crazy about the dream idea but it is a way of eliminating a lot of crappy storytelling. I wonder who they had in mind for the dreamer? Maybe EJ when Sami put a bullet in his brain?

Huge Exits! / Return Rumors?
May 20 2012, 11:40 AM
Not sure if this is the right place to post this (feel free to move if it isn't) but saw this interesting link with some blind items (the majority of which could be about Days going by the descriptions):

Not sure about the others but these two items definitely sound like Days to me.

Youthful Essences: For a long stretch of time this sudser wasn't even receiving network notes; now it is, and the overarching sentiment is GO YOUNGER! This doesn't bode well for a recently-returned vet, who could soon be on his or her way out, along with the actress or actor he or she shares the majority of scenes with.

Paging Bobby Ewing: The head writer(s) of this soap—which finds itself once again amid backstage turmoil—pitched a storyline that would basically say the last year's worth of story was all a dream. Yeah, because fans loved it so much when Dallas did that!

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
May 19 2012, 07:05 PM
He NEEDS to cross paths with Melanie and I don't see why anyone would expect otherwise. Its going to happen, lol. I don't mind that. I don't even mind if they are in her final storyline together, as long as he stays when she goes. That's all I really care about.
I don't think he needs to cross paths with Melanie at all. I could accept him being hung up on Melanie before because he was a drug addict and the drugs had made him psychotic. But it's completely unbelievable that anyone sane and sober would be attracted to Melanie. But the writers are just idiotic enough to have him be pining after Melanie while still in prison.

SOD: Stefano Is Granted Immunity!
I hope he's really dead this time. Stefano needs to go out in a big grand murder mystery. I think the character needs to finally end and the show move on to new villains. Also JM is up there in years and is probably ready for retirement.

SOD: Stefano Is Granted Immunity!
May 18 2012, 10:58 AM
There are 8 suspects: John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, EJ, Kate, Will and Abe.
Then the killer needs to be one of these characters. Don't wimp out and make it a minor character. There needs to be clues pointing to all of them. I would put one of them on trial for murder but we don't know if that person is innocent or guilty until the end.

So if Bo and Hope are suspects does that mean Rafe and Roman will be the investigators? That's crazy, they should also be major suspects due to their histories with Stefano.

SOD: Stefano Is Granted Immunity!
If he survives, where's the mystery? He knows who shot him. He needs to be finally really most sincerely dead this time.

SOD: Stefano Is Granted Immunity!
This story needs to last months and I don't mean just two or three months. There needs to be red herrings, false accusations, a big trial. The whole nine yards.

SOD: Stefano Is Granted Immunity!
The only way I can see this working is if it lead to despair among the good guys that no matter what they do Stefano will never be brought to justice. Then someone decides to kill Stefano as they believe it's the only way to stop him from tormenting them.

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
I was excited at the thought of Nick returning at first but the conjecture of him being involved in any way with Melanie makes me want to throw up. I don't want them to make amends. I don't even want them to say hello. I do want whoever kills Stefano to use a few extra bullets on Melanie and take her out too.

I would love for Chelsea to come back for Nick. Chelsea/Daniel and Chelsea/Max were both beyond disgusting but she and Nick had great chemistry.

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
I'll be so pissed if his return has anything to do with Melanie. She's the reason his character was ruined in the first place. She ruins every character she's involved with. I've never hated a character more than her.

Blake Berris (Nick) reports back to set tomorrow
I really hope to hear that Chelsea is returning too since I loved Chick together. Makes me wonder who they are planning to pair Nick with. Please no Melanie or Gabi.

SOD: Stuff we know and shouldn't tell you
Not a Carrie fan ( the character has always bored the shit out of me) but I was hoping that if she was brought back it would be a case of her leaving Austin and the baby to return to Salem and Rafe. Only Rafe has moved on and isn't interested in her anymore. Therefore she would have given up her husband and child for a man who doesn't want her anymore. I think if would have given Carrie more of an edge. If she's coming back soon though it sounds like she will be returning still pregnant and that doesn't interest me at all. I'd rather her abandon the child with Austin than return and try and raise her and Austin's child with Rafe.

Hope it's true about Molly leaving. I've hated that character from the beginning.

Daytime Royalty Interview with Patrick Muldoon
PM has done a great job this time around and I'm going to miss him. Personally I'd rather have Austin back than Carrie. I'd love to see Austin kick her to the curb. I know it won't happen since she's pregnant but really, Austin can do so much better than Carrie.